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• Jul 22, 2021

The BEST customer service!
Philip H was great (again). Last time I needed help with my Patriot Mobile service, I talked to Philip. This time I was able to reach out to him directly and he was, once again, a PLEASURE to talk to, knew how to solve my technical issues, and make the waiting time go quickly with his great personality. I can't wait to recommend Patriot Mobile to friends and family. A+++ service. Thank you Philip!

• Jul 15, 2021

Excellent Customer Service
I’ve been using Patriot Mobile for over 2 years and love supporting a company that supports my values. The customer service offered is like no company I have ever experienced. They tale the tIme to help you when needed and don't leave you waiting on-hold like other companies. I’d recommend switchIng to Patriot Mobile.
Excellent Customer Service

• Jul 14, 2021

Addrian Rocks!
Changing carriers can be a rabbit hole and we had a bit of a rough start with sim card issues (not Patriot Mobile's fault) but throughout the whole process, Addrian was kind, caring and very professional. She stayed with it and was in great communication with us. So far we are very happy with Patriot Mobile and the new phones we bought through them. Thank you for your great customer service, Addrian! We spoke with a few others and all of them were pleasant as well.

• Jul 07, 2021

Glad to be part of this
I called to join Patriot Mobile and spoke with Phil. He was so helpful, upbeat, and I am happy to sign on with Patriot Mobile. I'm looking forward to receiving my sim card in the mail and calling Phil back to get my service up and running. I also spoke with Amara, a very sweet lady and also very upbeat and helpful. Thank you, Patriot Mobile. Such wonderful customer service. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. I'm so very glad to be part of this Christian/Conservative mobile phone service.

• Jul 03, 2021

Excellent Customer Service
Patriot Mobile has been excellent to have. Their customer service has been far superior to anyone. Kim was kind, prompt, and helpful. Angel was especially great to work with as she quickly helped my with multiple issues and I felt like I was speaking with my best friend! Thank you all:)

• Jun 24, 2021

Jerry B
My name is Jerry and I am one of the owners of Commercial Battery Service in Tyler Texas.
I moved all 9 lines over from AT&T to Patriot. The mean reason is that Patriot Mobile support Christian and conservative values. I especially thank Philip Holsworth! We both fought with AT&T to release my numbers, unlock phones, and porting numbers. We never gave up the fight with AT&T. Now everything is running smoothly. Thanks again to Philip!

• Jun 24, 2021

Great customer service/ poor connectivity
Patriot Mobile stands for the things I believe, therefore I switched to them. I have had problems with connectivity off and on since joining. I don’t know if I will continue with them. I will say that their customer service is great! Yesterday Philip H. assisted me with my issues and he was great- personable and professional!

Switched to Patriot and experienced Major DNS issues on Data Network
I purchased a new Samsung Note 20 Ultra unlocked from Samsung and decided to go with Patriot Mobile. My experience hasn't been stellar with the actual network service. I constantly lose the Data network on their network (Sprint/T-Mobile MVMO). I am in a major city where Data has never been an issue with my Previous Carriers AT&T and US Cellular. I monitor at least 30-40 Network drops all the time. I doesn't matter if you are sitting still or driving. The internet just disappears. Phone shows full bars, LTE/LTE+ Shows up/down, but DNS Disappears and all my apps relying on data and location services shut down. My OS is current, PRL and Profile is updated and current. I've got all my settings optimized to maximize my Cellular data and still the problem persists. I've tried to talk to Patriot Mobiles tech support, but they're useless. I've called them multiple times and waited on hold for 1 hours once and never spoke to someone. I even called and got on their call back queue 3 times now and never got a call back. I've emailed my sales person and she has been responsive, but so far no resolution to the issues. It's nevet racking because I us Cellular data for GPS and Location services for my side job. It's now at a ppint where it is costing me money.

• Jan 21, 2021

Poor customer service
I'm glad to be supporting a company that believes the same things I do. I'm trying to switch my wife's and I's phones over to them. At first they sent out the wrong SIM cards but began the porting process on my phone before that was figured out. So they had to send out new SIM cards which took 3 days meantime I did not have a phone because they had already began the porting process from my previous carrier. Fast forward 3 days to when the new SIM cards finally arrive I was able to get my phone set up after being on the phone with them for at least an hour. Then we start the process on my wife's phone. The lady says that the port had started and wanted to hang up with me and said that she would call back when the port had completed. That was around noon and I never received a call back and now my wife's phone doesn't work either. I've called them twice today and the first person I talked to was nice and said to confirm the account info with the previous carrier and to call back when I had confirmed it so they could try porting the phone again. I got the correct info which was the same as the info I had given them before and called again. This was at about 8:20 PM and customer service ends at 8:30 PM so I was trying to get my wife's phone working before she had to spend another night without it. I was able to get in touch with someone who I assume was about to get off work and they made sure I knew that they were not interested in getting my wife's phone working and were very annoyed I called them. I was interrupted multiple times and after I had given him the same account info as I had already given them before he said it was updated and would port the number again. I asked what the info they had was before because everything I had just told him was the same as I had already given. The representative was very irritated at my question and said he couldn't tell me. I had had enough and knew I wasn't going to receive any more help because it was approaching 8:30 PM and all the person I was on the phone with cared about was getting off the phone with me. This has turned into a nightmare and I regret ever trying to join patriot mobile. It's been over a week that we haven't had both of our phones working and from the service I've received I don't see these issues getting resolved anytime soon.

• Dec 05, 2020

This is what happened.
My wife inquired about switching her service over to patriot and she needed to verify coverage with them as we travel quit a bit.
They requested her personal information in order to do this since they said this required them to research and verify the areas of coverage.
So after spending 3 hours and 4 phone calls with Patriot's "poor customer service" she decided not to go with their service. She solely made this decisions based on their terrible customer service. Now 6 weeks later patriot stole her cell phone number from our existing carrier they claim by mistake but after 5 days my wife phone number has not been retired to her, and worse yet she has a medical condition that has left her without a phone for this entire period.
We are in the process of taking legal action against them but as you can imagine what a hassle this has become over patriots total incompetence. Again "DON"T TRUST THEM".

Don't believe AM-Radio Talk Show Hosts
I have never written a review before, that is how bad my experience was with Patriot Mobile.

I moved from one city to another and transferred my cell phone service to the new city. The coverage in the new city was poor so I was looking for an alternative cell phone carrier. I have an iPhone 6 I am happy with so I called Patriot Mobile because they advertise on all the right-wing programs I listen to on talk radio.

I was helped by a guy named Derek who gave me his personal number and extension to call him since one of the problems I identified as being unacceptable with my current cell phone carrier was there was no way to reach anyone by phone, and the toll-free number had me on hold for over an hour sometimes. Derek set me up on an inexpensive plan and told me they would be shipping me a SIM card explaining that I would just replace the SIM card currently in my iPhone with the one from Patriot Mobile.

Four days later I received the SIM card and a simple 4”x6” “How-To” card with instructions. The instructions were simple and numbered 1 through 5. I completed all 5 steps, and tossed the SIM card that was currently in my iPhone into the kitchen trashcan between steps 2 and 3. Once completing the steps, the card instructs you to “ACTIVATE YOUR SERVICE” by calling 1-877-367-7524. I dialed the number and heard an error message telling me I had no service because the phone was not activated. I couldn’t activate the phone because the phone was not activated. This pissed me off because I needed the phone for my work. I went online with my laptop and sent an urgent email message to Patriot Mobile Customer Service and got an automated email reply stating that they had gotten my message. After 3 hours I still had no instructions from Patriot Mobile sent to my email and sent them another urgent message telling them I had no alternative phone to call them from. I was brand new in the city and didn’t even know anyone to ask to use their phone to call Patriot Mobile.

The entire day went by and I was unable to use my phone. The only solution I could think of was to pull the kitchen trash and search for the previous SIM card. The super small size of what I was looking for required me to sift through the waste with a fine tooth comb and a flashlight in order to locate it. I wiped it off and put it back in my iPhone and had cellular service once more.

I called Derek at the personal number he provided me and got his voice mail. I explained what had happened and that I was pretty upset and asked him to call me back ASAP to talk me through the process of activating my phone. He did not return the call that day or the next and I left him another message telling him I wanted a refund for the prepaid charges because I was going to cancel Patriot Mobile. Derek never returned either of my calls.

At this point I called the main Patriot Mobile number (972-PATRIOT) and stayed on hold for a good while before being connected to someone who told me he could activate the SIM card without me even putting it into my iPhone.

I was absolutely gob smacked! If that was the case, why did the card instruct me to insert the new SIM card and THEN call to activate it? In fact, the “How-To” card is sent to all people who sign up with Patriot Mobile who bring their own device. So, ALL new BYOD customers receive the same instruction card and in all likelihood, I was not the first person to experience this Catch-22 activation issue. So the biggest question becomes: Why have they not rectified the situation? Why are they sending out these cards when it is clear there is a problem with the instructions assuming that the vast majority of customers do not have a second phone or landline?
Don't believe AM-Radio Talk Show Hosts

Hi Mr [redacted] We received a complaint that you purchased a $phone card thinking that it is for days but you only got days of credit Actually we don’t even offer a day plan so there are no Day refill cards out in circulation Looking at your refill history, you refilled with day plans (for $19.99) in December and January, then you switched over to refill with the $day plans on March 29, April 6, and April The difference between the plans is that the $day plan offers unlimited data while the $day plan only offers 100MBWith that said, we appreciate your continued patronage and would like to offer you a one-time credit of another days (in addition to the days) of service or we can convert your plan over to the $plan and give you another days of service If acceptable, please withdraw your complaint and reply to this email and let me know which plana you would like to stay on I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Hello ***: We experienced larger than expected holiday call volumes due to our holiday specials and apologize for any inconveniences our holiday wait caused youWe credited your account $as you requested on 12/19/Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] if you have any further questionsThank you [redacted] **

Our Member Services Supervisor called and spoke to Mr [redacted] He resolved the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction.Issue One: Mr [redacted] ’s original Samsung Swas replaced earlier with another Samsung Sprior to this complaintThe supervisor reviewed & resolved the touchscreen issues Mr [redacted] was experiencing with his new Samsung S5.Issue Two: Mrs [redacted] ’s original IPhone 5S was replaced with a brand new iPhone 5S on an installment plan and the customer was given a credit of $dollarsWe made several attempts to contact Mrs [redacted] on 9/11/to apologize for the inconvenience but have been unable to reach herWe will continue to call until we reach her to ensure they are both satisfied and their mobile phones are working without any difficulties.Thank youPatriot Mobile

I called to get information about new service and spoke with a gentleman whose demeanor was extremely polite and professional. He was well-informed about the coverage, service, and device requirements and was also like-minded when I mentioned that I would contact Apple for new devices and trade-ins because I prefer dealing with them as opposed to the carrier. I am pleased with the fact that there is a new carrier service that supports conservative views even though I am a middle of the road person. There doesn't seem to be a party for centrists, so I switched from Dem to Republican in light of the chaos facing this country, and I am looking forward to doing business with any company that supports our Constitutional rights.

I called today to get a quote with your company. I am a retired Vet, and have heard about your company for a year or so. After hearing about the practices that AT&T are using, I figured it was time to look into switching.
I was put off by whoever took my call. She said, "we are behind" and said if she could get my number and name that she would have someone call me back in 5-7 minutes later.
Its going on an hour and a half, and NOTHING!
If this is the way you do business, then I guess I will stay with AT&T. Not my first choice though!

Tell us why Patriot Mobile’s Response:Services Provided to Mr***: Lines (Certified Samsung Galaxy S5) with a variety of plans for data, talk, and text, or a combination of the threeMr***’s Existing Active Services: None Commitment to Conservatives:Patriot Mobile exists to
provide excellent customer service while contributing to advancement of the Conservative movement through donations to organizations such as the National Rifle Association and the Family Research CouncilCertified Samsung Galaxy S5, Line ID ***:Mr***’s initial purchase included Certified Samsung Galaxy Sphones in the Fall of On 9-28-17, Mr*** called Patriot Mobile Member Services notifying them one of his four phones would no longer chargeHe requested a warranty replacement provided by Patriot Mobile because he was within Patriot Mobile’s 90-Day Certified WarrantyMr***’s replacement was approved and dispatchedMr*** called Patriot Mobile’s Sales Department while waiting for a replacement for his Certified S(Line ID ***) and asked about a sales special that was running at the time- our Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy S7’sHowever, the special was out of stock and not available by the time Mr*** calledOn 10-16-17, Mr*** contacted Patriot Mobile Member Services claiming he never received a return label to ship back his Certified Samsung Galaxy S(Line ID ***)A replacement phone for his first phone was delivered to his house, but this Replacement Certified Samsung Galaxy Swas defectiveMr*** returned both defective devices with the return label sent to him on 10-16-On 10-16-17, Mr*** informed Patriot Mobile Member Services that a second Certified Samsung Galaxy Sfrom his original purchase from September was no longer workingPatriot Mobile offered to replace all three Certified Samsung Galaxy Swith New Samsung Galaxy Sphones, but Mr*** refused and wanted New Samsung Galaxy Sphones, the newest Samsung device on the marketOn 11-01-17, Mr*** called Patriot Mobile Member Services threatening cancellation if he did not receive the brand-new market-greatest Samsung Galaxy Sin exchange for his Certified Samsung Galaxy SphonesHe was very frustrated, and did not accept Patriot Mobile’s offer to replace his Certified Samsung Galaxy Sphones with New Samsung Galaxy SphonesHe stated that those phones were not good enoughHis request exceeded our replacement policy for Certified devicesAfter an extremely agitated conversation between the Patriot Mobile Member Services’ Manager and Mr***, the phone call ended until a time where emotions leveledOn 11-01-17, the Patriot Mobile Member Services’ Manager returned the call on the same day and reiterated Patriot Mobile’s offer to replace his Certified Samsung Galaxy Sphones with Brand New Samsung Galaxy SphonesHis request exceeded our replacement policy for Certified devicesThis conversation escalated, and Mr*** requested a call from the corporate officesOn 11-08-Mr***’s request for brand new market-greatest Samsung Galaxy Sphones was denied again, and Mr*** stated he was leaving Patriot MobileThe Executive Vice President of Patriot Mobile Member Services tried to contact Mr*** across four methods (two email address and two phone numbers) on 11-15-and again on 11-21-As of 11-21-17, Patriot Mobile has received the remaining phones from Mr***’s accountWe take ownership for any miscommunications and misunderstandingsOur experience with Mr*** has led to several process improvementsIn the future, we will fully explain the function of Certified devices warranties, and this includes to what level of phone quality we will replace phonesBecause of Mr***’s experience, we conducted a quality control analysis of entire Certified Samsung Galaxy Sphones, and we removed any questionable devicesWe have revamped our escalation procedures to better prepare our Patriot Mobile Member Services Team for the rare occasion that customer agitation necessitates escalation to Executive ManagementWe apologize to Mr***, and we wish him all the best here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

A full credit of $representing the disputed amount was refunded to *** ***Mr*** was submitting his emails to a landing site on the home page that was not working during that time The site has been returned to working condition We also
reviewed the Member Services call records and verified Mr*** did not call our Member Services department We have made several attempts to contact Mr*** to apologize for the inconvenience but have been unable to reach him Thank you Patriot Mobile

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