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Review: Buyer beware!!! Worst experience of my life, training with Jamee Pau. Nothing ended up being as she stated in our first meeting. I paid for 10 personal training sessions. It ended up being 30 min group sessions. No customized workouts like personal training should be. Our schedule changed weekly and even then, Jamee would not show up for the scheduled sessions. She would leave early whether the session was over or not. But the worst... She doesn't motivate at all. If she feels you are not working hard enough, she will yell and tell you to get off her floor and/or out of her gym. She is the most unprofessional person I have every worked with. When we both agreed it was not working, she offered to refund my money. But then when I asked for the money, she redid the sign in sheet to show sessions we didn't even have and proceeded to say I owed for another month of membership dues when I had clearly stopped attending. I would never recommend this person to anyone. Total waste of $200!!! She owes me $120 of the $200 I paid to her.Desired Settlement: I want a refund in the amount of $131.78. I will waive the $1,650 due if she refunds $131.78.



Let me first begin by saying I, Jamee Pau, am emphatically dedicated to my clients, and my business. I strive to provide the highest caliber of motivation to ensure my clients succeed in their fitness goals. I have earned Top Female Trainer for the last three years as well as Enturpunuer of the year by the Chamber of Commerence. I am active in my community and am a proud small business owner. [redacted] first approached me in early December 2015 for personal training and a gym membership. She expressed she was unhappy with her pass trainers, and financially burdened however, she was willing to take on the expense to pursue her fitness Fitness’ rates are as follows: Initial Enrollment $199, Gym Membership $49 per month, Personal Training Sessions are $50 per 30 minutes. As an introductory rate, there are flyers in several local publications which offer a rate of 10 Personal Training Sessions for $200. [redacted] chose the introductory rate with a flyer she had seen. I reduced the Initial Enrollment to $99, Gym Membership $49, and 10 Personal Training Sessions for $200. All my training sessions are 30 minutes as it states in all flyers and disscussed at initail consultation. At the time of our intial consultation [redacted] stated her bank card was coming in the mail but she could write a check for the personal training, she stated as soon as it comes in the mail she would give me her new card number for membership and for enrollment. [redacted] never followed through by giving me her card number so enrollmemnt nor membership was ever paid for.During our intiatl consult we discussed her training schedule. We highlighted which classes she was able to attend and I explained that I urge my clients to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity on training days. I made sure [redacted] understood she was committing to 60 minutes of total training with 30 minutes of it being cardiovascular and 30 minutes of it was going to be with me doing strength training.Over the course of three weeks, [redacted] was able to commit to 6 training sessions. Her first assement which was on December 26th was an hour session, it took longer than scheduled because of my concern of the supplments she was taking. I went over nutrition and expressed my belief on whole foods rather then pre workouts, pills, etc. My methods of living a heathy lifestyle by fitness and eating clean is something I strive for and I try to get my clients to understand that as well.After the first assesment, [redacted] and I met another five times. [redacted] never came in early to get her cardiovascular training in, so if I had extra time I would spend it with her to help get her heart rate up and burn some more calories extending her 30 minutes of strength training to possibly upto 60 minutes.After the third week of training I was leaving for a scheduled trip which would take me out of work for 7 days, I told her of this during our intial consult. I scheduled group fitness classes that she could attend while I was gone, she attended three of them. Once I got backfrom my trip, our training schedule would continue like before--she never showed up for our last four training sessions.All my clients log in their personal training sessions as well as any group fitness classes that they attend. Unfortunately, [redacted] logged her personal training and group fitness classes all in one column, so to make it clear I redid her login sheet so we could see what she had done and still had available.Reguardless of what she used or did not use she purchased 10 (30) minute sessions as well as a gym membership at the rate of $49 a month with a pro-rated for December of $6.40 and an intaial enrollment of $99 for a total of $354.40. I only received one check in the amount of $209. Per the initial signed agreement; Enrollment is still due, along with the Gym Membership. I tried to discuss this matter with [redacted], explaining to her understand she owes more than I would refund her for the 4 Personal Training Sessions that remain. In the end I'm the one out $150.Thank you,Jamee Pau[redacted]

Review: My matter involved contract and billing problems. I was with [redacted] for over a year and a half. I had recently heard many complaints from people who had left and problems they were having. Well I had surgery and when I went out [redacted] tried to bill me for $40 more a month. She had already owed my fiancé and I money which she hadn't paid at this time. I called and text her at which point she apologized said she would fix it and paid us the money she owed. At this time she sent me a Picture of my contract, which she never gave any clients copies of, and the information was incorrect. I confronted her then she said she would fix it and I wouldn't owe for two months since she owed me and I was on medical leave.

Things changed when those two months were up and she was pressuring me about getting my credit card on file. I had always paid cash and she knew she didn't have a current credit card on file because the one she had was bad. She kept pressuring me saying I was getting a deal and that group training session go for $70/30 minutes. I told her we had a contract, I had proof that I had paid her that all along and her writing saying what my pricing was and her text messages. When I went in to the business the last day she tried to get me to pay $9 more a month for membership which you have to pay to train with her. At this point I knew she was not upholding her agreement and I decided I cant do business with her anymore. I emailed her stating this and my other reasons for leaving. She replied denying everything and is now sending me a letter stating I owe her over $2,000 or she will sue. She changes her pricing on people based on what she thinks she can pay, had many clients sign blank contracts with a verbal agreement and changed them, and charges people on their credit cards without clarifying things. She needs better business practices...buyer beware!!!Desired Settlement: I never gave her any extra money because I knew she was a fraud right away. I want people to be aware of her horrible practices of trying to rip people off.



I am [redacted] owner of fitness. I take pride in my business and strive to be professional and successful.

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Description: Fitness Centers, Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs, Personal Trainers

Address: 6661 Blue Oaks Blvd Ste 10, Rocklin, California, United States, 95765


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