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Pawsitive Adoption Center

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Goodmorning,My wife and I contracted to adopt a dog from the [redacted] in 2012. (now known as Pawsitive Adoption Center). We paid $650.00. On the day the dog was to be delievered, Ms. [redacted] the owner of the rescue, called and spoke to my 11 year old daughter, and said the dog died in transit. Besides the emotional hurt to my daughter over the news, she promised us that we would have a refund. So far she has only paid us $200 of the $650. She has promised payments, but has said that she does not have the funds, suffered financial hardships. I offered to allow her to pay us back in $25 per month installments. She has failed to respond and answer our calls. I am very patient, and understand times may be difficult, but I would like her to make some effort. Weekly she posts the adoptions she has arranged, so I know her business has money coming in.Product_Or_Service: DogDesired SettlementI would be very content if Ms.[redacted] would either agree to a payment plan to refund the remaining money. I have no problem if needs to space it out over a long period of time. I just want a good faith effort to refund my money. In the alternative, if she is able to refund a large portion of the remaining balance of $450, (i.e. $350) within 30 days, I would be willing to accept the $350 in full satisfaction of the amount owed. (Meaning I would waive $100.00Business Response In response to this persons complaint I would like for it to be known that 1) PAWSITIVE Adoption Agency, as stated in the complaint, is not even the correct name of the organization. PAWSITIVE Adoption Agency does not exist. 2) The correct name is PAWSITIVE Adoption Center.3) As stated in the complaint the situation in question had absolutely nothing to do with PAWSITIVE Adoption Center, but the issue resided with [redacted] a private individual, making this a civil/private matter. [redacted] is not, and was never a recognized organization. The adoption in question is a civil matter only. In the adoption contract he recognized that the adoption was between him and I - not him and [redacted] and definitely not between him and PAWSITIVE. Yes we did have a tragic & unexpected issue arise with said animal during delivery. I called to notify the family, upon the answering of the phone I asked to speak with Mrs. [redacted], and the response was "this is she" - I had no idea I was speaking to a child. Out of human decency I would've NEVER relayed that information to a child, had I known it was a child!I did promise a refund of the ($450)Adoption Fee, and I have proof of having already sent $450. His claim of only having sent in $200 is 100% FALSE. I would also like to make note that I had already driven 1500 miles (one way) to deliver this animal when tragedy struck. The additional $200 that he claimed (per our last phone conversation) is owed to him was a donation for delivery that he requested to be refunded. As a lawyer I am sure that his $200 donation, that he now wants back, really broke the bank for him and his family. As far as not responding to his calls, my guess is that he is calling an old phone number as I have not received any recent calls regarding this issue since July.As a private individual saving animals from kill shelters I want it to be known my intentions are pure, and the animals are my main focus. My job is never done, and it is a constant battle to to financially keep head above water. Dealing with issues like these make me hang my head in complete dispair for the deep rooted greed that is prominent in out society. In closing I want to reiterate this is a CIVIL matter, and has absolutely nothing to do with PAWSITIVE Adoption Center. *Attached is the same PET Adoption Form filled out by Adopter. Please note the agreement was [redacted] private individual and said Adopter making this a civil matter. The attached form is intentionally blank to reserve the privacy of said adopter. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Thank you for your response. Ms. [redacted] is confusing the term corporate law, with civil law, in trying to argue that the complaint should not be alleged against her in the name of Pawsitive. However, Pawsitive, [redacted] and Ms. [redacted] are all the same entity. The Pawsitive website clearly states "My name is [redacted], I am a private individual, I save animals from kill shelters and take in owner surrenders". The site also refers to [redacted] evolving into Pawsitive. There is no corporate veil that needs to be pierced for liability to attach. Regardless, she admits that she is personally liable, and she responds for herself and for Pawsitive. If Pawsitive/[redacted] and Ms. [redacted] are not the same entity, why does Pawsitive have a copy of the contract with Ms. [redacted]?If I am mistaken about the refunded amount, I ask Ms. [redacted] to provide proof of her payments. If I am mistaken, I will gladly withdraw the complaint with an apology. However, I doubt that she will be able to do so since payment has not been made in full. I am surprised that she claims to have paid me in full, since when we last talked she told me that she would refund my money when she could re-establish herself as she had to move out of her previous location. I offered to accept minimal regular payments as long as she continued to make good faith payments or at least let me know that she needed to skip a payment because of difficulties. This follows the first promise to refund the money, where she promised to send money through[redacted], only to later say she could not because her account was frozen. I did not call an old phone number for Ms. [redacted]. I have emailed her, messaged her through [redacted], and called the phone numbers on her [redacted] page. I was getting her voice mail. She was simply ignoring me. If she had reimbursed me in full, as she alleges, wouldn't the normal course be to reply to my message to clarify the situation? As a Christian, I understood and had compassion for financial difficulties Ms. [redacted] was having and offered to work with her. However, her failure to return my calls, and make regular payments clearly indicates that she never had any intention to refund the amount in full. I cannot believe that Ms. [redacted] expects me to make a donation to her for the transportation fees when I was not provided a dog as contracted. Regardless, she previously and clearly indicated that she would return the full amount. I am not trying to be greedy, and still want to work Ms. [redacted] so she can meet her contractual obligations. I understand that rescues do not have large budgets to draw a refund. Therefore, I reiterate my request that she can make partial payments, I will be glad to work with her. I respect the work she does, but I am offended by her lack of communication. If she would like to discuss a payment arrangement, or can provide proof of her payment, I would be glad to discuss this matter with her. Final Business Response

We purchased a puppy from this Adoption Center and she was infected with parvovirus. The whole liter was affected and they were delivered all over.We purchased through[redacted] on 11/4 a puppy that was delivered to our house from Pawsitive Adoption in TN. We took to hospital after two vet visits and she tested positive for parvovirus which is highly contagious and effecting the whole liter, which was delivered all over East coast. We paid $550 for adoption $170 for delivery then $583 in vet visits and finally made the decision to put her down because they gave us a 60/40 chance with no cure. They need to be quartentined because all these puppies are going to be affected!Desired SettlementMy money back for the purchase of the puppy and hope they get exposed, so no one else goes through what we did.

The dog that I rescued came with a life-threatening disease known as Heart Worm disease without my knowledge.I adopted my dog back in May 2015. The website that I found him on stated that the adoption fee was $350. Upon finding out that I was awarded the dog, I was informed by [redacted], the adoption center founder, that the cost was actually $650. Obviously this was not what I had expected and it was disappointing, but by that point I just wanted to adopt this dog and give him a home.He was delivered to me from Tennessee during the first week of June. He was extremely underweight with his ribs and spine showing. When I took him to the vet, I was told that Massachusetts law states that he should have been quarantined first when he arrived in MA because he could have brought foreign diseases with him. The vet did a blood test and it was found that he had Heart Worm disease. It's a very lethal disease if left untreated in which parasitic worms slowly devour the dogs inner organs until it has a stroke and dies. It's an extremely expensive and lengthy procedure to cure ($1500 total including medication and treatment).I called [redacted] and was told that I could not get a refund and that she would not pay for the costs of treatment. Instead she offered to drive back to my home and administer a treatment for free that her company uses on dogs that have heart worm. Not knowing any better, I accepted. The dog ended up receiving two total doses over the course of two months.After the two doses, my dog began to get extremely ill. I called the vet and was told that this treatment could kill the dog and cause an embolism in his heart and lungs which would lead to a stroke and he would die. Over the course of several months that I owned him, I became attached to him and loved him. Therefore I bit the bullet and paid for the proper treatment so that his life could be saved.I always wanted to adopt a dog and save his life, but I never thought that I would have to be doing it this way. I read numerous reviews about this company recently and noticed that I am not the only one to have experienced similar health issues with their adopted pets. While I think [redacted] means well, she is extremely reckless in the manner in which she does business. She was, at times, also very difficult to reach by phone, text, and email which made this even more frustrating. She misled me on the adoption cost, she broke the law by bringing the dog up from TN to MA without first quarantining him, the health of the dog, and then offered to treat the sick dog with something that would have killed him.In summary, I do NOT believe that this company should continue to do business. It's not fair to consumers but most importantly it's not fair to the pets. They are treated extremely poorly to the point that they get sick and then dumped off on anyone willing to unknowingly adopt them. This company needs to be shut down for the sake of these animals and so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.Desired SettlementAfter having spent over $2,200 in adoption and veterinary costs, I would like to receive at least my $650 adoption fees back. I am currently serving in the military and cannot get a part-time job to offset these costs. A refund would really go a long way.

Spreading parvovirus diseaseMy husband found some ads for puppies up for adoption from Pawsitive Adoption Center on [redacted]. He settled on one of the puppies and contacted PAC directly to work out the details of the adoption. The adoption fee was listed as $350 in the ad. Upon working out final details, Ms. [redacted] stated that the adoption would cost just over $800, due to the shipping fee (that she had never mentioned before). The puppy was shipped from TN in a truck with 11 others and delivered to our house on May 5th in the evening. We realized he was sick the next day (he was very lethargic all day) and we took him to our local veterinarian each day for the next two days in a row. When he got worst despite the medications and fluids our local vet gave him, she instructed us to take him to an animal hospital, which we did. He was diagnosed with parvovirus and we were given the option of putting him down or having them attempt to save his life.Parvovirus is highly contagious most likely all of the dogs in the shipment delivered all over East coast were infected with it. We paid the $800 in adoption fees, over $550 in vet visits and $8K in animal hospital costs to keep him alive.Pawsitive needs to be shut down because they are spreading this disease to truck fulls of puppies being shipped out from their facility. And they are making $500 to $1000 for each puppy they ship out!!!Desired SettlementI would like ouradoption fee refunded.I would also like to see Pawsitive be exposed for what they are doing - infecting the puppies they claim to be saving from kill shelters - with a terrible deadly virus.

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