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Pathmark Stores, Inc.

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The customer has been contacted by the Store Manager, and the issue has been resolved and associates were counseled.

Review: A bug was in the America's Choice frozen veggies that I purchased, which made me sick and now I have a taste aversion to green veggies. I washed the frozen veggies before I put them in the pot, and they cooked. I didn't notice the bug in my veggies until after I consumed my food. Prior to consuming the food, I noticed something hard was in the veggies while I was chewing, so I spit the item out before swallowing the remaining veggies because it left a gross after taste in my mouth. I consumed part of the bugs leg because when I looked at the item it was missing a leg. The bug was green and it looked, like a roach. I still have this item as proof. It was probably green due to being mixed in with the veggies. I'm going to turn this over to my attorney because this is an extreme quality issue with this particular food and it made me very sick after so much so that I was not able to finish my meal. I am not unable to eat green veggies due to this.Desired Settlement: I'm going to take this to my lawyer because the food made me sick, and the public needs to know about Pathmark's below standards products. I doubt any outcome that pathmark offers if any will be helpful due to the psychological damage that this has caused me when it comes to eating green foods now, but I guess I will see what happened when and if someone decides to contact me.



Please accept this letter from The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. on behalf of its subsidiary Pathmark Stores, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as “A&P”), as A&P’s response to your letter dated June 27, 2014. Please be assured that we take customer complaints very seriously. Moreover, A&P understands our obligation to respond to each of these complaints, and we dedicate valuable company resources to investigating all allegations.

Upon receipt of your letter, I first followed up with our Corporate Customer Service department. Additionally, as the item in question is a Private Label product, I looked into such a complaint had ever been brought to the attention of the Private Label merchandising department. Rest assured this is the first time anything remotely resembling the above referenced complaint had ever been alleged.

In order to be responsive to our customers, I personally attempted to reach out to Mr. [redacted] to gain a better understanding into the issue and how it came about. I left several messages on both phone numbers provided on the complaint, but have yet to receive a response.

Since we do not have any direct knowledge of the situation or anything resembling it in the past, we are unfortunately unable to speak to the incident he set forth in his letter. If Mr. [redacted] ever has any problem in the future with a product, he is welcome to bring said item to the Customer Service counter in any one of our stores. If this is inconvenient for Mr. [redacted], we also welcome him to contact our Corporate Customer Service department at [redacted]

Most importantly, please know that the integrity and freshness of our product is of the utmost importance to us. Since this matter contains potential food safety issues, I have brought this complaint to the attention of our Food Safety Director as well as the Head of our Private Label Team. If there is anything else I can do to help Mr. [redacted], I welcome his call on my direct line at ###-###-####.

Review: Pathmark of Parlin, NJ 12:45 AM, 4/4/15.

As I approached the store, four employees were loitering outside of the store, one of whom yelled "10 minutes" as he took a drag of his cigarette by the front door of the store. So, seeing that there were four employees standing outside of the store and no employees visible inside of the store, I waited outside of the store for 10 minutes. I figured it was some Hazmat cleaning or something, and everyone had to wait outside for ten minutes.

After about ten minutes, the employees go back inside the store. When I tried to follow, the same employee who had yelled "10 minutes" locked the door as I approached, and said "we're closed," we close at 1!

If by yelling 10 minutes, the employees outside of the store intended that they'd be closing in 10 minutes, it's only common courtesy to specify upon seeing me waiting outside of the store for the duration of the ten minute period. I mean, surely they didn't think that I drove there at 12:45am to wait outside of the store for 10 minutes. With four employees standing at the entrance of the store doing absolutely nothing but smoking, it seemed that something was going on inside of the store that prevented them from being inside, hence signaling me to wait for 10 minutes outside as they were waiting.

All misunderstandings aside, as a customer, I had the courtesy to wait at the entrance of the store for ten minutes as a result of their "10 minutes" comment. Had the four employees loitering outside of the store smoking at the entrance, been inside of the store doing their jobs (where I'm sure they probably belong while on duty), the misunderstanding would've never occurred.

What a diligent crew they have there at Pathmark of Parlin, NJ. Loitering in front of the store, probably running down the clock, while smoking at the entrance -four at a time- literally ten minutes before closing, making sure that customers know that they'll be closing in ten minutes by barking "10 minutes" at them as they approach, so that one of them doesn't have to (God forbid) work an additional 10-15 minutes in waiting on a regular patron who has driven there at midnight for some baby formula. Had I not arrived prior to the closing time, this would be another story.

Personally, if I were the GM of that store, on my life, I'd fire everyone involved, not just for this incident, but for demonstrating this type of brand (let alone, branch) representation.

I just needed formula for my infant, which would've taken me under 5 minutes. Way to go Parlin, NJ on the worst customer experience I've had at any supermarket, ever.Desired Settlement: I'd like all four employees loitering in front of the door to apologize. Their behavior was not only misleading; it was disrespectful and rude.



The customer has been contacted by the Store Manager, and the issue has been resolved and associates were counseled.

Review: /Path mark Revdex.comDear Revdex.comI enclosed is the same compliant I have send your company prior to an issue that has remain unsolved. I contacted when I received an email from Pathmark, I spoke to a Jodie supervisorregarding the following issues. Jodie stated a manager will get back to me. I never received a contact from the manager and I never receive the $150.00 worth of coupons that were taken from me. I don't want a call back from Pathmark due to they lose credibility, Pathmark was given the opportunity twice before to resolve this issue. I ask the to contact the Pathmark company on my behalf to issue a $150.00 credit to my PAYPAL account([redacted] have been shopping in the following Pathmark [redacted]For many years an employee named [redacted]ocated [redacted] started To curse at me and through my groceries at me and through my groceries on the floor due to using coupons. I reported this several times to the manager and nothing was done. I contacted the headquarters several times and it took the Pathmark headquarters two months to return the call on an issue that remain unresolved.I took my business to the Pathmark in [redacted] and the front end [redacted] curse at me with vulgar [redacted] statements and tried to take my cart away from me with the groceries I just purchase and grossly invaded my space crusing in my face again just for using coupons. [redacted] the cashier employee witness the issue and was being very loud and vulgar.Once again I took my business else where To another Pathmark [redacted] and a [redacted] cashier employee was also very loud cursing and bilitering me again over coupons[redacted] and [redacted] should be fired and never should be able to work again in a family oriented environment. I was not able to make my purchase on all three separate occasions and all three Pathmark stores took over $50.00 of (a total of $150.00) coupons from me that day and did not return them to me when I ask for them. I need my coupons returned to me however due to the expectation date, they have expired by now. I need compensation of equal value in a form of credit or cash that can be deposit in my PayPal account. PayPal is best, due to the abuse, Pathmark is not a safe environment to shop.I ask the to contact the Pathmark company on my behalf to issue a $150.00 credit to my PAYPAL account([redacted] immediately.Desired Settlement: I ask the to contact the Pathmark company on my behalf to issue a $150.00 credit to my PAYPAL account[redacted] immediately.

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Description: Grocers - Retail, Food Products, Food & Beverage Services, General Merchandise - Retail, Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores (NAICS: 445110)

Address: 2 Paragon Drive, Montvale, New Jersey, United States, 07645


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