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Picture Perfect Home Improvements

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Picture Perfect Home Improvements Reviews (11)

An excellent place of business. Service was great. We feel that we couldn't have done better anywhere else. That goes for courtesy, value and quality of product. Both Mike and the staff could not have been more helpful. Our kitchen turned out better than we could have hoped for! Thank you!

An excellent place of businessService was greatWe feel that we couldn't have done better anywhere elseThat goes for courtesy, value and quality of productBoth Mike and the staff could not have been more helpfulOur kitchen turned out better than we could have hoped for! Thank you!

We had some busted tile in our bathroom that needed replacing and a new tub due to the old one leakingWe contacted Picture Perfect online for a quote and they came out in a few days to get started on our quote and what we wantedThe end result is a new floor and bathtub, we also had them install a new faucet in the bath tub as well as a shower head

We hired Picture Perfect Home Improvement for our kitchen remodel projectPicture Perfect's team worked with us on every step from planning to finishThey worked until every thing was done to our satisfactionWe are very happy and would use them again in the future

PPHI did a great job on remodeling our townhouse Excellent recommendations, qualified and skilled staff, and responsive and easy to work with

Picture Perfect did a wonderful job in our bathroomThere was nothing wrong with the tiles they were an ugly blue and cream colorWe were afraid to have guests come over and use that roomAs it was a real eye sore Anyway a friend asked us to contact Picture PerfefctBoy are we glad we didThey are both friendly and professionalAnswered our questions and did a wonderful job in that bathroomWe are thinking of using them for our kitchen in a year or so

I had a positive experience with Mike and his company Picture PerfectWe needed a bathroom remodeled in our new home we bought and some painting in two of the bedrooms

We had a great experience with getting our cabinets resurfaced with Picture PerfectWe took them to a few places and they wouldn't work with what we wanted donePicture Perfect took on the job and did great work in restoring our kitchens look

Mike and his crew came to my house and did my bathroom and kitchenWhat a great jobMy kitchen could be on HGTV!

Review: The company was given 3 opportunities via email and phone requests to submit a legitimate list of approved charges for "materials" required in our bathroom remodeling project but continues to demand payment for items that were not part of our project and has threatened us with legal action. The company was also given an opportunity to correct the sub-standard work in our bathroom, specifically the installation of a bathtub that was off-level by 1.5 inches which resulted in additional problems and new damage to walls. After explaining to both the project manager and the owner several times what the issues were they responded with intimidation, threats and as of today a voice mail telling me to "go [redacted] yourself".Desired Settlement: We would like a letter of apology over the errors in billing and a statement showing that we have paid in full. We will find another contractor at our own expense to repair damages and fix items that were not taken care of.



Currently in LITIGATION

Review: In August 2012 we bought new shutters for our house and contracted with Picture Perfect Home Improvements to put up the shutters. A few weeks after the shutters were installed a strong wind broke off the shutter fasteners on two of the shutters. When I looked at how the fasteners had been installed it was obvious they were installed incorrectly. The fasteners were not in straight. When we called [redacted] at Picture Perfect Home Improvements he refused to come out and even look at the problem, let alone repair the broken fasteners. He basically said it was our problem. I have owned many houses for over 35 years and have NEVER had a shutter fastener break off. I even spoke with my neighbors and no one has ever had this happen to them. A strong wind should not break off fasteners like this if installed correctly. I let that situation go but then a few weeks ago we had another strong wind and six more fasteners on three different shutter broke off. Again, after looking at where the fasteners were broken it is very easy to see that they were installed incorrectly (not put in straight). I looked at all the fasteners on all the shutters and almost all of them are not installed correctly...almost all of them are slanted which would cause excess stress under high wind conditions and cause them to snap off...a real safety issue. One fastener is so crooked it won't even go all the way in and is not flush with the shutter. From late April to early May we called them on four different occasions and left messages asking them to come and help fix the situation. One time when I called the office and answering service answered and I left a message for [redacted] to call me back. I also called Mike's cell phone and left a message about the problem and asked him to call me back. A few days later I called the office again and talked with [redacted]...I explained the problem and asked her to please tell [redacted] and have him call me back. Then a few days later my wife called the office and talked with [redacted] (spelling unknown) and again left a message about the problem and asking someone to call us back. We have never received a return call from [redacted] or anyone else at the company. They simply refuse to acknowledge the problem with the incorrect installation of the shutter fasteners Here are quotes from their website. "This is one of the few companies where you can still speak directly to the owner and expect to see him on site." "Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee." "Your satisfaction is important to us. We take extreme measures to guarantee that you will be pleased with the final product." We have never asked him to replace the shutters or for a refund. We want someone to come out and repair/re-install the broken fasteners so the shutters are properly secured. Since so many of the remaining fasteners are improperly installed (there was no supervision of the worker when the shutters were put up), when another strong wind comes up more fasteners may break off. In addition to simply looking bad, this could be a big safety hazard.Desired Settlement: [redacted] needs to come out to the house and help fix the problem and secure the shutters in a manner that does not ruin the looks of the shutters. They were brand new shutters and simply putting in new fasteners and adding a lot of holes won't look good.



Its been awhile, so forgive me if I can not remember all the info, we did the job, we discounted the work because they complained about some expensive drill bits that were part of their material to be reimbursed, they bought the shutters and plastic pins/fake nails that come with their shutters, as stated a strong wind, took one down, we do not warranty mother nature, 1 year or two later another came loose, these shutters when hot and cold in weather slightly move and they are made cheap, please call your local [redacted] or whereever you bought the materials and try to go through their warranty, they probably wont do a thing (because they are cheap 15-20 bucks each), also ask them about the weather and what it does to this plastic, I know after a couple years and sometimes less they even fade from the weather and people paint them over and over, all dept stores sell extra separate plastic pins and the reason for this is because people fix the pins more than known.Thank You,[redacted]



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: It does not address the real issue, improper installation! [redacted] blames a lot of other things, mother nature (it was a high wind not a hurricane), cheap material (the shutters were the high end vinyl shutters from [redacted]'s and still look great and are holding up fine), and discussions on the final bill (there was never a disagreement on the payment for the six drill bits but the disagreement was on the labor charge...he quoted us $300 for the labor and when we got the bill he charged us $400...the final bill was changed to $300 for the labor after we complained). As I mentioned, the shutter fasteners were not put in correctly. They are almost all not straight going first into the mortar and then into the brick. Some of the fasteners are not even in all the way and are not flush with the shutters and stick out beyond the shutters. No one was supervising the worker who did the work and to put it bluntly he did a horrible job. Again, the issue is improper installation of the fasteners and failure to want to correct the installation problems. He has never come back to the house to actually see the problems. We are amazed that he still refuses to even come by and help us come up with a solution to fix the issues.


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