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Petland Pembroke Pines

356 N University Dr, Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States, 33024-6737

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I purchased 2 yorkshire puppies at Pembroke pines store on Monday August 12th for over $5000,00 per dog.

On Sunday August 18th - so less than a week after purchasing the puppies, my pet sitter as I am in Europe on vacation - said he felt one of the puppies named baxter was not appearing healthy. I told him if either dog seemed unwell for any reason to immediately take them to the vet. He did so and my vet at Banfield immediately referred baxter to a 24 hour emergency animal hospital - LeadER.

*** spent 5 nights in the emergency hospital due to having a parasite in his GI tract or medically known as: Coccidia are tiny single-celled parasites that live in the wall of your dog's intestine. They are found more often in puppies, but they can also infect older dogs and cats. Dogs become infected by swallowing soil that contains coccidia or other substances in the environment that may contain dog feces.

Attached is both the clinical summary as well as the invoice.

I plan to keep *** however I am demanding that PetLand and/or the breeder reimburse me in full - all veterinary bills and costs associated with this. These include LeadER, Banfield, time and expense.

Please note the Florida laws regarding pet purchase in belwo link.

If I do not receive a sum of all costs incurred I will proceed with legal action and include American Express.

Desired Outcome

refund of vet costs and puppy fees

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Oct 25, 2019

In regard to the complaint filed by ***, the facts are as follows: *** purchased two Yorkshire puppies on August 12, 2019 at Petland Pembroke Pines. On August 18, 2019, one of the puppies was taken to Banfield Animal Hospital, a veterinarian not approved by Petland, which later referred the puppy to a LeadER hospital. The puppy spent five (5) nights at LeadER after diagnosis of Coccidia.

We at Petland, do everything possible to make sure all of our pets are healthy and taken care of. After reviewing the invoices attached, in order to conform with Petland's Warranty, acknowledged and signed at the time of purchase, and Florida Lemon Law, Petland will reimburse $421.93 of the costs incurred in treating the puppy for Coccidia. Further, Petland will administer a $300 store credit, to be used at ***'s convenience. If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Their warranty is basically fraud, they sold me a sick puppy. Their vet didn't find the issue and told me to go to my vet. Won't cover ANYTHING.
I have issues with their sales practices and lying on the sales floor as well as the sale of sick puppies. I asked the agent what the price of the puppy was and he told me their price was almost 3k with taxes and their puppy sales come with training and supplies. I was about to order my supplies and he was like "no no our puppies are sold with the supplies included" he didn't tell me there was an option to purchase just the puppy. So after I was swindled into an almost 3k purchase instead of the $1900 it should have been, which I didn't notice until I saw the agent had me sign a blank area then input my initials/signature on all the areas himself. I found this fraud while I was going through my paperwork because they sold me a sick puppy. They sold me a puppy with giardia (a parasite) that, even though I followed their policy and visited Sunset Animal Hospital within 4 days of purchase, they didn't find. She had diarrhea on the car ride home, and up until the vet visit which I disclosed to the vet. The vet office proceeded to tell me Petland doesn't cover any further checking into this and I should just take her to my regular vet so I did. In the end, I got the diagnosis from my regular vet, my other dog got infected and the dog I initially paid too much for has now cost me even more in vet bills when Petland supposedly prides themselves on healthy puppies. I keep getting routed to a call center and no one is actually helping me and pet solutions is saying they only cover medications so they won't help with anything. This company is ridiculous and I would not recommend these thieves to anyone.

Desired Outcome

Some type of reimbursement for the insane amount they had me pay and the vet costs since it has effected my household now and advertising/posting the ACTUAL price of their puppies instead of tricking people and not disclosing.

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Sep 20, 2019

In regard to the complaint filed by ***, the facts are as follows: *** purchased a puppy at Petland Pembroke Pines. Within four (4) days of purchase, *** took the puppy to Sunset Animal Hospital. There was no diagnosis at the time of any illness or disease. The problems with the puppy continued and *** visited another veterinarian and the puppy was diagnosed with Giardia. Shortly after the puppy was diagnosed with Giardia, ***'s other dog got infected.
A fecal test was administered on August 20, 2019 for ***'s other dog and the results came back positive for Giardia on August 28, 2019, the same illness as the Petland puppy. Because *** signed up for a Puppy Plan, the Petland puppy's medication was covered and *** did not have to pay out of pocket for the puppy's medication. The medication for ***'s other dog was not covered by the Puppy Plan. As a courtesy, Petland has agreed to reimburse *** for the medication prescribed to the other dog. The reimbursement amount is $59.80 which is the cost of Panacur, the medication prescribed to ***'s other dog.

Customer Response • Sep 23, 2019

I do not accept because in addition to the antibiotics I had to purchase probiotics for the puppy purchased through them due to the poor state of her stomach. I'm still currently having to purchase dietary supplements and have also had to pay for UTI testing and they're recommending additional testing. In addition to the compensation for my other dogs parasite treatment I would like Petland to cover a full round of health testing at their vet or mine that covers the issues my vet has mentioned to me based on the symptoms she's been showing since I got her. Additionally, the $59.80 doesn't address the almost $1k I was swindled out of by THEIR REPRESENTATIVE signing my name. I believe there are cameras in their store and they would be able to see this.

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Sep 20, 2019

When purchasing a dog at Petland, at any of our locations, the following are included in the pricing: (1) the actual price of the dog (in this case, the Siberian Husky was originally $5,199.99 but was discounted to $1,900); (2) a homecoming kit ($199.99); (3) microchip activation ($99.99); and (4) a Lifetime Protection Program ($129.99). All of which are INCLUDED in the pricing. Any other item(s) on the purchase date come at extra cost to the customer (such as: food, collars, and a leash that were purchased by Ms. on the purchase date). Ms. financed her total purchase of $2546.54 with LendingUSA.

In regard to the medication and veterinary bills, we are willing to compensate Ms. with the medication and treatment for both of her dogs as provided by our Warranty.

Customer Response • Sep 23, 2019

They're proposing the previously rejected solution, once again they can review their cameras and see the forged signature and the misleading on the price. The representative signed for me to, I assume, hide the fact that the additional stuff was NOT included in the price of the puppy. Again, I will accept a resolution IF PetLand follows up on their "lifetime protection" and guarantee of a "healthy puppy" by covering many testing my vet recommends.

PETLAND Pembroke Pines representatives are selling animals without the customer knowing the issues of that Animal and there selling customers dreams.
I'm writing this post as a past unsatisfied customer who purchase an adorable pup from pet land Pembroke Pines for 5k .The sales representative Who told me his name was *** was helpful and very convincing however him trying to convince me didn't matter as my girlfriend walked into the store just to site see walked pass all the other puppies to the back where she saw a beautiful white Siberian husky and fell in love with him instantly. *** told us about the quality PETLAND PEMBROKE PINES upkeep and there number 1 for all PETLANDS. He told my girlfriend and myself about the environment which the puppies are in,how there taken care of which kind of food they have how the owner for that PETLAND loves animals and they only get number 1 treatment. He *** told us about the insurance, SOLUTIONS PET and if anything happens to this puppy medically the insurance will take care of all bills as SOLUTIONS PET is PETLAND INSURANCE for there animals. He also mention if the puppy should die within certain days PETLAND will issue a full RETURN or a new puppy. He *** also made sure to mention that the puppy that I paid for had no medical issues no sickness and came from a very good breeder. My girlfriend is beyond happy then we're home in bed with puppy on a Friday night let me just say my girlfriend have over 15 dogs so she's very experienced in this field. She then noticed the puppy was breeding heavily, wheezing and throwing up. We then went to the emergency hospital where we spend most of the early morning hours Saturday morning the doctor wanted to admit the puppy since that time however we knew we had an appointment with PETLAND vet for the following Monday or Tuesday one of those days. So we mention that to the emergency doctor we then paid $200 and left. However we manage to get an appointment with PETLAND vet at hometown animal clinic for the said Saturday we went spend some more time there collected some medications etc. on the Sunday the puppy started to pass blood and got so sick we then had to rush the puppy back to the emergency at LEADERS SPECIALTY HOSPITAL where the puppy *** was admitted upon arrival this is the 3rd day with this puppy. However PETLAND PEMBROKE PINES FAILED TO MENTION after the representative *** giving us all assurances that this said puppy *** is healthy with no virus or sickness ended up being diagnosed with :- HEMATOCHEZIA , NASAL DISCHARGE and TRACHEOBRONCHITIS. So the bill came up to an estimate of $2800 for all the medical issues we then submitted all the medical paperwork to the insurance SOLUTIONS PET who supposed to stand the expenses as we were told from PETLAND Pembroke Pines representatives for all medical bills for the diagnosed issues for the puppy *** but now the issuance SOLUTIONS PET is only giving us back $507.40. Forget all the emotional stress, supposed now I wasn't fortunate to pay that money for the hospital to take care of my puppy I would then have a dead puppy on my hands. Thank god the puppy is ok and I was fortunate enough to have the cash to make that payment. This post is mainly for those who will be having intentions on purchasing an animal from PETLAND Pembroke Pines be careful and aware that an animal might be looking joyful outside but inside you don't know what's taken place medically without having a professional checking first. And for all the representative at PETLAND Pembroke Pines who just looking to sweet talk customers and make sales think about the animals you're trying to sell also have life like us humans and there dumb animals they can't complain like us humans there not dry goods they have life just don't look to get your commission.

Desired Outcome

For them to stop using customers emtions into spending all this money for an animal of liking and not getting what's been paid for and for customers to have there personal vet to check there animals before paying. I would also like them to Atlease refund me m medical bills.

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Apr 09, 2019

We currently do not have any record of this customer nor does our solutions department. We always follow our warranty and try to help the customers as much as possible for the well being of the pet.

Customer Response • Apr 10, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They have no records of me just wow they took all my information and I was finance by lending USA to pay for the pup on spot so all the information I have it just goes to show how conniving PETLAND is and how scampish they can be.

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Apr 12, 2019

Please provide the name of the person who the puppy is under.

was told they dog would have 50% off vet treatments that is a lie, was told the dog was healthy, thats a lie it almost died of parvo the next day home
was sold a 5k dog with parvo, it was hospitalized for a week the day after it was brought home. the dog has had numerous health issues after this and nothing has been done by petland, this is the biggest scam a person can go through. I was told the dos would have 50% off on vet treatments, this is also a lie! I was told the dog had warranty replacement and thats a lie. we have to buy life time vitamins every three months in order not to loose the pet warranty. I called the claims department and they will not resolve one issue on this dogs health all am told is the dog is not sick and was not sold sick.. they push sick puppies on you and make you pay thousands of dollars selling you the worlds best dog warranty and it is all a scam.. I tried to return the dog once it came home from the vet and was told no because the first 48 hours had lapsed. the dog was not even home for 24hours. it was taken to petlands vets office for treatment.. I dont want the dog as it is huge financial burden on my family because of all the health issues. I feel I have been scammed!

Desired Outcome

i want to return the dog and close the account with the finance company or get a 50% cash back on the account. (no store credit as offered before).

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Mar 22, 2019

Ms. bought a puppy at our Pines location on 08/19/2018. She filed a claim with out solutions department on 08/20/2018 she was using our contracted vet where she incurred no cost. We offered Ms. a $500 store credit that she accepted as well as refunded her for additional treatment for her pup. This claim has been closed since October 2018. We followed our warranty and cared for the customer and pet the whole way through.

Customer Response • Mar 26, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
the credit was offered for me to to keep the dog after 1 day of picking it up from the animal hospital because I wanted to return the dog after not being able to enjoy it at home for the first week. I did not have the dog for 24hr straight when I had to turn it over to the contracted vet for treatment because of the parvo. yes petland cover the bill which I never said they did not, however I got sold a sick dog which continues to have issues and the vet care which I was told that it would be longer then it is is not taking care of the bills. I was also told vet visits / treatments would be 50% off and thats a lie.. it is all a lie and dont want a defective dog for $4,500 and on top of all its a mixed breed and was sold as a mini englidh bull dog, so happens the dog is mixed with pug!! I want a solution or I will file a law suite.

Petland Pembroke Pines Response • Apr 17, 2019

We offer our customers a 14 day health warranty covering anything viral or bacterial. We also offer a 3 year health warranty covering anything hereditary or congenital. We care about the health of our puppies over anything.

Customer Response • Apr 23, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
they offer 14 days of health warranty which means the dog should have been sold healthy not in his death bed like he was when I took it home, and the sale rep kept on telling me he was ok he was just a slow and calm dog! I alos have new problem now, I agreed to buy the dog because the payments would be $50.00 a month and just like another lie from petland and your store manager the payments went up to $218.00 which I cant afford and it will ruin my credit. which this means this is to drop that spilled the cup! I will be contacting a attorney and resolve this via court!! your company hires the biggest lairs and scam artist to persuade people into signing the life away purchasing muts like the one I have! because yes! my dog the one I was sold as pure breed is a mixed dog and (MUT)... petland willbe hearing from my attorney if nothing is done about this issue!. I WANT a resolution on this case or I will continue to sneak legal help!.

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