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Hi ***
I have read the letter you sent me and this is my comments on the issue
I hope you read it through and send me back a quick response
First let me state that if an investigation by the credit card issuing bank will determine that I acted wrong and they will reverse the charges I will not dispute it and will send my apology and as well as $ gift certificate to the costumer !!!!!
that said and out of the way this is my response :
On 2/**/a man called to place an order
The woman who took his order over the phone was repeating the address and apartment number as he was giving it to her
After delivering the order I got a call back from this man claiming he didn't get the order
When reading back the apt' number to him he claimed we got it wrong
As I tried to explain to him that we just delivered to where he asked us to , he started to be aggressive and used foul language and when asked to stop he replied that I must have heard these words before and used them as well , which is correct but not with my costumers
His claim was that he tried to order through seamless web ordering web site as he usually does but it didn't work even though I got multiple orders from them that day
I then explained that I think it is a sort of an attempt to score free food from me
At the same time I told him that he can call his credit card issuing bank and dispute the charge and that I am going to do the same and call my merchant services to inform them of this situation which I did
When I spoke to the bank I have been told that the card holder is a woman and that the address she gave me was not the address they have on their records
I was sure then that it was a fraud
I then returned a call to the number that was given to tell the couple that I spoke to the bank and that they can do the same and dispute the charge as well as telling them that a personal attack on the " yelp " web site was not the way and needed to be removed , she then threatened me with more bad reviews from her friends and as a response the woman had her boyfriend and other people post a less then a flattering personal attack one star reviews as a revenge
The names and review I have printed and will submit them to you if needed
Yelp personal have realized that this is a dispute and not a real review and removed it not hour later
The issue stays the same as I mentionedThe card was provided and I got it right , the address I got right , the phone number I got right , the expiration date I got right , the security code I got right a total of digits in all between all of them , isn't it possible that he was the one that gave me the wrong apartment number ?
The fact is he called from a cell number and a bad reception could have contributed to it is also a possibility but the fact that he was rude and belligerent on the phone and thought that I ( no matter the fact he made a mistake ) should absolutely send him another order with out him taking any of the blame
If any one of them would have at least say that they made a mistake it would have been solved at the same moment they did not and they blamed it all on me
I have been serving this community for years and never I countered a costumer that was so arrogant and pretentiousThe unbearable easy option of deliberately hurting someone else's livelihood because you made a mistake and don't want to own to it is too much for me to accept
With few strokes of the keyboard they have portrayed me as a thief and a scam artist
In years I have not received complaint at the and I hope you find this one needs to be removed as well from the records
There where more inconsistencies in their story and the way they have conducted themselves than I can write about
I have all the records to prove that I did not call them but once , after I spoke to the bank and phone records will show the boyfriend called more than times and harassed us on the phone, the fact that he said he can't knock on his neighbors door and ask if they got his food because he doesn't speak to them and minutes later he said they told him they discarded 1/of the order
I am requested by you to defend myself from allegations that are and it's a shame that I do
It is unfortunate that as the lady claims she is a good costumer of ours and she loves our bagels and food but to go to this length and to write and report to the is a bit too much and over the top
I will agree that the credit card bank do their investigation and if they decide to reverse the charge and return the money to the costumer I will send them a
$gift certificate and a written apology on the web site and anywhere else they choose and I will expect the same public apology from them if the decision is not reversed
I have done all I am required to do by law and I am sure I am right and was not at all at fault
A claim through my credit card company has already begun. Since the beginning I have only provided the facts and I have nothing to hide. I am certain that upon completing this investigation the credit card company will rule in my favor. That being said it’s a shame this issue could not  be resolved in a more timely matter and I will let this issue be handled through the credit card company.
On a customer service level I hope Pick-A-Bagel can learn from there consumers complaints over the years and provide a better service in the future. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

This complaint is in regards to the delivery service and manager/owners response to a mistake that Pick-A-Bagel made. After ordering food on February **.2014 over the phone and not receiving it after an hour and 1/2 a phone call was placed to inquire where the food was. Pick-A-Bagel wrote down the wrong address and delivered the food to the wrong apartment. After requesting a new order to be sent to the apartment the manager/owner said that he was not going to resend the order. He continued the conversation in a hostile manner and said if we wanted the food we would have to get it from the strangers address they accidentally delivered to. I was incredibly uncomfortable to do this but after visiting the apartment and asking for the food it was already half eaten/thrown out. I proceeded to call back Pick-A-Bagel and insisted them to make amends by there mistake. By not receiving the order that was promised I wanted them to either refund the total amount for the delivery or re-deliver the order. The manager/owner refused and claimed it was my fault for not providing the correct address. This is untrue as the address was repeated 2x on the phone. When I asked him to produce a receipt to prove that it was indeed me that signed for the delivery he was uncooperative and would not allow me to see a signed copy. It is Pick-A-Bagels fault for delivering the item to the wrong address, obtaining a fraudulent signed receipt and not make amends for there mistake. After concluding this phone call, I wrote a review on Yelp recounting my experience with this man who claimed to be the owner. I wrote about how I paid for an item that was never delivered and how unprofessional, vulgar, and offensive this man was with me on the phone. After I posted my review, this man called me and started harassing me for putting up a YELP review online. He was yelling on the phone and even after I asked him to calm down and handle this like an adult he continued to harass me. At this point I concluded the call.

Your reply: I too was cursed out at 7:20 after ordering a bagel with chicken salad this morning at the corner of 23rd street and 2nd Ave. I gave the cashier $20. She gave me $10. 50. I asked her how munch was the sandwich she told me 9:50. I told her I don't want the sandwich as it was too expensive. She tried to give the money back, but the cashier drawer couldn't open. She proceeded to call the manager who the screamed that he is not giving the money back, He curse me out using all sorts of obsinities and told me to get the F out his store. He threw the sandwich at me and told me to get out! I asked him how could he treat a customer like that. He jeered me and continued to curse me out. He truly provoked me. I threw the sandwich over the counter and told him to eat it. I called the cops but couldn't wait as I had to go to work. VERY BAD MANAGEMENT! The owner of that store should FIRE him!

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