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Peerless Since 1945 Inc

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I do not want a single drop of pesticide on my family or property, Twice a year we get saturated with pesticide by Peerless Pest Control - They won't tell us what it is and have refused to give a 48 hour warning to the neighborhood (4 adjoining neighbors) I would like them to find a way to apply pesticide to my neighbor's property without getting a single drop on my property or cease completely. How can it be legal to saturate surrounding properties without warning us or telling us what we're being saturated with? Last time I got really sick & my son got an uncontrollable bloody nose. I have been trying for 8 months to find out what they're spraying and to get them to warn the neighborhood and to not fog my property with unasked for toxic pesticides. They have warned me - not to call again or they'll have me arrested. This is not a surgical application - it's a big tanker with a big nozzle & big high speed directional fan in a little neighborhood. How can this be legal?Desired Settlement For Peerless Pest Control to cease and desist all spraying/fogging of toxic pesticides on my property, to warn us when they pesticide the neighbor and to tell me what it is they have been saturating my family and property with. Business Response Mr. [redacted] had complained to the [redacted] of [redacted] last [redacted] about an application our firm made to his neighbor's property. His accusations were exaggerated and untrue. The [redacted] agent came out and made an inspection of our records and operations, and we were found to be in compliance with ** pesticide laws. Although the law does not require notifying neighbors in advance, as a rule we always do if it is requested, as a courtesy. We have served this customer for years, and no such request had ever been made. Mr [redacted]'s language and hostility to the neighbor and to our firm via the telephone was vulgar and threatening. No other treatments have been done since as fall and winter approached. During the early spring we spoke to our client regarding an alternate approach because 1) she is a single woman and is afraid of his trespassing on her property making threats and acting irrational, 2) this seems like a volatile situation regardless of how much we tried to submit to his tirades. After he recently trespassed on the same neighbor's property and approached and swore at employees of a sister tree service we share a shop with, during a storm cleanup job, we asked him via email to not have contact with our employees, or we would have to take legal action. He called the office the day of the storm cleanup job, yelling and swearing at our daughter when she answered. This is a family business that has been serving this area for 70 years, and as far as I know this is the only time we have been reported to any governing authority, and especially by someone lying and being so irrational. He never asked what material we were using, and he hung up on her when she told him the owner was not in the office. Back in August, he threatened to "shut us down" and "make sure we never work on his road again". Apparently seeing the chipper stirred something up in him again, and he called the [redacted] once again to say we were broadcasting pesticides up and down his road. He has begun a campaign of slander against our firm, which will most likely have to be addressed through the legal system if he doesn't cease and desist.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First I called Peerless, telling them I did not want any pesticide on my lawn, asking them what it was they had saturated my family & property with and telling them that if they fogged again they should warn the neighborhood. Peerless told me that they would not tell me what it was they had saturated my family with, nor would they warn me when they fogged again. I had also told them in that conversation that there were alternatives. Then I called the [redacted] division and asked them what my legal rights were. Then I spoke with my neighbor, telling her I did not want any pesticides on my property and informing her of alternative methods. The conversation devolved into an argument but at no time was I ever physically intimidating. AT NO TIME IN MY [redacted] HAVE I EVER PHYSICALLY INTIMIDATED ANYONE. Angry? Yes. Violent? No. After the [redacted] contacted Peerless then Peerless left a message that they would inform me next time they sprayed. Last week I saw Peerless next door, I went over there to just get assurances that at the very least I would be informed next time Peerless saturated my property with pesticides. I did not receive any such assurances and one of the employees shoved his chest in my face, making me stumble backwards. At no time did I threaten anyone. I then sent an e mail to Peerless telling them of their employees bullying, reminding them there are alternatives to fogging, AND APOLOGIZING FOR MY BEING ANGRY &/OR RUDE TO THEIR EMPLOYEES. If at the very begining Peerless had told me what it was they had saturated my family & property with and promised to tell us when they were going to fog, there would have never been any discord. They had an angry neighbor on their hands and they decided to turn the angry neighbor into a furious neighbor. It is sad that the only way I could be informed that they are considering alternative methods that do not saturate the neighborhood is by complaining to the Also in my most recent call to the [redacted] I did not say Peerless was "broadcasting pesticides up and down this road" I was clear that they weren't then but had. Peerless, with no warning, saturated my family & property with pesticides and then refused to cooperate. Because of their non-cooperation I have tried to get them to cooperate, all by completely legal means. I have never slandered Peerless. I do not think it should be legal to saturate anyone's property with pesticides who has not asked to have their property saturated with pesticide, and I will do anything I can legally to make it illegal. It's a property right, it's a civil right, it's ethics. All through this "process" I had felt increasingly powerless, this is my family's health and I think my anger has been understandable. I also think that to insist that not a single drop of pesticide ever get on my property is a completely reasonable request. In no way have I ever slandered Peerless. I really should be the one demanding an apology from Peerless, I don't expect it. 1. I think all abutters should be warned if pesticides are going to be applied in any manner (It's the law in [redacted] why not here?) 2. I would like to know what it was Peerless saturated my family & property with. 3. I would like assurances that Peerless will not get a single drop of pesticides on my property. I don't think these are unreasonable requests and I don't see why it should take 9 months and all this stress and frustration. I have been trying to get assurances and information from Peerless, they have responded by threatening me with legal action. I'm confused, how exactly is it that I have slandered Peerless? By saying my son got an uncontrollable bloody nose as a result of being saturated with Peerless's pesticides? By saying they saturated my family & property without warning? Where's the slander? I'm glad to hear Peerless is considering alternatives, they say they are only considering alternatives because of a physically violent neighbor. I have never been violent. Angry - yes. I am accused of "irrational lying". I have never done anything but tell the absolute truth. Final Business Response For the record, the company that Mr [redacted] had complained about is Peerless Since 1945, Inc. We are not [redacted] The individuals that he trespassed [redacted] his neighbor's yard to verbally attack, while they were in the process of feeding storm-damaged branches into the brush chipper, were owner-operators of a firm called [redacted] LLC. They are not employees of Peerless Since 1945, Inc., which they told Mr. [redacted]. It is a separate entity, with a different legal name and ownership. They were working alongside the property manager and his wife. Mr. [redacted] wouldn't listen to this explanation and started yelling and swearing at the workers. As they were trying to get back to their dangerous work, telling Mr [redacted] to stay away from the job site, as is their safety protocol, he became beligerant. If he wants to call it angry, then so be it. But the foreman is a certified safety instructor and he is trained to keep non-workers out of the work zone. Mr [redacted] then advanced at the property manager's wife, and perhaps they may have "shoved their chest in his face", because they saw him as a threat. He was trespassing ** private property and yelling about saturating his property. There was no physical contact at any time. While in fact only brush chipping was taking place and no pest treatment of any kind.The neighbor's property was treated for mosquito and tick control last summer. His property was not "saturated by pesticides", although it is quite a buzz-phrase for his cause. Regardless, we would be happy to pre-notify Mr [redacted] if we chose to treat the neighbor's property (as is her legal right) in the future. No attempt has been made to make any pest control treatments since August, so the point is moot. Because of his outrage, we submitted to an inspection and audit from the [redacted] at which time we gave details of the materials used to the authorities, which is a legal EPA registered product, labeled for the use we intended, under licensed supervisors through licensed applicators, as well as the method of application, time, date, weather conditions, wind speed, etc. All he wants is to be notified in the future? Absolutely. We do that for any of our customers and/or neighbors that request it. At no time during the 9 months has Mr [redacted] called us to request any information regarding the products used. As I mentioned earlier, he did call the day the Peerless Tree Service workers were at his neighbor's house. He yelled into the phone at our daughter, saying that we had promised to give him notice and our pesticide crews were next door. Trying to get a word in amongst the yelling and profane language, she asked if he'd like to speak to a supervisor. He said, " I've called the cops on you, and here they are, gotta go!" and hung up on her. According to the tree workers and the other two witnesses, no policemen ever showed up.Slander can include urging people on social media to stand against a named entity, or via a community radio program, or through other means, unjustly. It's a great attention getter, but can have legal implications. If the desired resolution is that Peerless Since 1945, Inc. and its employees will "cease and desist all spray/fogging of toxic pesticides on (Mr [redacted]'s) property", then we wholeheartedly agree and wish this to end immediately.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)[redacted] & [redacted] share the same address. The last time Peerless fogged my neighbor, my property was wet with pesticide. It was a shocking experience and I don't see how it could be legal. Evidently it is. I still don't know what it was that my family & property was wet with. It made me angry. I have never physically threatened anyone in my entire life nor will I ever. Nor did I threaten or make any move toward the property owners wife. I have lived in this neighborhood for 14 years, our yards are continuous & connected, we have always walked all over anyone's yards without realizing we were trespassing. I have never threatened or verbally abused my neighbor in any way, I did say please don't do that again and I did tell her about CO2 generating pest control which requires no pesticides. After she slammed her door in my face I raised my voice to say that my son got an uncontrollable bloody nose. Not only were all my windows open when Peerless fogged my property, we had an intake fan going. My son was sitting on the other side of that fan. It's a tanker truck in a small neighborhood with a nozzle spraying ? into a high speed fan at ? psi directly at my intake fan - with no warning. My anger is justifiable. Once again I would like to apologize for ever having raised my voice, but I think it's understandable. I have always prided myself on having a pesticide free property and it seems like a basic property/civil right that if I don't want a single drop of pesticide on my family or property I shouldn't have it forced on me with no warning. It seems like a reasonable request and yet it also seems I am powerless to stop it which leads to frustration and anger. My son got a good dose of Peerless's pesticides and got a bad bloody nose the next day, he had not had one before that day, nor has he had one since. It's a health concern, it's property rights, civil rights, basic common sense and ethics.

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