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Performance Cars and Trucks

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User sharon w. time Jan 25, 2019

I have purchased vehicles from performance in the last yearsThey have always treated me fairly and gave me a good amount for my trade inI will go back for my next vehicle

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User Austin P.

Worst almost buying experience I have ever had! Put money down on a car on Saturday 4/16/2016. The car was making a noise by the alternator so the salesman said if you put some money down on it today we will fix when our mechanic comes later today. So I did. Needless to say as of 4/20/16 the car was still not fixed. That worst part is every time I called them to ask if the car was ready I got told a different story by them. It was always something else wrong then what I was told the day before 1st it was an alternator (which they said they replaced then the next day said they didn't replace it), 2nd water pump (same story as alternator), 3rd power steering pump (again same story). So finally on Wed 4/20 I went to their "Dealership" to get a refund. When I started questioning the salesman about why I was being told a different story every day he said he was sick of dealing with me and to get out and to come back Thursday to talk to the owner. When I said NO he tried to grab me by the arm to pull me out. at this point I had not gotten loud, I was just asking why I keep getting lied to every day. I suggest RUN away from this "dealership" they do not care about you. If you don't believe me read all the other reviews. Thank you Have a great Day

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