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Phoenix Children's Hospital

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Don't believe 50% off of your bill for early payment, even if it's over 500 owed to PCH!
I received a bill that said if your TOTAL billing amount is over $500, it may be reduced 50% if you pay in 30 days from statement date. However, when I called they said all the bills have to total $500 on one statement, so although I owe PCH and their doctors over $600 directly, because it's all billed out separately they will not honor the discount...pretty misleading. The customer service lady told me she hated to tell me that and then said do you want to pay the total amount of $600 and however many dollars?
No. I want to pay 50% for the cash discount, because you just told me it the PCH total is already over $600...

• May 13, 2020

513/2020 racist main entrance desk ladies
There should be a discussion with your two staff ladies sitting at the desk in the main entrance because on 5/13/2020. Working the shift up until 4pm. We were stopped and told we could not be in The hospital together due to covid 19. Restrictions even though we were given the ok to do so. Are son was having major surgery done. There were couples walking in together holding hands. There were even couples who brought there kids into the hospital, and there were families walking in as a group an were waiting in the waiting rooms. She even grabbed the security guard to stop us. Are son has been admitted for a whole week. I wonder what made them single us out. Was it because we were black? No one else was stopped for coming in. Her exact words were you both can not be in here together you have to talk to the social worker to see if its ok , only one of you can go speak with her and the other needs to leave. She did not stop any other couples and she did not ask them questions and some had orange wrist bands on like us and some did not. Im offended. And people like them is what give businesses a bad name and destroy their brand. Maybe she just wanted to act like she was doin her job with us because she not doin it wit everyone else. I am inside standing here watching them let all these groups of people and couples in and pass by no questions asked. Im going to get their names because this is bogus. Wow. She just stopped another black group 2 guys an 1 kid. But all these people jus passed wit kids. There needs to be a way for you to monitor your staff and their actions. This is ridiculous. People are comin in an out with no mask. We actually have on are masks and gloves.

They kept a billing of more than 4000$ for my kid's ER visit. We just stayed there for 3-4 hours and hardly gave any treatment. My medical insurance paid some amount and then the total of 2100$ was supposed to be paid by me as per the 1st statement.
On 9/22, the finanace superviser from pch talked to me and settelled the amont to 50% and told to pay the amount by weekend after checking my HSA. Later on I faced some trouble paying thru the hsa, so paid directly $1000 to them as I did not remeber the exact 50% amount that time.
But, now they are forcing me to pay the full amount. They are just having excuses to find flaws and trying to change rules again and again over phone...! I am being suffering since 1 month due to such irresonponsible behavior from them..

Till the date, they did not even call back me on the complaint. They forcefully made me paid the whole 2200$. My last date of payment was until 12/31/2017 but, they sent to the collection a week before. Simply fraud practice!

09/22: They settled the amount to 50% and I agreed to pay the amount by the weekend after checking my HSA account.
10/4: A bill was generated after to pay the whole amount
10/16: I paid the $1000 as per the 50% agreement. They never mentioned that, IF YOU DONT THE AMOUNT BY MONDAY the AMOUNT WILL JUMP BACK to 100% again. Else, I would have paid it.
12/14-15: This is how they changed the rules again and again:
Me: I paid the amount 50% but still I see the full bill coming to me.
PCH: You did not pay full 50%. As still $50 was pending on you that time.
Me: Oh..Sorry. That's my mistake. I did not refer the exact amount and simply paid $1000. Anyhow, I'm going to pay the rest $50 now. Can you pls write-off the same?
PCH: No. Please talk my Lead.
Me: Ok.
PCH(Next day, their Lead told): since you did not pay the exact amount and also within the weekend, you have to pay the full amount and repeatedly told me that, after 12/31, this will go for Collection blah blah...

Me & my Wife: In the website of PCH, we see that they can write-off the amount upto 75% if it's not covered under one's insurance. There is no such rule that, we need to pay the 50% agreed amount within a month. If you agreed to 50% why should it change, if the billing timeline is still there? This is not kind of stock exchange/bank that, rate will vary each time..

PCH: NO Sir. You need to pay the full amount...!

I had paid my co-pay of $200 for a surgery in October and another $200 in December. In January I start getting bills for this co-pay due called hospital and they tell me I didn't pay had to show my prof of payment I found one of my receipts and it had a different name on it and money was applied to that account. This was sent to collections and I had to keep telling the the hospital if you didn't pay your co-pay you don't get treated the finally reversed the first charge they dropped the first one .I lost my receipt on the second one so the say I still ow that one, this has been frustrating and do check your receipt and make sure the right name and address is correct hope 'this helps anyone out!

Further conversations have taken place with the consumer.  An agreement has been reached to resolve the complaint.

Messages have been left with this parent - with no response.  This issue was resolved on 11/3/15 and the balance is zero.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed...

action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Phoenix Children's Hospital was very quick to respond as soon as a complaint was filed with However, according to the pattern from the past year, I am still expecting to receive harassing phone calls and collection notices within three weeks. I will consider this issue resolved when I have a letter in writing from the company stating that I have a zero balance and three weeks has past without any phone calls and threatening letters.


Mrs. XXXX has been given a detailed explaination of her billing.  It is accurate.  PCH offers have been declined.

The response from Phoenix Children's Hospital is the same right now, as it was four weeks ago, when I was first notified they reponded to my complaint. I do not consider "refund under review--process could take...

up to six weeks" an acceptable resolution to this complaint. A review is not a positive response that the refund has been approved and is on its way. Indeed, PCH could very easily decide, after their "review," to reject my request for the refund of payment that should be returned to me. I am attaching, once again, the Explanation of Benefits form provided to me from our health insurer, Banner Health Plans. The statement clearly states that I have no financial member responsibility for this claim. Along with the payment to PCH, I made two payments to two other providers, and after Banner reimbursed them for their services, both companies mailed us a reimbursement check for the payments we sent them. Legally, PCH has the same responsibility to return this money. I paid PCH nearly $1500.00 that they were not owed, and that money must be refunded to me. PCH should be ashamed of its outright refusal, despite several phone calls and inquiries, and even assurances by their own customer service representatives, to refund this money. They have put me family through nearly one year of stress, first sending statements they never should have sent, and then sending us to collections, when they assured us they wouldn't. I condemn their behavior in this matter in the strongest terms, and will not let this complaint go until that money is refunded to me.
Thank you for your time and attention,

Phoenix Children's Hospital was in process of reviewing Mr. [redacted] account in response to an email received on our website when this complaint was placed. We resolved Mr. [redacted] issue and addressed his concerns during this time.

The refund request in under review.   the process takes approx 6 weeks.

Account [redacted]-** was reviewed and Mr. [redacted] is correct regarding the balance.  The payment was not linked to the account which made it appear that the account was not paid.  The payment is being moved, however, this account was not scheduled for collections.  The account that was...

slated for collections is hospital facility account [redacted].  The insurance company approved and applied $32.00 to the patient's deductible for date of service 5/2/13.  This account has been placed on a 30-day hold pending payment from Mr. [redacted].  I can be reached at [redacted] should Mr. [redacted] have additional questions.

This inquiry has been completed.  The billing process has been explained.  The billing process is not customizable by patient and is established to assist parents with keeping track of their many bills.  This is a process that is helpful to many parents that are overwhelmed with their...


Ms. XXXXX's account has been reviewed.  Calls are being placed to discuss the account and the details of the billing with her directly.  PCH will discuss with the parent and resolve as soon as possible.

Phoenix Children's Hospital has decided to adjust the bad debt balance of $200.00 and have any entries removed from the parent's credit report.  There was no fradulent billing on the part of Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) as our clinics are all registered as hospital-based clinics and as such, are allowed to bill facility charges in addition to the physician charge.  Please feel free to call me at [redacted] if you have additional questions.

Please let me know what urgent care center you visited because I'm pretty certain we posted notices advising that [redacted] was non-participating with Phoenix Children's Hospital.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID...

[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

We visited the [redacted] location. However, this was back in July of 2013 ... almost a year ago I've been dealing with this. When this happened I can assure you that there wer no notices posted anywhere. I even spoke to several [redacted] customer services reps who have told me about many memebers confirming this same thing at that same time. Also, I called the PCH medical billing group to complain and when I told them there were no notices posted they confirmed that there weren't and that they have in fact posted notices since then. There is an urgent care down the street and I would have gone directly there had there been a notice posted or someone told me when I handed them my [redacted] card upon check in. I can assure you that in July 2013 there were no notices posted.


Multiple discussions have taken place regarding the billing. The billing is accurate - a resolution has been offered by PCH,  MRS. XXX has declined.

Discussed the billing concern with Ms. Freeman and have reached a resolution.

I find it difficult to believe that an exception cannot be noted on our child's chart. I continue to request that PCH not contact me for an account that is not, nor has ever been, delinquent.  I continue to assert that this constitutes harassment by PCH's billing department.

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