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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 9, 2015/11/19) */ It is of great concern to PetzLife that we as a company provide safe alternatives to many pet health care needsPetzLife was founded in when it was discovered that over 50,dogs and cats die each year and 1,000's more suffer prolonged injury from the routine anesthesia induced dental cleanings which is standard protocol at a veterinary practice Addressing the biggest problem with this issue is that the complainant wanted PetzLife to accept full responsibility for what happened to her dogPetzLife's CEO took it upon himself to speak with the complainants vet and he could not substantiate the cause of the infection or what kind of bacterial infection it wasThis prompted the complainant to issue statements such as PetzLife made denigrating comments etc PetzLife has not had one similar complaint in our years in the industryThe themselves can attest to the fact that there have been no complaints on record in the last years PetzLife Products has a flawless safety record with now over million bottles being sold worldwide and over 7,veterinary practices using our oral care especially with senior and impaired patients Dr [redacted] 's comments below speak volumes as to what is pertinent in this matter I can only assure the that PetzLife will always value safety as a primary concern when it comes to offering products for our precious pets and have incorporated that spirit into our slogan which is: PetzLife "Dedicated to Improving Pets Lives." Sincerely Submitted, Bud [redacted] Owner /CEO PetzLife & VetzLife Products Dr [redacted] Response to complaint: As an Honor Roll member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and with over years of experience dealing with companion animal health problems and adverse drug and other treatment issues, I can find no scientific or medical basis for a corneal ulcer being caused by one accidental spray with PetzLife's oral care product In my professional opinion, many owners/care givers of dogs and cats seek to place blame wherever they can when their animal companion dies, often to assuage guilt and redirect anger for their neglecting to have annual wellness examination done and also not seeking immediate veterinary attention when there is any change in an animal's behavior and/or signs of pain/distress I think if there is any liability issue here it certainly does not come to rest on PetzLife Products [redacted] BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS Author of: [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 12, 2015/11/23) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Mr [redacted] became very nasty in his emails to me, offering partial reimbursement for [redacted] 's injury, but only if I 'not post anything publicly' He lied, insulted, up to & including one of his employees sent an emailing calling me a derogatory name initially I notified the company of the issue because I believed it was the responsible thing to doThe responses from Mr [redacted] were aggressive, and insultingMy Veterinarian was extremely upset over the reaction of Mr***I kept my Vet apprised of every interaction, cc'ing the emails to him from Mr*** There are no warning labels on the productI will be happy to forward his emails to so you can assess for yourself responses from an owner/ & CEO of a companyThis was a horrible, painful injury for my dog, necessitating a number of medications for her eye, causing her further distress, plus several visits to the vet for the condition of melting corneal ulcer, along with the medical bills which were the least of itMy poor dog was in constant pain for weeks In my estimation, dealing with MrBud [redacted] & his negative reception to an issue that happened to my beloved dog, makes him a poor business ownerEach of the emails elicited lack of tact -for lack of a better way to say it- I explained to him that my dogs were special rescues that did pet therapy work & visits within the community...he got nastier & nastier in his emails after that, often outright insults His response is not acceptable to me & I wish to pursue this furtherI have photos of [redacted] , both prior to the use of this product & after, as well as the emails to him where I explained repeatedly that the spray got into her eye accidentally, because she moved her head quickly after I sprayed her mouth, a tiny bit of the spray got into her eye, resulting in a melting corneal ulcer with a day & blindness in that eye This man may believe he has a pristine record of his product, however, what I believe is that he negates any complaints and double talks & threatens people into silence so that nobody pursues any issues w him It cost me almost a thousand dollars for [redacted] She was on heart medication, and I believe that due to the stress of the eye injury, plus the pain from both the oral dental spray getting into her eye, and the numerous medicated drops she was on to treat the eye shortened her life & she died within three months of the incidentEven on heart medication, [redacted] lived a full & happy life with me & the other chihuahuas in my care I am a Chihuahua rescuer, and have dogs....ONE was given this oral medicine...because [redacted] did not like the taste, and moved her head so fast, a bit got into her eye & made her cry out in pain, I did not use it on any of my other dogs What happened is wrongand Mr***'s reactions to me in emails shows he KNOWS this to be trueHe might be a business owner & CEO but his people skills are in the toiletHis lack of sensitivity is abhorrent...and if that is not bad enough, he adds insult to an already bad situation by lying & insulting I am not going to let this please tell me what the next step is Thank you Sincerely, [redacted] Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 16, 2015/12/21) */ Dear [redacted] ; We have responded to the about this woman's claims and you have for the record some very reputable Veterinarians comment about the situation Her own Vet did not attribute the problem to our product At this point we have nothing more to add, our record stands for itself with over 3,000,bottles sold and this the only negative reported to the speaks volumes On the very positive side: PetzLife Oral care has been credited with saving over 10,pets lives and 100's of thousands more from injury by them not having to go through the anesthesia scaling procedure Have a great Holiday Season and Thanks for your efforts Sincerely

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