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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2017/02/23) */
[redacted]Document Attached[redacted]

Bison Coach Customer Service
[redacted] IN XXXXX
February 22, 2017
[redacted] - Dispute Resolution Services
Revdex.com Office serving [redacted]ern...

Consumer protection Division
Fort Wayne, IN XXXXX
RE: [redacted], Revdex.com Case XXXXXXXX
Dear [redacted]
This letter is in response to the letter received from your office dated February 22, 2017 regarding [redacted]'s 2015 Stratus Express 8310ME Horse Trailer VIN # [redacted] purchased on 09/01/2014.
I have reviewed the letter that was sent to you by Mrs. [redacted]. Bison Coach has done everything within its warranty policy. On 10/23/2014 Bison was contacted for repairs by P&P Trailers of Oklahoma City, OK, one of which was for a slide out leak. The complete claim repairs were authorized and paid for by Bison Coach. On 6/29/2015 [redacted] contacted Bison on an axle issue and a few other minor issues none of which were water leaks. Which after receiving a claim from Cool Horse on 10/22/2015 all issues were fixed and warranted by Bison Coach. Then on 11/12/2015 [redacted] contacted Bison Coach on another water leak in her trailer and she was taking it back to P&P Trailers of Oklahoma City, OK. This leak was never filed through Bison Coach. [redacted] then contacted Bison on 11/03/2016 when her unit was outside of Bison's warranty period and complained of another water leak at the slide out and entry door. It is the Owners responsibility to notify Bison Coach of a defect within the coverage period and within 5 days of discovering the defect. The Limited Warranty provided by Bison Coach is for twenty-four (24) months from the original retail purchase date. [redacted]'s warranty expired on 09/01/2016.
The warranty on this unit has expired. At this time Bison Coach will decline any request in repairing, replacing with new trailer or refunding of moneys. The new leak will remain denied.
Bison Customer Service
[redacted]. [redacted] IN XXXXX

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User Reviewer9065150

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 10, 2017/02/14) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Manager
Contact Phone: (XXX)XXX-XXXX XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]@bisontrailer.com

Bison Coach Customer Service
Milford, IN XXXXX
January 20,...

[redacted] - Area Director
Revdex.com Office serving [redacted]ern Indiana
Consumer protection Division
Fort Wayne, IN XXXXX
RE: [redacted] and [redacted]
Dear [redacted]
This letter is in response to the letter received from your office dated January 16, 2017 regarding [redacted] and Bill [redacted]'s 2017 Silverado 8313SVB Horse Trailer VIN # [redacted] purchased on 12/22/2016.
I have reviewed the letter that was sent to you by Mr. and Mrs. [redacted]. Bison has done everything within its warranty policy. Our warranty states that transporting the unit back and forth to a servicer is the responsibility of the consumer. It also states that we are not responsible for any compensations for inconveniences (warranty attached). We are here to uphold our warranty agreement that they accepted when they purchased the unit. We are upholding our agreement. The compensation that they are requesting would not be covered under the terms of the warranty.
Bison has agreed to the following resolutions:
Bison will work with the local servicer to perform the manufacturing defects that are present on your unit (with the exception of the items Bison has agreed to look at when they bring the unit to our facility in April).
We have asked for a complete list of manufacturing defects that they state are present on their unit so Bison can ensure that we are working through all of them with the servicer.
They are to bring their unit to Bison in April (previously agreed to). Once the unit is returned, Bison will inspect the roof and the nose of the unit and make necessary repairs to the manufacturing defects present.
In April when the unit is at Bison, we have agreed to sell them a Generator at cost for parts and labor. This reduced rate is out of goodwill for the frustrations they have endured.
Bison will continue to work with the [redacted]'s to resolve the manufacturing defects that are present on their Bison trailer. However, the latest problem could not be duplicated by the tech on site and will need to go to a service center.
Bison Customer Service

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User Reviewer9089973

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2016/01/12) */
Contact Name and Title: Monty [redacted] Warranty Mgr
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX x 6111
Contact Email: [redacted]@bisontrailer.com
Customer complaint (#XXXXXXXX). The issues with consumers trailer have been rectified. Bison has stood by our...

warranty and everything has been fixed. I spoke with the consumer yesterday asking if everything in his trailer was done to his satisfaction. He only mentioned the heat strip in the AC does not work well. Bison informed the consumer that the AC heat strip is not designed to work alone when the weather outside is 10 degrees and to run his furnace in conjunction with heat strip. Bison offered to the consumer that we would be more than willing to check out his unit here at Bison and pay him his gas receipts for delivering and picking up the unit. He said that he would wait unit the weather breaks and think about it.
Yes, Haylett RV did have his unit for 2 months at one time. Bison cannot be held accountable for the scheduling and time frame a service center has a customer's unit in for repair. We have stood by our warranty and resolved every issue that was presented to us which was a warrantable item. There are several issues the consumer states that are his "opinion" or "I think should be," and some observation's such as there should be a pin in the table leg. These are not a defect, rather an opinion by the customer. There are two statements that the consumer presents as issues but are a design choice by Bison. The first being the drain line for the refrigerator "should be" run through the floor. Bison reserves the right to design the drain line in accordance with RVIA standards and chose to put it here. We are in compliance on this issue. The second is the screw in the awning rail 4" behind the awing is designed to hold the awning in place.
After speaking with the consumer yesterday. I am not aware of any other issues he has with his trailer. Bison has offered to have unit brought here and resolve any other issues he might have. Bison does feel Haylett had his trailer for an extended period of time. Bison at no point denied any issues that were warrantable items.

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