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Petland & Corporately Owned Petland Stores

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To Whom it may concern:This letter is in response to the complaint initiated by Ms [redacted] ***Ms [redacted] purchased a female golden retriever from the Petland in Cicero NY on 5/21/The puppy was picked up by Ms [redacted] on 5/23/and at that time, Petland’s contracted veterinarian had deemed the pet fit for saleOn 5/27/the puppy was seen at the contracted vet clinic, Animal Ark, and at that time diagnosed with “canine respiratory disease” or in other words, an upper respiratory infectionAll of the necessary treatment and diagnostics were provided at Animal Ark at no cost to the customer.On 6/4/2016, the puppy was under continued treatment and an option of reimbursing care from the customers personal vet was offered, however the customer declined and chose to continue using the Petland veterinarian as they were familiar with her careOn 6/10/during a recheck exam, the puppy was found to have a possible heart murmur, an EKG was performed at Animal Ark and the murmur was found to be of grade II/and recommended to have a cardiac ultrasound with a specialist in order to confirm the cause and severity of the murmurThese tests were also provided at no cost to the customer as well as guaranteed reimbursement for the specialist visit.On 6/27/2016, Ms [redacted] expressed her concerns for the dog’s possible heart condition and her wish to return the pet for a refundThis refund and return option was provided to the customer, however at this time she has not elected to do soThe customer elected to have one more follow up with the Petland veterinarian in regards to the heart concerns, during this exam the doctor was no longer able to hear any murmur.Based on the lack of further diagnosis during this recent exam, the puppy’s condition is being reevaluated and the customer has elected to keep the puppy until further diagnosis can be made.Petland strives to provide the utmost care for all of our puppies both during their time at the store and after they have found their forever homeFor this reason, Petland has continued to cover all necessary treatment and diagnostics including providing a reimbursement check in the amount of $Petland will continue to provide the continued care and treatment for the puppy until the puppy has either been cleared or unless there is an event in which Ms [redacted] decides a return would be best, at that time Petland will honor the original offer of a return and refund option

To whom it may concern:This letter is in response to the recent complaint filed by customer Ms [redacted] Ms [redacted] purchased a female Goldendoodle with assigned microchip # [redacted] from the Petland Hilliard location on 10/15/At the time of purchase the customer was provided detailed information on the Petland limited health warranty and the items included in her purchase, up to date medical history on her new puppy, as well as any applicable breeder/registration information.Petland strives to ensure a clear and pleasant experience for each customer while visiting our store and when purchasing a pet, however, we understand during the length of this process there can be some confusion.During the purchase process, the customer had concerns with the return policy listed in the limited warrantyIn order to appease the customer, we agreed to exceed this original contract and allow a return for a reduced fee, in the event this specific puppy was to be returned.We understand the customer also has concerns with the requirements to maintain the Puppies for a Lifetime programGenerally, in order to maintain the aforementioned program customers must purchase the required items every 30-daysAdditionally, all required purchases must be made at the location the pet was purchasedHowever, we understand puppies are living beings and are not a “one formula fits all” type of animalIn order to ensure the best health of the puppy and as the Hilliard location is a corporate location, the customer is welcome to purchase any food that fits her puppy’s needs from any corporate Petland location in order to keep the program validUnfortunately, these purchases would need to be made at a corporate location and would not qualify from any of our franchise stores.We hope Ms [redacted] and her new forever friend are doing wellOur goal is to place all pets in a happy and loving forever homeWe encourage Ms [redacted] to reach out to our customer support team at 1-877-658-for a complete list of corporate store locations where her Lifetime program purchases can be made or for any additional questions or concerns.Sincerely,Petland

To whom it may concern; We are very sorry to hear that this customer’s puppy was not feeling wellAs I am sure that you know, when a puppy goes home to a new environment they encounter a large amount of stress and that can weaken the puppy’s immune systemMuch like humans, this can lead to health issues developing after purchaseHowever, the store provides a health warranty that provides full coverage for illnesses related to the time at the store at the contracted veterinarianThe customers have been taking the puppy to said veterinarian and the store has been responsible for the puppy’s treatmentThe veterinarian contacted the customer yesterday and explained that the puppy was able to go home and did not need to be hospitalizedThe customer did not want to pick the puppy up at that timeThe veterinarian will be contacting the customer again this afternoon to explain that the puppy no longer needs to stay at the veterinarian’s office and may go home safelyThe customer may follow up with the store’s veterinarian for all related care necessary for the puppyA refund will not be granted as the warranty has been followed in fullThanks,

Dear Sir or Madam, Petland Lancaster is very sorry to hear about the Shih Tzu puppy becoming illThis could never have been anticipated by Petland Lancaster, nor any of the staff at the store Mrs [redacted] first notified the customer service department of her concern on 8/31/, weeks after her initial purchase date, at which time there was no confirmed diagnosis and the veterinarian paperwork/documentation was requested from the customerThe customer had chosen to use another facility other than the approved veterinarians in the paperwork provided at the time of purchase, which were signed off on stating the customer understood the terms and conditions of Petland Lancaster's warrantyRegardless of this, Petland Lancaster offered to cover the portion of treatment related to the puppy's diagnosis which came to a total of $ Petland Lancaster excludes reimbursement or coverage of emergency room visits in the warranty paperwork, however have gone above and beyond their warranty and provided the customer the reimbursement of the treatment in which the puppy received Petland Lancaster does not warrant or cover diagnostics, especially at an emergency facilityAll treatment can be provided to the customer at no cost at Fairfield Vet Hospital per the day health warranty which the customer would have been sent home with to refer back to In light of the situation, Petland Lancaster has agreed to provide the customer with the requested amount of $$which can be mailed in the form of a company checkWith this additional reimbursement being offered, the warranty would be exhausted and the customer would be fully reimbursed for her visit to the emergency facility The customer would at this point be fully financially responsible for any and all ongoing treatment for the puppy Thank you , Petland Inc

it did not address all of my concerns The poor customer service I was lied to about the where I could buy food from and I was lied to about this puppy birth I Spefically asked If The Puppy Was From A Puppy Mill And I Was Informed "No We Do Not Deal With Puppy Mills, We Don't Even Take Rescued Puppies From Puppy Mills" This puppy Is From A Puppy Mill thus was verfied not only from the vet the petland sent us too but also from researching the breeders information we were provided AFTER the sale of rhe dog I never would have purchased the puppy if this information would have been given when I asked This sale was made spefically from lies told right to my face

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find the resolution is satisfactory to me

This letter is in response to the recent complaint filed by customer [redacted] L ***Ms [redacted] purchased a Labrador retriever puppy from the [redacted] Ohio Petland location on 6/4/Per the warranty agreement signed at the time of purchase, all puppies are required to be seen by a licensed veterinarian within business days of purchase.On 6/6/2017, Ms [redacted] advised she would not be able to have the puppy seen by a vet within the allotted time frame due to her work scheduleBased on the concerns regarding the delayed vet visit, Ms [redacted] elected to return the puppy back to the storeIn accordance with the aforementioned original warranty contract and the excerpt below, Ms [redacted] was refunded for 50% of her purchase.“If the customer decides within the hours that they are unable to keep this puppy, it may, at the discretion of the Petland General Manager, be returned for a refund of the purchase price less a 50% ($minimum) Cash administration fee“Generally, Petland adheres to this original warranty contract not only to protect the customer and the store but also to ensure all pets receive the maximum level of care and attention.After review of the situation, Petland [redacted] has agreed to refund the remainder of Ms***’s purchase to her Petland Credit card account which has been completed as of June 28th, Ms [redacted] no longer has any financial obligation to this original financing and personally confirmed no other out of pocket costs were incurred by the customer.Petland’s goal is to provide both our customers and our pets with the utmost care and attentionWe greatly appreciate Ms***’s support and understanding.Sincerely,Petland

To whom it may concern; This customer purchased a puppy from Petland Gallipolis on 5/17/PAWSitive Solutions, the store’s third party customer support team received a call from Petland Gallipolis on 8/29/requesting that they contact this customer in regards to concerns with the puppy’s hipsPAWSitive Solutions contacted the customer and left a message that dayOn 8/31/2015, the customers returned the call to PAWSitive Solutions explaining their puppy’s diagnosisThey stated the puppy was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasiaPAWSitive Solutions requested the veterinarian diagnosis letter to move forward with coverageAs we all know, living creatures, much like humans can incur health issues throughout their lifetimeHowever, the store does provide warranty coverage for hereditary and congenital issuesThe store provides a one year puppy hereditary and congenital warrantyI have attached the customer’s signed copy and have inserted the coverage that is provided with this diagnosis in my response letterI have highlighted the portion that outlines the coverage that provides reimbursement for the customerThis avenue has already been approved for the customerYEAR PUPPY HEREDITARY AND CONGENITAL WARRANTYShould a veterinarian diagnose, within year of the purchase date, a hereditary or congenital disorder that is currently interfering with this puppy’s ability to lead a life, Petland Gallipolis will allow either;1.) - full credit of the original purchase price toward the purchase of another puppy or2.) - reimbursement of appropriate veterinary bills up to 50% of the purchase priceYou must supply Petland Gallipolis with your veterinarian’s written report within fourteen days of diagnosis [redacted] Veterinary Clinic, whose findings will govern this warranty, must concur with any diagnosisAdditionally, the signed warranty also states, “this puppy is provided solely as a companion petThere is no warranty that the puppy may be used for showing or breeding.” Therefore, Petland would not guarantee any puppy to be used for breeding and would not be able to provide a refund regarding that matterSince the warranty has been followed in full there is not any additional reimbursement regarding this matterThe customer may submit all invoices incurred to PAWSitive Solutions directly for reimbursement up to 50% of the puppy’s original purchase pricePetland has not defaulted on their agreementPlease contact PAWSitive Solutions with any further questions Thanks,

Petland Corporate reached out to both the customer [redacted] and the microchip database company PetKey We had PetKey reach out to the customer and have his pets microchip number and information registered into the national data base PetKey confirmed back to Petland that all data has been entered into the database For the customers inconvenience, PetKey also issue and new dog tag and ID card

there are many statements in their storyI Can submit a written statement from the vet, that states he talked to the Petland managerShe said she wanted a necropsy done, he said he could do that and it would cost $Petland manager said she couldn't pay for it, but if I cou bring it back to the store....they would have it done by their vet So the vet handed me the puppy and I drove it straight to AthensThe necropsy was never completed, because they didn't want to know what was really wrong with the puppy When we called Sunday morning for help...the Petland employee asked if we were given a tube of medicine, which we didn't receiveShe also asked if we were told about hypoglycemia, which we were notShe stated someone should have gone over thatThen when we told her about the puppy acting funny in the store....she said it sounded like it was already sick We had the puppy less than hours

I do not want a "replacement pet" which is all they are willing to help me with [redacted] cannot just be replaced with another animalI want something done about this and obviously it is not going to get resolved this wayShe was sick on and off all the time since she came home with meI had her for monthsThis company does not care about the emotional distress it has caused to my young children and myself, and they definitely do not care that I lost my dog since they're just so willing to offer a "replacement pet." That is disturbingRyan NEVER went over her health with me verbally, so nothing was explained to meThey gave me a sheet with "shot records"That's about itI will not accept this

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