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Perfect Lawn, Inc.

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No service. I paid for a years worth of service and have yet to receive Fall Service. If they don't fulfill the rest of the year, they owe me $184. In addition to the fact that weeds grew after they sprayed making me question the strength of the product they were using. They then stopped showing up altogether and then wouldn't answer the phone. Wouldn't return phone calls. I decided to go see where they were located and found an empty building with a for sale sign outside. Desired SettlementBest case, I would like my money back for the years service which is $277.83 for poor job and unfinished job. At the very least, I want $184 for the work they have not completed.

called to cancel pre-paid service for a year - told refund of $216.00 on 10-01-15 - still no refund or no one will answer phone,We called the office on 10-01-2015 to cancel our pre-paid lawn care because we were moving and sold our home. We have used Perfect Lawn for several year and had no problems until know. The girl in the office who has been with them a long time took our cancellation and told us we would receive our refund in the amount of $216.00 for the balance of our year contract and it would take about 10 days for the owner to do that. To this date with many phone called and leaving voice mail to please contact us regarding this refund we have yet to hear from them. All we want to get the refund that we were told by the office manager we should receive for service we would not receive because we sold the home at 10 Whispering Ridge Cove, Oakland, TN. Our new address in Florida is[redacted] North Port FL XXXXX or our new phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX or cell phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX. All we want is the refund for pre-paying for service we did not receive.Desired SettlementWould just appreciate the refund check promised of $216.00 for service not received due to cancelling

We prepaid our lawn care services and are not receiving what we paid for in advance. Perfect Lawn has lousy customer service & does not return calls.We contracted for Perfect Care to provide annual lawn fertilization care for our lawn. We paid in advance for these services to be provided over the course of the year. Perfect Lawn has been routinely non responsive to calls about when they were going to come out and perform these services and finally when connecting with someone last Thursday they agree to come out the next day (last Friday 7/24/15). After inspecting their service visit it was found that the dry granular fertilizer they were to put down was put down so sparingly that it was practically non-existent. They also completely missed treating our side yard, and calls to have them come back out and do the job right have gone unanswered. Their non-responsiveness along with the fact that I have already paid for services that are not being provided constitutes fraud. Desired SettlementI want a pro-rated refund of my $436.59 annual payment so that I can take my business to a different provider that will actually perform the work for the services paid.Business Response Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I DO NOT accept Perfect Lawn's response. They stated they will gladly refund $249.48 but where is it? If their sincere intent is to resolve this matter, why have I not received my refund? Why does it take a complaint for the to finally obtain some form of a response from Perfect Lawn? Not to mention the response was full of inaccuracies. Sadly, the business has still not contacted my wife or I directly. This entire exercise was avoidable if they had simply responded to our repeated requests for a refund which were made prior to contacting the on 7/28/2015. If Perfect Lawn's intentions were truly sincere, wouldn't this issue have already been resolved? The fact is Mr. McMahon nor anyone at Perfect Lawn has bothered to reach out to my wife or myself to offer apologies for service failures and provide any credible response to our repeated requests. In fact what's evern more incredible, is that Mr. MacMahon is asking the to believe several inaccuracies in his response: Inaccuracy #1: My wife and I did not become customers until 2014 and we have the receipt to prove it, not 2013 as Mr. MacMahon states. Perhaps the property when owned by a different owner was being treated, but we were NOT their customer in 2013. Mr. MacMahon needs to do a better job in gathering facts about his customers because it is apparent attention to detail at Perfect Lawn is SEVERELY LACKING!Inaccuracy #2: Mr. MacMahon states he only has my wife's number. That is an outrageous lie because every voice mail we have left for Perfect Lawn included my number for a return phone call. Secondly, then why didn't Mr. MacMahon at least call my wife and at the very least provide the professional courtesy of a return call? Are we not a customer...Uh Yes, and not only that we had already prepaid in full $436.59 in March 0f 2015 for Perfect Lawn's services! Inaccuracy #3: Mr.MacMahon states that my wife had never had a complaint until now. That is another lie, the whole reason I am involved is because Perfect Lawn would never respond to us and moreover, once Perfect Lawn had received our money, we had to constantly call and practically beg for our applications because we would hear nothing from Perfect Lawn when it was time for each application. We would call numerous times each week with absolutely no response from Perfect Lawn and then suddenly a week to ten days later, Tabby would finally return our calls and make up some excuse about why they hadn't come out. She would assure us they would be there within a few days. This was a repeated exercise and is no way to run a reputable service business. Whatever excuses Perfect Lawn chooses to manufacture regarding a move, or phone lines being inoperative are just a continual web of lies. No reputable service business that truly values its customer ever excuses itself from its obligation to provide customers with responsiveness, professionalism, and respect. Therefore, until I have received my refund of $249.48, I can not take this company's written word with any real sincerity as they have continually manufactured excuses and lies to cover their lack of professionalism and integrity. Sadly, judging by the inaccuracies in his response, Mr. MacMahon provides us with no real confidence they will follow through on their commitment to process the refund we have been requesting for almost a month or more. Perfect Lawn is a horrid example of a service business! Final Business Response

Perfect Lawn started out perfect. The owner was nice and said all the right things to get you to sign up. Then when they don't show up for months you try to call the office. They never answer the phone. When the ofc manager does answer she promises everything and never comes through. She will tell you they will be out next day and again no one shows up. Perfect Lawn is far from perefct. We will not sign up for another season.","neg-2

Business name: Perfect Lawn of Collierville, TN [redacted] Cv Collierville, TN XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX My wife tried calling them repeatedly about service questions, but was never able to get anyone to answer the phone. She drove by their location, but the building was vacant and there were Realtor signs up trying to rent the place. At this time, Perfect Lawn owes us for "prepaid" services on our annual contract as follows:2 Lawn Applications @ $420 ea2 Shrub Applications @ $283.50 ea. Total $1,400.00 Name: [redacted] Cv Eads, TN XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX Thanks

I had this service for several years. They were good at first, but last year I prepaid for 7 applications and only received 4, and 2 of those were done on the same day. They do not answer the phone and don't resolve complaints.","neg-1

Perfect Lawn was contracted to provide lawn treatment in 2015 for certain properties within Kings Mills and did not provide the last two treatments.Perfect Lawn has not returned phone calls to explain their situation and if and when service may be expected.Desired SettlementServices provided or reimbursement to Kings Mill Homeowners Association for the lawn treatments not received in 2015.

We paid $369.08 for 7 lawn treatments. We received 4. Phone calls were not returned and certified letter was not answered.We contracted with Perfect Lawn in March 2014 (when we purchased the house). We paid for 7 treatments Mar. 14-Mar. 15. We renewed the contract Jan. 26, 2015 for 7 treatments (Mar. 2015-Mar. 2016). We paid $369.08. We received 4 treatments (4/30, 6/10, 8/10, and 10/14.). We called Jan. 28-Feb 3 multiple times per day to schedule first pre-emergent treatment. Calls were not returned.We mailed a certified letter on Feb. 3, 2016 asking for someone to call us to set up our 1st application and discuss our contract. After 15 business days, no response has been forthcoming.We contracted with another lawn service as we were told pre-emergent treatment needs to be applied before the end of February and they were in the last week of #1 applications.Desired SettlementWe would like a refund for the 3 treatments not provided$158.19$369.08/7=$52.73. $52.73*3=$158.19

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Address: 730 Chaney Cv, Collierville, Tennessee, United States, 38017


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