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Pesty John's Pest Control, Inc.

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In response to complaint from Ms. [redacted] on service address [redacted] [redacted]
1.  Customer called in
on a Monday morning complaining about returning army worms.  The technician responded to above service

within 30 minutes.
2.  There were two technicians
on that service call that morning.  One technician
is certified by the state and the other by federal.  One of the technicians is recently retired as
inspector with the Department of Agriculture. 
3.  Neither technician
could find any evidence of Army Worms. 
4.  Ms. [redacted] stated
that Pesty John’s Pest Control had no intention of spraying her yard due to the
fact the truck did not have equipment to spray. 
All of Pesty John’s Pest Control truck has equipment to spray yards.
When Mrs. [redacted] was told this she basically called Mr. Allen a liar and hung up.
5.  Mr. Allen tried to
speak to the customer and customer’s husband on 8/26/14 and each time was hung
up on.  Mrs. [redacted] stated that she had just
saw Army Worms, when Mr. Allen tried to explain that the technician had just
went and looked and there where no Army Worms, Mrs. [redacted] hung up on Mr. Allen.
.  Mr. Allen reached out to Mr. [redacted] and
ended with Mr. [redacted] brushing Mr. Allen off.
6.  Attached is a
picture taken today 8/26/14 of the yard. 
Army Worms eat the green off all shrubs and grass.  They do not stop until the whole yard is totally
brown.  Please note that this yard is a beautiful
yard, in fact the prettiest yard in the neighborhood.
7.  We had many army
worms service that day and after and as of yet have not had any complaints on
any of their services. 
As always Pesty John’s Pest Control stands behind our
services.  We do guarantee our services
however we do follow Department of Agriculture rules and regulations and label
We consider this complaint closed and asked that the not
reflected in a negative way.
Thank you

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.
The bottom line is that I will accept release from my contract without the $100 buyout fee. In that sense, I am satisfied with the response from the business.
However, I would like to respond to the message from Pesty John's. As a commissioned officer and West Point graduate, I adhere to strict honor code, by which my word is my bond. I do not lie. I have personally called in three complaints, and my wife and I have both complained in person to the exterminator at our house. If the company has no record of our complaints, they have failed to keep accurate records.
On the occasion that we were not home when the exterminator came, we had recently changed the time of service. My wife called [redacted] a week before the service at the new time to confirm the time of service. [redacted] was rude and sarcastic, and said he would "come at his normal time." My wife asked if that meant 8 AM to 11 AM, and [redacted] said "Is that his normal time? Then yes." My wife waited at home from 8AM to 11AM, and after he didn't arrive in his scheduled window she had to run errands that couldn't wait any longer. The exterminator did not arrive until almost 1PM that day. Therefore the missed appointment was not our fault, but a scheduling mistake made by the company. They rescheduled the appointment without an extra fee not because they were lenient, but because they were in the wrong.
I find the claim that the "services" will work if I give them more time hard to believe. There has been no change in the number of live bugs inside the house since the service began.
My biggest complaint against Pesty John's is about customer service. It is not because I failed to receive a return call from [redacted], it is because [redacted] has been consistently rude in every conversation we have had. I don't understand why a busniess would treat customers so rudely just for politely asking how they could better address an ongoing bug problem.
I would be disappointed if this complaint was removed from the website after resolution because I fear that other people may find themselves in a similiar situation: trapped in a contract with a company that fails to provide adequate service and that responds in a rude and dismissive manner to any complaints. I think the Columbus/Phenix City area should be aware of the way Pesty John's treats its customers. 

First let me address the billing mistake issue.  Pesty John’s Pest Control did not make a
billing mistake.  Ms. [redacted] requested
a front yard and back yard flea spray at the discounted price of $199.00.  Ms. [redacted] called and changed to backyard
only and...

did not mention anything about her credit card and/or refund.  She did call in and ask days later about her
credit which at the time she was told what the policy is at Pesty John’s Pest
Control was by Pesty John’s Pest Control office staff.  She was also informed of this by the manager.
Mr. [redacted] has also provided Ms. [redacted] with his personal cell phone number
and has yet called Mr. [redacted].  Ms.
[redacted] was offered the following:
the difference of the discounted price ($125.00) minus the $25.00
administrative fee leaving a refund of $49.00.  Ms. [redacted] asked for a refund check so
the $25.00 will not be charged however our policy is that if it is paid by
credit card, we will refund by credit card.
[redacted] stated she was a current pest control customer, we offered to
post that payment to her pest control account, which we then found out
that she has stopped her service last year. 
offered to spray the front yard-only after Ms. [redacted] refused for us to
refund her credit card the $49.00. 
We will do either 1 or 3 as soon as we hear back from Ms.
[redacted] her on her decision; she has until 9/9/15 to respond back to us on this.
We consider this issue closed.

As we do stand behind our services and our reputation, Pesty John’s Pest Control is offering to do a re spray of Mrs. [redacted] yard at her convenience anytime between the dates of 9/2/14-9/5/14.  Mrs. [redacted] may call the office between 8:00-5:00 during the dates above and speak with me to schedule the appointment.  We will require a two hour notice.
Thank you
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
 This company does not go above and beyond for their customers and we will not agree to disagree, I disagree with everything they are now proposing because it's not genuine and I will never receive any Services from Pesty Johns ever again nor shall I recommend them to anyone.  This was by far the worst customer services I've ever experienced.  My wife and I, as well as the Pesty John employees knows that we were treated unfairly and they made a discrepancy and refused to adjust to ensure customer satisfaction.

One of the most unprofessional business ever. They sound good when hooking you into a contract. The second time they came out it was about to rain. They said they only had time to do the outside. The man was here no more than 2-3 mins spraying. I called them saying we still had roaches in the house and they said "we didn't say we would rid you of roaches only to reduce the roaches". I said they need to call and make sure an adult was home so they could come in, they said "we come when our exterminator has an opening.. no appointments after the first visit". Then they told me I would be sued if I tried to cancel our contract. I paid for the first two spraying but it would cost another $150. to stop the payments (without them doing any further work). The place is a SCAM!

In response to the complaint that was reported by Ms. [redacted]:  
background: white;">The customer signed a 12 month service agreement which started on 5/23/2016 (see attached) She has had 6 services with 3 of the services were follow up services at no charge.   It states on the service agreement that there is a $100.00 buy out (line 15) if you do not want to continue services.  The service agreement also states that we will come back with no charge to the customer, which we have done.    The customer was informed when she called in to state that she did not feel that she should have to complete the buy out. She was informed that as per the service agreement, we would come back out at no charge.  The tech went out on the same day of her complaint.   The customer’s two options would be to complete the service agreement or complete the buy out of the $100.00.   Please let me know which one of the options the customer wished to complete.   This should not bear any negative impact on our rating with the  The customer signed the agreement accepting the terms as described on the service agreement.  We have held up our end of the agreement and we fell that the customer should do so as well.   Thank you [redacted] Manager

1.  Ms. [redacted] was assured we would
service inside of home if we had contact with her tenants.  All accounts are on a set day and time.  Ms. 
[redacted] refuses to notify us when she has new tenants.  Ms. [redacted] was told that we are in the pest
control business not...

property management. 
2.  Ms. [redacted] service agreements
states inside and outside are chargeable.  There will be no refunds, services have been
completed.  Ms. [redacted] had ample time
to contact the office to have any inside treatments performed.
3.  Ms. [redacted]’s termite bond was
not canceled, the work has been done and paid for. Her pest control was the
only service canceled. There will be no refund.
4. Ms. [redacted] has called the office several times during her work
hours.  Mr. [redacted] was in a class the day
customer called she was offered assistance but insisted on speaking to Mr.
[redacted] right away.  However when Mr. [redacted]
was pulled from class to call Ms. [redacted] she did not answer the phone.  Ms. [redacted] later stated that she did not have
time to answer the phone.. 
6.  Ms. [redacted] has slandered our
company on Ft.Benning Garage via Facebood to the point
they have erased her post. 
7.  Ms. [redacted] was given owners
cell phone to call at 7:00am.  What
better service can you ask for?
8.  As a company in the United States
of America we have and reserve the right to do business with those we feel
would like our services and can make happy with the scope of work with the  Department of Agricultural rules and regulations.  We have been able
to do this with Ms. [redacted] since 2011. She has always had issues yet we have
been able to resolve them in a calm matter. 
With this issue she was rude and nasty with the office help and argumentative with
the owner.  We felt was best to
discontinue her pest control services and to stop the arguments she insist on
having. If Ms. [redacted] is so unhappy with our services, she should not be
unhappy with us terminating her services.
9.  Concerning slander suit and
dropping of [redacted] accounts:  Mr. [redacted]
has that right as an American Citizen. 
10.  At this time Pesty John’s Pest Control feels it is best not to do business with Ms.
11.  Ms. [redacted] caused drama in the
office on Thursday, Friday and now Monday. 
She is a threat to our outstanding reputations.
Please accept this reply as notice that this complaint is closed.  We ask for any nasty and negative remarks posted
by Ms. [redacted] in reference to Pesty John’s Pest
Control is removed.  If they are not,
they could be later used in a legal case against Ms. [redacted].  
Thank you

I stated in my original request for help that I was seeking a full refund of $75, so I felt that was clear on what desired outcome I was seeking. My bank helped me obtain a full refund from the company so I  consider this matter closed. Thank you for your assistance.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
 That entire Response was a complete lie and the know it.  I was told on Thursday. January 9 that a technician would come out on Monday.  My wife did call back on Monday to ask why no one had been sent out and was told that the owner said that he would not send anyone out for a one time spray after reviewing our contract, my wife then asked why not and once again was told the owner said no .  I then called back to speak with the owner and was told he wasn't available.  I did say that I will jit deal with them again just as I stated in my complaint.  I am completely unhappy at this point that this business would reduce to complete and despicable lies to protect themselves.  I wanted the service and was told flat out No.  Stop the lies.  I do not appreciate their horrible customer service.

Mr. [redacted] has been service by Pesty John’s Pest Control for
the past 3months and has never called in a complaint.  During that time Pesty John’s Pest Control
has serviced the customer inside and outside the home 4 times.  The customer missed the set time...

and day 1
time and was serviced outside.  We
returned 3 days later to service the inside and did not charge the customer a
return service fee. (See number #5 of service agreement)
Concerning the complaint about spiders and wasps, the service
agreement that was signed by Mr. [redacted] is for the control of mice, rats,
roaches and ants, not wasps. (See # 2 of service agreement.) Mr. [redacted]
has not given enough time for the services to work. 
The Department of Agriculture of Alabama requires us to keep record of all
services that are preformed as well as complaints.  We have no record of any complaints and have
had no request for return service calls except for the turn call to service the
inside.  We will return if customer calls
in a complaint at no additional charge.  (See
#18 of service agreement.)
Concerning the complaint of customer service, if Mr. [redacted]
feels he received poor customer service due to not receiving a return call
back, I apologize if Mr. [redacted] feels that he received poor customer service. However
[redacted] does not recall offering this to Mr. [redacted].   Pesty John’s Pest Control has over 2,000 pest
control customers and 3rd of our customers are military.  We have always taken pride in providing good
customer service. 
We will assign Mr. [redacted] a new technician or we will
terminate his service agreement forgoing the early buy out clause.  Mr. [redacted] will need to contact the office to
inform us of which he would like to do.
As soon as Mr. [redacted] decides on his next action, we ask
that this complaint be removed from our record with
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you,

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