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Purchase a German Shepherd in 2016 - found the breeder was closed down by the state of PA in 2015 and was illegally breeding dogs in 2016 (when I purchased) dog was 2500 -- German Shepherds are a lot of work - you need to know what you are in for and I did - I am not happy about getting him at Pets and Pals - overpriced and was sick when I took him home. getting him certified presently and he is an awesome dog - that being said there was a lot of training involved (something you don't see in the previous responses). They flat out lied about his breeding, where they got him etc -- don't go there. If he hadn't matched my old GS in looks etc I would not have done it

Review: On May 18th, I purchased a puppy from the Pets-N-Pals here in [redacted]. She is a fox/walker hound mix. She cost 1,000 dollars. I noticed she was coughing/wheezing when we were at the register and I asked what was wrong with her and they said she was "hick-uping". She proceeded to do that all night and the next day, May 19th we had her in the vet. They ran tests, I called the pet store and told them our issues and told them it was not my responsibility to pay for her when she was "sick" when we got her. They ran tests and everything came back clear, but they said she had an upper respiratory infection and put her on antibiotics. They paid for 50$ of the vet bill and we paid for the rest. It continued into the weekend and that Sunday the 22nd we had her back at the Emergency vet in [redacted], for throwing up and blood in her stool. We contacted the store and told them about it and that we were refusing to pay for the vet bill. They kicked my mom and brother out of the store, after they got upset because the store wouldn't do anything to help the sick puppy we bought and they sold to us. Neglecting the fact that she was sick. In their paper work it states in the first two weeks you have the dog, if its sick, they're responsible, and my dog is sick. They ran parvo, kennel cough, and coccidia tests. They came back negative, but the vet said that it's too early to tell if she has it because a certain amount of the parasite has to be in her to detect it and they can have false negative tests. They paid 200$ of that vet bill. To this day she's still not okay. We had her back in the vet with [redacted] stool and vomiting again and they found the coccidia in her stool from her mom. The pet store is VERY unprofessional in this situation and not willing to listen and help.Desired Settlement: They say my dog is completely fine and we didn't get her sick from them. I Don't feel as if we should have to pay for the sick dog. We have to take her back again next week to the vet to make sure it's gone. By the time were done with the vet it'll be 1,000 in vet bills. The store sold me a sick dog, which is against their policy!



Dear Complain Department, We received the letter regarding [redacted] and her little puppy, "[redacted]". The settlement request was unclear; What is the $130 for? Our goal is to find healthy puppies loving homes. On May 19, when Ms [redacted] took [redacted] to [redacted] for her complimentary exam, they found an upper respiratory infection. We gladly paid for the medication for this. At that time, [redacted] also ran a fecal, which came back negative for everything, including Coccidia. When a puppy changes enviroment, they can get stressed and the immune system can become weekened. As a result of a weakened immune syatem, puppies are more susseptable to having a loose stool and some parasitic infections, such as Coccidia which are not normally covered under our warranty. Coccidia is not a disease. Coccidia is a parasite that is commonly found in the intestinal tracts of puppies and dogs. The day after [redacted] left our store, she had a clean fecal test. In an effort of good will, we also paid for her [redacted] bill of $200 and the Dr said the puppy was healthy at that time. They ran tests which we incurred the expense for that were all negative. Most recently, we spoke to [redacted], at the [redacted]. She said that the puppy was normal and healthy and a healthy weight. [redacted] mentioned that the puppy might be sensitive to vaccines. [redacted] got a vaccine on May 21st. On May 22nd, [redacted] had loose stool and was vomiting.(went to [redacted]) On June 13TH, [redacted] received a booster shot. 3 days later, [redacted] was seen again for vomiting and a loose stool. Im sure Ms [redacted] is a very conscientious dog mom and has the best intentions for [redacted] at heart, but its apparent that we have a healthy puppy that may be sensitive to vaccines and /or environmental change. I will attach a copy of our contract that Ms [redacted] signed. Here,you will see how we have gone above and beyond to try to please Ms [redacted] and paid for many unnecessary tests at our expense. The situation with her mother and brother was this: They came in and the mother was demanding a refund and claimed that the dog had Parvo, a deadly highly contagious disease; The puppy did not have parvo. THe mother was very loud and did not conduct herself with any self control and was expressing untrue information. We did not want our customers to get upset so we asked her to leave. We still have 2 of little [redacted]'s sibling in the store and they are, and always have been, very healthy puppies. It was a litter of 7, and everyone else that adoped them said they are healthy and happy with no prolems.



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Whether [redacted] is fine and healthy now, she wasn't when we got her. And we have forked out money and by the end of all of her vet appointments they've equaled up to almost the cost of the dog. Which was 1,000. Either way she was sick when we got her. The company has NOT been cooperative or understanding throughout the whole situation. I'm sure they would feel the exact same way if this situation happened to her dog. I have the vet papers stating she had Kennel Cough and now coccidia. She is still on medicines and soft food which were putting more money out towards. I've heard multiple bad things about the store and should never have bought a puppy from them in the first place. I don't feel as if I should have to pay the remanding left on the dog or the full 1,000 dollars. Also they asked my mother to leave the store before she got "loud" and unmannerd. When they asked her to "step out side" without getting much of anything out of her mouth she got irritated. Like anyone would.

Review: I bought a puppy (a German Shepherd to be exact) from Pets-N-Pals about three to four months ago and that was suppose to be set and stone $3,000 and I was doing the financial aid which was explained by an employee(girl) that its a set price each month till amount paid off ($3,000). Well the GM stepped in to finish up the process and he sent a WAGS contract to my cell phone (In Store), which I could not read the contract on my smartphone (too small of print) plus the GM had my smartphone the entire time and he basically said the WAGS contract was stating the same information that we had went over in the store about the $3,000 also about the shots and etc that the dog had already received. The GM had E-signed my initials on the WAGS contract without my consent or approval to anything on the WAGS contract, which we came to find out it happened to be a leasing contract after I had left ( I have never heard of leasing a dog). Also before the GM stepped in I was being helped by another employee(girl) who let me play with the German Shepherd(in store) and told me they were having a "Puppy Sale", during this "sale" the German Shepherd was $1999 cash and carry or the $3,000 that the girl explained that I'd only pay on the $3,000 till it is a $0 balance. That's a $1,000 difference between the cash and cash price an the "financial aid" ($1,999 to $3,000). I also had asked her questions about the other animals(dogs) he ignored all of my questions about the other dogs and only talked about and answered questions about the German Shepherd. After she came back from checking my credit approval she seems excited as she told me that my credit approval was the highest approval they have seen in the store(Pets-N-Pals). I feel as if she had targeted me with the price given and all as to having good credit. On top of him E-signing my name and initials, come to find out when I could actually read the WAGS contract as I had printed it out days later they had overcharged me and added an EXTRA $5,000 which makes the Grand Total $8,300 dollars for the dog which mind you the GM never said nothing about this whatsoever. They also claims the dog is a pure bred German Shepherd but yet gave me no paper work saying or stating that he is in fact a pure bred bu told me I could purchase the dog DNA and and papers or go on to CKC, when we know that is not legit paperwork. So I believe it is false advertisement in that form but I also tried to return/simply give back the dog and they wouldn't take him back. He is a puppy mill dog , he is aggressive and all the dog does is bark at people and other animals, he is so anti-social and a little snappy at times.

GM-General Manger of the Store

Girl-Employee of the Store

WAGS-Leasing Contract nameDesired Settlement: An apology would be greatly appreciated and appropriate in this situation for targeting and taking advantage of me with the overcharging and false advertisement including false employee statements on the price of the dog. The final price is just unheard of and outrages. With that being said, I would like for the company to give me back all of my money or majority of it, because no German Shepherd or any dog cost $8,300. I'd also like to be reimbursed/refunded for everything I have paid on or for the dog including Vet visits due to the fact of pain and suffering on my behalf and the dog has been nothing but a nonstop problem since Ive had him. I just want this situation to be settled and over with once and for all.





Mrs [redacted] did purchase a UNREGISTERED German shepherd puppy from us and wanted to finance the puppy. The contract clearly states it as being unregistered, as the GM explained it to her as well. The price of the puppy was $3000 and we do offer a cash discount but that was not the way Mrs [redacted] was able to pay. Mrs [redacted] was already given the price before she filled out the application for credit, which is same price as any other customer would have been given, so I don't understand the reasoning behind the false advertising claim. She was not "TARGETED" because she had good credit, in fact she was in the day prior to buying the puppy and had ample time to think about the purchase and if she really wanted it and how to pay for it. For privacy reasons we don't have access to their credit, the application is either approved or not.

We do offer financing options through WAGS which is a consumer loan company that structures the loans as a lease. Mrs [redacted] can possibly save some fees/ interest and contact the finance/lease company (WAGS) at [redacted] to discuss her early payoff options. They are usually pretty easy to work with. We have no control over the financing portion of the contract. All financing has interest and/or fees associated with it. It is credit driven and the actual fees/interest are determined by WAGS on the consumers credit worthiness. We get no portion of any of those fees. If Mrs [redacted] could come up with an alternative way to pay for the puppy we would be more than happy to contact the finance company on her behalf and try to get some or possibly most of the fees refunded. I cannot make a promise as we have no control but would be happy to make a call to our sales rep on her behalf.

Mrs [redacted] did get the contract emailed to her with all the terms and conditions, this is for privacy reasons. I have spoken in detail with the GM about this situation and what he tells me is a much different story that what Mrs [redacted] states. He did not click any initials or signatures on her phone, he simply explained to her to read the contract and how to initial and sign it. If she couldn't read it she should have requested to use one of our computers but she did not ever bring that up to anyone. The entire contract is in electronic form and gets emailed to the customer and they have many fields to read and initial. We have no control whether the customer exercises their due diligence and actually reads the entire contract. The GM said it seemed like Mrs [redacted] understood everything as she didn't ask any major questions. It was not until several days later when Mrs [redacted] returned with her parents demanding a refund that she had any disputed with what she signed with WAGS. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on puppies and return puppies back to general population for health reasons and to protect the puppies still in the store. The contract Mrs [redacted] signed with us clearly states our return policy on puppies. Unfortunately this seems more like a buyers remorse…or upset parents.

As for the puppy mill comment, we do not buy from puppy mills. We check out every breeder and have photos and inspection reports of our breeders. If there are any violations we do not buy from that breeder. I do not know how this puppy has spent the last several months….being socialized, trained, ect, by Mrs [redacted]. It sounds like the puppy could benefit from some training classes and we would be happy to offer some names of a couple local training organizations to Mrs [redacted]. There are some amazing trainers in our area. It is extremely important that any undesirable "bad habits" be dealt with now and not put off for the future.

Also, as always, we have a friends for life program that Mrs [redacted] could apply for. What this is is a home placement service so that none of the puppies we ever sell wind up in a shelter. There is no monetary compensation from either party and Mrs [redacted] would still be obligated to the finance company until her loan was paid in full. We have a list of adoptive families that could foster the puppy until a permeant home is found. This usually takes about a week to find a home as the puppy would not come back to the store. If Mrs [redacted] is interested she could contact the store for more information. I am truly sorry to Mrs [redacted] that if any misunderstanding did occur


Pets-N-Pals Inc



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I am not satisfied and livid as this situation is not resolved. First of all the GM is not telling the truth about the situation he is not being honest as that is part of his job but not my concern. I always came into the store alone or with my boyfried(who is a witness to everything that happened prior to the purchasing) to browse. I never came in the store the day before I made a "purchase" or never asked about any dogs at all. Everything that has to do with this situation was in fact the day of the "purchase" , which he did not tell me any actual info dealing with that leasing agreement or anything. Both the GM an Owner are telling untrue facts about the situation. This is foolishness and I will not accept the disrespect coming from this business. I know they have cameras and can go back to review them and see the GM leaned over the counter with my phone in his hand the entire time and I'm steady trying to read the lease but in fact he's continuously E-Signing my initials and name to the WAGS contract. So can you please on my behalf solve this matter it been a bunch of foolishness with a run around from the business an I have had enough of it. If they are in fact willing to refunded how will that process go about?


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