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Review: Unacceptable house painting job (pictures inclosed). P.B. Painting was paid 600.00 - $200.00 down with $400.00 after completed of which $400.00 was stopped payment @ bank by myself. P.B. Painting refuses to refund $200.00. Because of original behavior of Mr. Baker. He was told not to come here for my safety and his. I find now, his so called company is bogus and does not exist at all. He has no license to contract in New York State which I find now is illegal and can result in a arrest warrant. Someone needs to expose P.B. Painting as a fraud. So he can't harm or scam anyone else. Possibly your agency can do this by contacting the correct authority.Desired Settlement: Mr. Baker and P.B. Painting needs to stopped. Posing itself as a legit company and to refund me my 200.00 down payment and to pursue criminal charges if he continues to harm people.



I am responding to the complaint letter we received regarding a paint job I just recently did back on June 23, 2014 for Mr. [redacted].

First I would like to make it clear that I have known and been friends with Mr. [redacted] for 7 years now. He is right I am not liscensed because I just do odds and end jobs for people that want a nice but affordable job done on the exterior and interior of there homes and yard work. I know that if I was to expand and have a crew I would have to be liscensed but what I do is only me and I named it after me. P.B. Painting as in Paul Baker Painting. Mr [redacted] knew all of this and asked me many times to do a quick fix on the one side of his house. With an agreed payment of $600.00 dollars in which 200 of this went to the exact paint he wanted and gas in my work van to get from [redacted] where I reside at an [redacted] where Mr. [redacted] resides. Unfortunatly I do not have the receipt for the gas but I do have the receipt of the purchase of his paint. I have never portrayed myself as being professional in no way.

Second, I will like to discuss the job I did for Mr. [redacted]. With my experience with painting, I informed Mr. [redacted] that the paint he needed was a weather resistant paint preferrably from [redacted]. His response to me was..."My wife will be retiring in 3 years, so all I want is a quick job done so this side of (his words) my house does not stand out. When she reties we will be putting sideing up to match the rest of the house". Even tho Mr. [redacted] said this I still insisted on weather resistant paint. Which he refused and wanted paint from [redacted] or [redacted]. My first original agreement with Mr. [redacted] was a quick power wash on this particular side then spray paint. $200 up front for paint and gas and $400 at the end for finished job.

Mr. [redacted] harrassed me the entire 5 hours I was there painting and scrapping his home and I was asked him to go inside and let me finish my job for you. When I was finished Mr. [redacted] returned back outside and told me "how great of a job I did and the side looks good and then proceeded to tell me he is sorry for his behavior. Thank you for all of this" and then he handed me my check of $400.00 dollars on 6/23/14. We shook hands and I told him "If the weather changes at anytime and you need me to do any touch ups or fix anything call me and I will be right there". He said "Ok, sounds good. Thank you again for everything.

On 6/24/2014 @ 6:45am I received a phone call from Mr. [redacted] screaming loud obnactiously about some of the paint that bubbled up. After he was done, I told him that I will fix it but can't do anything right now because of the weather. He said ok. I went that morning 6/24 when the bank opened at 8am to cash the check so I can return the sprayer I rented just to find out he canceled payment and I was not able to return the sprayer. When I called Mr. [redacted] to have an adult conversation with him he proceeded to swear, yell, and scream and would not let me get on word in before he hung up. And he told me not to come to fix anything. I am not allowed on his property or I will regret it.

My fiance then called Mr. [redacted] to try and reason with him and he told her the same thing and hung up. So now we have started takeing the steps to take Mr. [redacted] to claims court.

Third-these pictures Mr. [redacted] sent are far from what this placed look liked when I left. Everything was smooth and looking beautiful. I even offered to paint his window sides at no extra cost. With all my years of doing odd and end painting jobs I have never had a complaint and if anything went wrong weather wise I would always fix it. I only had one client complain and make what I do look bad that's Mr. [redacted]. These pictures he has clearly show that where the paint bubbled he picked and peeled before the pictures were taken. I would never leave a job with a home looking like that and if Mr. [redacted] would have allowed me back it would have been already taken care of. Even tho the check was $400 dollars my family was counting on this and because he cancelled he made us go into financial loss and hardship with our in home bills and are still trying to catch up.

I never posed as a legit company. Mr. [redacted] knows who I am and knows about me and knows I do this to help others who especially cant afford a liscensed painter. I also wanted to say that the entire time I was doing this job Mr. [redacted] would repeat himself over and over about how all these people have screwed him so I believe he is only doing all of this to get a free paint job.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. spoke to [redacted] today. He only stated that the response is 50% true. He is not a friend of the business just knows as an acquaintance.

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Description: Painting Contractors

Address: 9406 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, 20901


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