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Parkwood Pools and Pavers

6761 W Sunrise Blvd Unit 16, Plantation, Florida, United States, 33313-6000

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A brand new pool has a crack and leak but no response from this company.
Parkwood Pools built our pool a lottle over a year ago and we already have a medium size crack near a return line as well as a leak. I called but no answer ao I textes one of their wmployees and was told that they closed and went out of business. Now what? Am I oit of warranty? Had to spend 1,800 to have Red Rhino come.out and fix it.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund for the amount to replace the surface of 5,000 as well as the repair since we should be under warranty.

pool construction not complete but paid in full
parkwood pools did not complete final inspection with construction of pool. need compaction test completed. county told them they need 3 feet compaction testing and they only did 12 inches. now I find out they are closed and out of business.

Desired Outcome

want compaction testing and pass of final inspection

Customer Response • Sep 23, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Parkwood pools inc and the address is the correct company. Dont know who rachel munoz is but parkwood pools is the correct company

Parkwood took my money and closed their doors 2 weeks after digging a hole in my yard.
signed contract for Parkwood to build pool on 7/16/19. paid deposit of $5,920-7/16/2019, $14,160 on 8/10/19 and $5,700 more for tile upgrades on 8/15. Hole dug on 8/12, then complete silence.

Desired Outcome

I want the pool completed, or contract given to another company. and I want my money back.

I hired Parkwood Pools to build my pool. After completing about half the work, I was told by *** they r out of business and will not complete job.
I hired Parkwood Pools & Pavers to build my pool. I am about half finished, travertine pavers should have been installed this past Tuesday. Workers showed up but pavers did not. After not getting a response from my project manager *** as to when will pavers arrive. I realized something was going on, so I called *** the office girl on her cell which answered the phone said she was told not to report to work and that is all she knew to contact *** the salesman who sold me the pool. After several messages *** returned my call and stated the owner that bought the company 2 years ago which is from ***, decided not to fund the business anymore and close the company. I couldn't believe my ears...My dream has turned into a nightmare. I passed by the office/warehouse in Sunrise and their was few customers and vendors like me trying to figure out what the heck is going on!
*** was there removing all equipment from the warehouse and loading them in 2 moving trucks. He stated he was told on Wednesday the company went out of business. So we are on our own my friends. Us customers should get together and work on a class action law suit. I need my pool to be finished or my $ returned to so I can finish my pool.

Desired Outcome

Complete my job per contract of refund my money so I can finish my pool.

Fraud. Breach of Contract. This company apparently closed without notice after accepting payment under a binding contract and not completing work.
Fraud. Breach of Contract. This company apparently closed without notice after accepting payment under a binding contract and not completing work. After signing a binding contract in September of 2018, partial payments were made and partial work was completed. Now, in August 2019, the job is not complete and I have been notified (although not by company representatives) that the company is out of business and has laid off its contractors and staff. Payment has been made. A contract has been signed. Work should have been completed. This company was operating fraudulently and has now defrauded many out of deposits and unearned payments.

Desired Outcome

I want the job completed per contract within 30 days, including satisfactorily closing all permits and releasing any and all construction or other liens against my property.

Parkwood Owner closes business. Customers are without answers, on their own on incomplete pool projects and deposits taken and not returned.
We signed a contract with an estimated Pool Build of $40,000 on May 15, 2019. Initial deposit of $4500 for permits was paid. On the day the work began, July 22, 2019, a second deposit of $11,000 was paid. Everything seemed to progress smoothly until it all stopped on Wednesday, August 22, 2019.

We called one of reps and he didn't answer some text messages my husband sent. After several messages, *** texted my husband letting him know that he was laid off. My husband then call *** who was our Salesperson. On Thursday evening, 8/22/19, *** had just sent us an email stating that Parkwood Pools & Pavers was no longer in business and its doors were now closed. He apologized but there was nothing he could do about it and had no answers for completing the pool project or monies involved.

We then received an email on Sunday, 8/25/19 letting us know that there was a meeting scheduled regarding Parkwood Pools & Pavers and we were advised to attend on Monday, 8/26 at 6:30pm in *** It turned out that one of the other customers of Parkwood had arranged this meeting with others involved. In attendance, there were about 20 - 25 other victims who were there to discuss their pool projects who were also in limbo as their pools were also unfinished and they had other monies paid out to Parkwood. It was shared by the host of the meeting that ***, the owner of Parkwood, has disappeared and has not been able to be contacted. He also has another business called Perfect Pavers where that company is still taking deposits/payments for work that has not been completed. All the employees of Parkwood have not been paid since their last paycheck two weeks before. There are subcontractors that have not been paid so the subcontractors have put liens on at least 20 other homeowners where Parkwood was supposed to pay them instead of the homeowners.

One of the former customers/victims has already filed a criminal and civil court suit against *** and has notified the *** and *** as *** carries a Work *** It is unfortunate that *** used Parkwood's long standing reputation to carry out criminal financial crimes against people who work hard for their money and who wanted to afford a nice pool for their family to enjoy.

My husband and I will be filing civil, and eventually, criminal law suit as well as a complaint to the State of Florida *epartment of Business and Professional Regulation. There are about 40 other victims in this case. Some of them have already hired attorneys, but many will also be filing suits/complaints.

Desired Outcome

We want to either have our Pool finished (unlikely), or partial refund of the work that hasn't been completed with the deposit we have paid.

Excessive amount of time to complete scope of work, terrible quality, shady business dealings, terrible customer service, wont honor our warranty.
Signed a contract in September 2018 to refinish existing pool, remodel existing spa to a sunshelf, build new spa and add pavers to our patio. We have had issues regarding quality, permitting and customer service. The quality of the work is inferior, we would not see our project manager for weeks, payment had to be made upfront before any work would continue. They had our job permitted under a contractor who was not the qualifying contractor so we could not obtain a permit until a change of contractor was filed. They were running our job without a qualifier. We had to file a complaint with the Palm Beach County Building Department Field Investigator to get them to apply for our permit. Our work finally came to an end in June, but not without problems. Our pavers are sinking, they did not finish the drain work, and the upgraded pool finish has problems with discoloration, wrong color, staining and some areas of the pool are missing actual pool finish. The pavers sat in front of our house for two months before they were installed. The jacuzzi is crooked. There was no water line tile placed in the jacuzzi, we had to fight with the company to install the tile. The filters in the newly built spa are not centered and are improperly aligned and the light is not centered in the jacuzzi either. Coping around the pool is overextended and now the steps to the water are narrower due to the overextending coping. It is August 2019 and while the pool is finished, nothing has been corrected. The pool finish is under warranty but now as of several days ago, *** the owner of the company closed the doors and dissolved the business. We are stuck with the sinking pavers, inferior/quality pool finish and shoddy work. The customer service has been horrendous. When we would communicate and ask for dates and times, we would not get a response. Only after the Field Investigator contacted Parkwood would they respond to emails, but what they would say is not what they would do. We failed inspection once because of their inferior work and had to wait a very long time before we passed.

Desired Outcome

I would like to recover the cost to refinish my pebble finish in the pool, which was just sprayed on to my pool in May. I now have a warranty that is null and void. I'd like to recover the cost to redo the pavers and also have them finish the drain work they left incomplete.

In March of 2019, I signed a contract and paid $1,000 for 140sf of tile to be installed in my yard. Work never done and they just closed business.
In March of 2019, I signed a contract and paid $1,000 for 140sf of tile to be installed in my yard. Work never done and they just closed business.

Desired Outcome

Refund my $1,000.00

This company apparently closed their doors and left many customers like me without finishing their work, with open permits and liens are coming ...
This company apparently closed their doors and left many customers like me without finishing their work, with open permits and liens are coming every day on our property from unpaid subcontractors we had know idea of. The owner
is *** and left all our claims and calls unanswered. He apparently just re-open on X-XX-XXXX called *** Beware this guy is a crook.
We had a meeting yesterday and apparently there are at least 41 pool owners in the same situation I am in.

Desired Outcome

I would like to be reimbursed of course for all the unpaid work, have the subcontractors paid so they can remove liens on my property but let's face it, it won't happen.

Company knew they were in financial crisis but continued to sell pools.
We are under contract with Park Wood pools, they have received 43k from us and have closed their doors leaving us with unfinished pools and liens against our properties due to unpaid contractors.

Desired Outcome

refund my money for unfinished work and pay vendors so we can get a release of lien from vendors

We contracted Parkwood Pools & Pavers on April, 2019 to build a pool in our back 2/16/19. After constantly hounding them to get their contractors here to complete the job, the actual pool itself was finished on August 10, 2019, however the pool HEATER and the OZONATOR, required for the salt system, was never delivered even though we PAID $54,000 for the entire project, including the anticipated electrical work and permits. The company's registered owner, *** has absconded and owes millions to his contractors, leaving dozens of people with giant holes in their yards and liens on their property. We are without a $5400 pool heater and ozonator, as well as the anticipated electrical installation hired by PARKWOOD POOLS & PAVERS.

Desired Outcome

We would like the job finished, but since they are out of business and NOWHERE TO BE FIND, we would like a refund of $10k, for the pool equipment not delivered, as well as the anticipated electrical costs involving same, and the completion of the pavers around the pool equipment, and removal of debris (hundreds of unused pavers) still in our back yard.

The pool company continues to lack any communication. The pool is still not complete after six months, and the concrete guy has not been paid
After I filed the initial complaint, the company completed the pool pump/heater and plaster. However, the champagne spa is not working as designed and their is concrete on the tile that needs to be removed. I receive no communication from Parkwood Pools once again, and have no idea when this will be complete and when the final inspection will be scheduled.

In addition, I paid Parkwood Pools for the supplemental concrete that was installed in full two months ago. I received a call from the concrete company that they have not been paid and are threatening to put a lien on my house. How can this vendor not be paid when I already paid Parkwood Pools?

I hired an attorney that sent an initial letter. Since then, more work has been completed. But again, came to a halt -- no communication from anyone. I gave Parkwood the opportunity to resolve this matters amicably, but if they don't resolve these remaining issues in the 30 day designed period since the attorney letter, I will sue them for all the damages and headaches they have caused.

Parkwood Pools continues to be incredibly unprofessional and now I am dealing with a vendor that has not been paid, even though I paid Parkwood Pools in full for the concrete work

Desired Outcome

If Parkwood Pools does not pay the concrete company for the work and finish their job within the next few weeks, I will proceed to the next step with my attorney and sue them for all of the damages caused by them.

I paid Parkwood in full last week. Now I am finding they didn't pay the subcontractors and am having liens filed against me. Can
I paid in 5 installments by check to total $41,000.00. The pool was complete except for final inspections which the pool did not pass for something minor. Today I started getting calls from unpaid subcontractors who are threatening to file liens against my property. They said they went to Parkwood and the place is totally vacant when I just spoke to the office yesterday.

Desired Outcome

I want to find out the insurer of Parkwood Pools in order to file a claim.

Hiring this company was the worst decision I have ever made. $13,000 out of pocket with NO Pool and NO refund.
On February 2, 2019, I signed the contract with this company to build my pool. When they started digging, they broke a pipe in the process and that was the begging of my nightmare. They didn't want to resolve the issue and, after many months of fighting with them, I decided to fix it out of my own pocket. Since then, I have been trying to cancel the contract with them and get my $13,000 or a portion of it, refunded and nobody wants to answer for it. Every time I call they give me the runaround, telling me I *** receive a call from *** and today is the day I haven't been able to resolve the issue.
I *** advice anybody interested in building a pool to stay away from these people.

Desired Outcome

I need my money back

Possible fraudulent billing practices in anticipation of company's ***
My wife and I paid $52000 to Parkwood Pools to install a new pool. They did, and we paid in full. We found out that they did not pay a vendor of theirs *** and now *** has placed a lien of $6500 against up even though we paid Parkwood Pools in full. I have made numerous calls, left messages, and Parkwood is clearly avoiding any responsibility. I have reported them to the Office of Professional Responsibility. We already paid and I will not be threatened! Please help.

Desired Outcome

I want Parkwood Pools to pay *** they money they owe ***, thereby lifting the lien against my house. We have done nothing wrong!

Parkwood Pools does not meet contract obligations, offers timelines that are over double the estimates, and provides very poor customer service
Parkwood Pools signed a contract with me to act as General Contractor for all tasks and offered me a timeline for completion, two weeks for permit approval, 8 weeks for pool construction. It is now 21+ weeks and counting. And now Parkwood says they can't give me a completion date.

It took 10 weeks for pool permit alone because their staff did not follow up City of Oakland Park to realize an elevation certificate was required. The average time for a pool permit with the City of Oakland Park is 2 weeks.

After a three month vacation (now 12 weeks since signing contract with Parkwood Pools), I returned home and they just started pouring the concrete. Then they installed the tile and poured concrete for a patio a month later (now 16 weeks).

In the month of July, they practically did nothing. They cleaned up the yard (after three attempts), put a cover on the drain (2 hours), and prepped the pool (2 hours). After several phone calls, I was passed from one person *** to another *** to another *** Each one would tell me about an upcoming task, and as I followed up, they cancelled with no explanation.

During this past month, I called into the main office of Parkwood Pools four times (spoke to *** and ***). I asked to speak to the owner and each time they told me he is out of the office. They continued to hand me off to one of the project managers who consistently ignored my messages, or started telling me that some of the projects they were going to GC, are now my responsibility, ie. run gas line for fire bowls, run cable service line underground, etc.. I think they tried to get every excuse to further delay this project.

This past week, I was told the pool equipment (Wed/Thu) and electrical work (Fri) were being completed last week. I inquired this past Wed and was told the pool equipment was not going to be installed after all. I asked for an explanation and new timeline. No response from either *** or *** - nothing.

I soon realized, not only does this company not complete tasks on time, they don't communicate routine status. I thought being a squeaky wheel and calling every day would get their attention, but it did nothing. I have not received communication for several days now.

I have become so frustrated by Parkwood Pools that I have finally hired an attorney. And if they don't complete their contract obligations in 30 days, there will be more serious consequences for them.

I would never use or recommend Parkwood Pools again ever. And I caution anyone that is seeking a pool company that if you can handle months of poor customer service or have weekdays to follow up on their every task, then consider them. Otherwise, I would recommend any other pool company. It is one of the worst contractors I have ever used in South Florida and I have lived here over 20 years.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are experiencing the same issues. I'd be happy to give guidance, including a referral to an attorney.

Desired Outcome

I want Parkwood Pools to complete their contract obligations and finish my pool within 30 days. Parkwood still has to install the pool equipment, upgrade the electricity, coordinate to run the electrical line underground with FPL, plaster the pool, and coat it with Diamond Brite. I want a schedule for when this pool project will be complete.

Starting off---make sure Bruyn is your pool rep. We had a vague idea of what we wanted our pool to look like, but when Bruyn sat down with us to discuss our ideas, that's when we noticed just how skilled he is. His design not only integrated our ideas, but the aesthetics were second to none.
When construction began, at each phase of the process, we were nothing but thrilled with the outcomes. Their workers do extremely good work----excellent craftsmanship. I have a gym buddy who spent a fortune on a pool that was constructed by a contractor who builds high-end pools. He cries every time he sees my pool because his is not as nice and cost thousands more.

I contracted Parkwood Pools in December 2017 for a new pool. we paid a $2,650 deposit., Drawings were made and approved and permit submitted.
we where then informed that permit was denied because we just don;'t have the space to have an in ground pool, pool pump and move our a/c unit. I when I asked for a refund of my deposit I was informed that they have incurred costs up to my deposit. I called the city and the permit costs are approx $200. The *** who I am told is the owner was very rude and just kept telling me that I have no refund. I feel I am being ripped off for my deposit. As a pool contractor, I thought I hired a professional that would know city codes and advise me of my limitations - rather then just take my deposit knowing that space and city guidelines would not allow this to be feasible. However, it appears the sale was the #1 motive regardless of if it was possible and now they conveniently have racked up that mush in costs. They are scamming me of my money by dragging me along and incurring costs knowing the city guidelines as they must as a pool contractor. I expected to receive PROFESSIONAL realistic service. Not just a sales pitch for my deposit to end up at this point with NOTHING.

Desired Outcome

I expect a refund - my deposit was $2,650.00

Parkwood Pools and Pavers Response • Feb 16, 2018

Document Attached***
To whom it may concern:

Recently we had a dispute from our customers *** and ***. Unfortunately. the city would not approve their pool permit for various reasons and none of them we're due to our negligence. They wanted to put the pool equipment in a location that wasn't permissible. We informed them that it wouldn't pass zoning in the building department, but they were persistent to put it where it in the setback. Their exact words were "don't worry about it, we know someone in the building department". Needless to say, the permit application failed zoning. We suggested to relocate the equipment to another location in the yard where it would pass. Unfortunately, Mr. & Mrs. refused to do so and requested a refund.

During this period, we did accrue cost and I'm attaching supporting documents to verify this fact. We typically take an initial deposit of 10% to cover upfront cost of engineering and other various expenditures. In the case of Mr. & Mrs. we took a deposit of $2620.00 which as you can see they signed a contract and credit slip to authorize this transaction. The attached invoices will show that we've incurred $627.00 of expenses. There are other costs involved in preparing a pool permit, such as clerical work, FedEx and a few other items. That being said, we are willing to waive those in this case. So, base on their deposit and deducting our cost we would be willing to refund them $1,993.00.

I also want it known that during this period they have threatened my employees and have tried to slander our company on various websites. We've been nothing but nice to them and want to resolve this peacefully. If you have any questions or need further supporting documents, please let us know.

Kind Regards,


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