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no properly display notices of private property, trespassing or tow zone visible at entrance of parking area - nothing was clearly marked or visable [redacted] 10th [redacted] college graduation, we were directed by Worcester Police to park in a lot that when I pulled in, had no posted signs or visible signs at the entrance of portland and murtle st worcester Ma, that would indicate it was private parking only Pat's Service Center towed several cars out of the lot between 11am and 1pm I called thetowing company and spoke to [redacted] I complianed that there was no visible signs to indicate private property he replied "one person said there was a sign on the ground on the other side of the fence " I replied the entrance I entered didnt have any signs - [redacted] rebutted with the night before there was a sign there were several people not just myself that didnt see any sign on the fence or posted -Pat's service center informed me that it is Massachusetts Law that we are to walk around the whole parking lot prior to parking to verify if there are any signs and the Worcester police have no authority to direct anyone to park in a lot - He also quoted the law again and said that Mass law mandates that the towing service can only accept Cash no other means of payment can be provided - I asked if they could at lease waive he storagefee since the car's were only there for 90 min or less he refused said there would be no discount or reinburstment - In my personal opinon I feel the towing was a set up for people if there was a sign posted I wouldnt have taken the chance of parking there as we had a Pinning ceremony at 2 and we got out of graduation at 1 - If they knew the sign was down they should have repaired it immediately as I believe it is the Pat's service center responsiblity to haveposted signs visible at all entrances of a parking lot - I feel the way the whole towing process was handled was very unprofessional and the customer service to my complaints was poorly handled - the experiance with the towing company was very bad , at one point in the office were were 6 or more people trying to get cars all saying nothing was posted and the service person didnt care just wanted the [redacted] per car wouldnt even write down the complaints to maybe call and see if maybe we didnt need to pay full rate ? didnt even acknowledge complaints about no posted signs didnt even offer to send a drive to go and verify nothing was done Desired Settlementwell obviously a refund of the towing expense would be nice , but the feeling I got from the [redacted] person [redacted] is there will be no refund partial or full - so I guessing the company must really need that [redacted] so my settlement would be they need to admitt they didnt properly post signs to indicate private property. I'm sure they will not admitt any fault in this bad experience,besides by not posting signs is how they must make money Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@gmail.comI first want to apologize if the customer was treated rudely in any way some times when dealing with multiple customers at one time it can be stressful. But everything we did that day was above board as always. The parking lot was posted with more than one sign as there is more than one entrance to the lot.Per ma law only one sign needs to exist in order to tow. We had gotten the call to tow and gave a full 2 hrs for the cars to be moved before we towed and the police had no right to direct someone into a non city lot to park.This lot actually allows cars from this particular college to park there but only with proper permits that is the reason we gave so much time before towing.And it is not law of why we except only cash or debit for these tows it is that people who pay by check or credit card either dispute the charge on the card or give a bad check so we no longer accept them the charge is a state mandated fee.And as for discounting or refunding with all do respect this a real business with real bills and this is how people feed there families if we discounted or gave back money every time someone didnt see or read a sign we would not exist.So again I am very sorry for the inconvenience.As far as signs they are not the tow companies obligation it is up to the property [redacted] and this particular company has 100s of lots in the north east and are very reputable Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)In the response Pat's service center refers to a two hour wait time before towing which per the copy of the towing record this is incorrect we arrived at 11am and 2ndcar at 11:30 the time frame doesn't sync up also I spoke to the apt complex [redacted] and he said it's the towing company that post and maintains the posting of signs the [redacted] said they do not call the two company , the tow company monitors the lot . I agree this is a business and I don't expect to receive any special treatment when rules are followed but in this case I do not feel rules we're followed seem like the tow company took advantage of an event that was going on and waited for the opportunity and FYI the second car that was towed had a [redacted] college student parking sticker - I don't need another response from the towing company I feel they took advantage of the college graduation participants and they know what they did isn't ethical or good business

pats towing did a hit and run on my car.I have witnesses evidence of there paint from there truck on my car.they refuse to pay for damages.They have done nothing but lie .wont put the owner on the phone..lied on who there insurance company is ..I have also googled there name and the have a big list of complaints.very rude his honest company .they should be shut down..Desired SettlementThey did [redacted] in damage to my car I would like repairs paid for and my car fixed..Business' Initial Response We did not damage or smash customer vehicle we have been interviewed by the [redacted] police department they looked at our vehicle we have no damage to any of our trucks the damage on customer vehicle is not consistent with damage that would be caused from the vehicle described to have hit her vehicle also the person gave the wrong color and 4 different stories to us and the police that is why there are no filed charges against us also the witness number has changed also hards to believe there were that many people up at 330 am looking out the window we feel it is another attempt to extort money because of so called business practices we have no formal complaints from AAA or any of the police agencies we tow for it is only people who get towed who are parked illegally we have notified our insurance company about this matter

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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Towing-Automotive

Address: 27-33 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01604


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