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Peppino's Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[It is full of fallacies and omissions. Vincent never asked me to stop talking on speakerphone. He omitted the part where the ONE customer who was irritated by my talking on the phone cane over and SCREAMED in my face. I assumed Vincent would ask him to leave. He did not. He kicked me out instead. I thanked the female bartender profusely for giving me her charger. Vincent needs to take some HR classes in how NOT to let patrons verbally abuse others. That's the resolution I was hoping for. And, an apology from him and from the elderly patron who screamed in my face. ]

The manager of the location was spoken to & this is his response to the incident with the complainant.  On September 2, 2017, at approximately 2pm, I was asked to go into our bar by the morning Manager on Duty and the busser on duty to help stop a situation where a female guest was...

causing two of our other guests to be uncomfortable in the bar due to her having her phone on speaker and talking loudly to the person on the phone.The female was asked to turn off the speaker on her phone by two guests who were both eating and having a cocktail in the bar. The new female guest was not dining with us or having any beverage except for water that she requested (which we do not charge for).When I asked the guest about not using her phone on speaker she became loud and belligerent about the fact her car was not working and she needed a cord to charge her phone and time to wait for [redacted]. Our bartender had given the female her personal phone charger to help her out. I pointed out that she had a phone charger given to her and that we didn’t have a problem with her waiting for [redacted] until I had received the complaints from other guests that her conversation on the phone was intrusive to the other guest’s privacy and dining experience.During my initial contact with the female guest she was blaming the other guests near her for not caring about her situation with her car problem and phone charging problem. She caused the male guest to leave the bar frustrated, without finishing his drink. He told the bartender before leaving that he didn’t want any trouble. Since I had the complaints from the two guests and my employees on duty I asked the female guest if she could wait at another establishment for [redacted]. She said she felt we were not taking care of her properly since she was stranded. I pointed out that there were other restaurants and beverage stores in the center that she could go to or I could keep an eye on her on the bench outside if she was concerned for her safety, but since she had caused so much trouble with my other guests I needed to react to their request for a quiet dining and drinking atmosphere.I felt that the female could be safe in another establishment and I could make my guests happy. If I had not received multiple complaints about the female I wouldn’t even have approached her. Her comments about being picked on and not taken care of would have never come up if she had not been so intrusive to the privacy of my other guests who were already in the bar.Please call me with any questions or needs of clarification.Sincerely, [redacted] Manager, Peppino’s Family Italian Restaurant[redacted]

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Address: 21076 Bake Pkwy # 104, Lake Forest, California, United States, 92630-2167


+1 (949) 951-2879
+1 (949) 951-2611
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