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Complaint BAD MANAGEMENT- BUSINESS DID NOT COMPLY WITH HOME OWNER [redacted] XXXXX. DECEMBER 2014 PASS REALTY, LLC WAS ASKED TO GIVE TENANTS SIX(6) MONTH NOTICE TO VACATE THE PROPERTY. A LETTER WAS ISSUED TO VACATE ON JULY 1, 2015 OR BEFORE. IN MARCH 2015 I TEXTED AGENT THAT SENT THE LETTER WAS ASKED OF THE STATUS AND NEGATIVE RESPONSE WAS RECEIVED. I WAS ALSO ASKED WHEN I WANTED MY HOUSE BACK? MY RESPONSE WAS JANUARY BUT WAS AFRAID OF FROZEN PIPES, ETC. SO I AGAIN STATED JULY 1, 2015. I TEXTED AGENT AGAIN ON JUNE 1, 2015 TO INQUIRE OF STATUS OF TENTANTS VACATING. I WAS TOLD THEY WERE HAVING TROUBLE FINDING SOMETHING AND COULD THEY HAVE TO THE END OF JULY 2015 AND MY RESPONSE WAS NEGATIVE. SIX MONTH NOTICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLENTY OF TIME TO RELOCATE. I TEXTED AGAIN AND WAS TOLD THEY WOULD NOT HAVE A HOUSE UNTIL JULY 15, 2015 AND TODAY ON JULY 1, 2015 THAT THEY ARE BUYING A HOUSE AND THE AGENT SENT ME A COPY OF APPLICATION THAT ONLY HAS THE APPLICATION DATE BUT NO CLOSING DATE TO INDICATE THAT THEY NEED UNTIL THE END OF JULY 2015 TO VACATE. THIS IS MY COMPLAINT BAD MISMANAGEMENT ON PASS REALTY,LLC. ALSO HAVE ASKED SEVERAL TIMES FOR REPORTS, NEVER HAVE I GOTTEN WRITTEN WALK THROUGHS EVERY 6MONTHS OF MY PROPERTY. Desired SettlementCOMPLY WITH HOME OWNER WISHES.Business Response Ms. [redacted] ended their lease on June 30, 2015. Their new home was not finished and they said they would be out in 2-3 weeks. They were not late until 6.30.2015. We have explained this to Ms. [redacted] quite a few times. After 6.30.2015 we filed for eviction which takes 30 days. This tenant has not missed a rental payment since they have been a tenant in [redacted] house. They were out in 3 weeks. There is no way to speed up the process to put a tenant out faster than 30 days.. Until July 1 they were in violation of their lease. I do not know why [redacted] was so angry at this tenant but she caused all of this this the tenant did not want to move. Just as her filing a compliant with If she does not get her desire ASAP she wants to cause grief to everyone. We did all we could do to get the people out of her house as soon as possible. As I wrote earlier they were in complete compliance with their lease until JULY 1,2015 and they were gone before August 1, 2015 [redacted]PASS Realty,llcConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not consider 6 mo notice as ASAP. I don't want anyone considering renting their home and trusting a management company to use this one. Supporting documents attached. 1. Letter to tenant- that they stated they never received but admitted to the March 1, 2015 phone call from PASS. 2. Copy of appraisals- For the tenants new home they were buying. This was no proof to me that they were closing in 3-4 weeks. No letter proof of closing was ever presented to me. 3. Eviction- This company showed no effort after being notified that tenants were attempting to buy a home at the last minute, June 16, 2015. The only recourse I was given was to accept this, when July 2, 2015 arrived the tenants were given the 30 days they asked for, but I filed eviction for August 31, 2015 (court date). The tenants were notified in the middle of July that the sellers had decided not to sell, therefore the tenants had to vacate by August 30,2015 or face eviction court. This is how my wishes were complied with. 4. Responsibilities of Management Co.- #9,11,13,& 22 were not met. #9 has only been submitted once but had to be asked for, then I was asked What do you need that for?? #11 "We" didn't file for eviction I did, given the only choice, Mr. [redacted] said I would have to wait until July 2nd to file because they would not be in breach of contract until then. #13 Water damage under Kitchen sink and on ceiling in Kitchen and Master Bath was not reported to Owner, only that a tree was down in front yard and did I want to remove it or them. #22 Pass Realty LLC was asked only "twice" on status of the tenants vacating by July 1, 2015; on March 3rd and June 2,2015 according to my phone records and texts (not numerous times). I have not received any monthly reports, 6 month reports or the final paperwork. The tenants wanted the deposit monies finalized so they could move on and Pass Realty LLC deposited what was left into my account. If anyone has suffered from the grief this has all caused its me, the owner. Final Business Response I hope this letter resolves this complaint. As I said in my firstresponse the eviction notice was filed the first day we were allowed tofile. I told you in that note they would be out before August 1, 2015.There is no way legally to remove anyone in less than 30 days afternotice. You can not give the tenant notice until they are 1 day late.[redacted]Original MessageFrom: [redacted] (mailto:[redacted])Sent: Tuesday, September 08, XXXX X:XX AMTo: [redacted]Subject: [redacted] LETTER7.30.2015This E-mail was sent from "PASSREALTY" (Aficio 3235C).Scan Date: 09.08.2015 09:42:54 (+0000)Queries to: [redacted]

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Address: 7040 Wind Stone Blvd Ste 300, Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States, 38654-6740


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