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Pev's Paintball Park

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On March 20th I visited your Aldie VA location with a party of 26 for my 30th Birthday and were disappointed in the services offered and the appalling lack of customer service and blatant negligence of the staff.
As we had a large group we opted to purchase g[redacted] that were sold on the g[redacted] site. As a result we understood that we will be considered as walk-ins. I called the location a few days ahead and was told the same. We proceeded to rent a "watch tower" party area to facilitate for the large group as well.
I have been to more than a few paintball locations in both MD and VA and always had a regard for the services offered at Pev's locations. Most of my party were on their first paint ball outing and although they enjoyed the idea of the activity, the sheer negligence with how we were treated is bound to take their business elsewhere.
To begin with, our party of 26 all of whom rented markers and equipment from your rental shop were mixed in with a group of "walk ins" who carried their own markers some of which were automatic. The other group of walk ins consisted of around 8 individuals who had rented like us and about 16 individuals who had their own markers. On your site it is stated for all to see, and I quote;
"We separates our Walk-on players. If you are a beginner you play with the beginner group (anyone who is renting equipment). If you are an experienced player you will play with the experience players  (anyone who has their own equipment). We run multiple groups at a time so we never run out of space. No reservations required-Just show up and play."
On the day that is not what happened. We would have been fine being mixed in with the group of 8 who had rentals just like us but to be mixed in with a group of veterans and paint ball enthusiasts who carried their high range markers and automatic weapons plus a duffel bag of non-pevs paint [redacted] that we were not supposed to bring in is down right ridiculous.
Secondly, seeing what was going to happen I approached the staff member that was conducting the safety briefing and told him my concern and he agreed. This individual together with the lady who checked us in was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant bunch of staff. He told us to proceed to one play area and was told that we would be joined by another group of 8 walk ons, which we were fine with.
Ones we were up on the hill, 2 referees joined us and then they proceeded to bring in a group of about 16 individuals who had their own equipment and mixed them in with the group of beginners. I approached the referees and told them our concern. He proceeded to tell me that there were only 2 referees working that day and that they did not have enough referees to run two groups. Directly contradicting your statement on the website!
Thirdly putting 50 people in one play area is unacceptable and not giving us our moneys worth. I have been to enough Pev's locations to know that this is not protocol. Furthermore it is not how a business should operate. On a day when 140+ g[redacted] had been sold online, each of which promise 4 people that is 560 potential patrons that will walk in to your location. When you have such clear cut information on potential patrons, you staff your location accordingly. Even after accounting for the usual 30% of no shows that is 400 potential patrons. Having only 2 referees for that many people is apathetic and not how a business should operate. If you can't handle it don't use g[redacted] to "promote" your business and loose even the regular customers like me.
Finally, we were there for 3.5 hours and were allowed to play only in the 2 large fields as obviously all 50 people would not fit in the smaller ones and they claimed to not have referees. All other 8 fields we could not try. They made us play 4 games in each field and nothing else. This was frustrating to say the least. We even bought at least 6000 extra paintballs worth around $270 and perhaps even more.
While we were at the paintball park there was only our ridiculous group of 50 people and no one else for the first three hours. Towards the end there was one private party of 10 people with one referee. So are you telling me there was only three people on the day? Absolutely not.
After playing we returned to the trailer to hand in our rentals and absolutely no one was at the counter. So I went around to see there were about 6-8 staff members just "hanging out" doing nothing and had the gaul to tell me that check out was up front. I told this staff member that there were about 30 people lined up and no one was at the counter. Two staff members came around to do the work and the rest of them just sat and did nothing.
All in all it was the worst paint ball experience ever and I will never set foot in a Pev's paint ball park ever again. Neither will the 26 others who were with me. It is disgusting to see the amount of blatant negligence and willful disregard for ones patrons and such an institution should not be patronized ever. I used to love Pev's, not anymore. The enjoyment of the activity was taken away by your pathetic staff and it was neither fun nor a good experience to anyone. Train your staff accordingly and give the people their moneys worth. If you treat g[redacted] customers like second class citizens then don't sell on g[redacted]. You are doing a favor to your business and the potential customers alike.
I will proceed to write my story on every reader board and site possible. People deserve to know.

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