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I ordered custom ping pong balls online from this company and never received them but I have already payed. It has been almost two months. Purchase date is February 6, 2014. Order #XXXXXX I was charged $37.65 to my credit card. Received an email on February 20, 2014 claiming product had been completed and shipped. It is now March 22, 2014 and I have not received my product. I have attempted to reach this company several times and I have not received ANY return e-mails and nobody has ever answered one of the many phone calls I have placed. Desired SettlementI would like to be refunded what I paid for the product $37.65

I ordered 1,000 custom ping pong balls and have never received them, despite the fact that my credit card was charged two months ago. I placed an order for 1,000 ping pong balls approximately two months ago. My credit card was charged immediately for nearly $400. After about a month with no merchandise and no communication, I began calling and emailing the company to request information. I received no response to repeated emails and voicemails, and no one EVER answered the phone. Eventually, I stumbled across an online review in which the author recommended calling multiple times in quick succession to get the owner - [redacted] - to answer. It worked. After 17 calls in a row, he picked up. [redacted] told me that my order had been produced, was sitting right in front of him, and would be shipped the following day via express mail. He explained that the reason for the delay was that his company closes down every year during the month of August and that it should have been posted on the website (it wasn't, and I am quite confident the story was a lie). Two weeks went by after my order supposedly shipped out "express," and I still had no merchandise. So I began trying to call again. I finally reached someone yesterday - a lady who said she had no access to the system to look up my information and that she would have [redacted] call me. I called again this morning at around 9AM and [redacted] answered. When I told him who I was, he said that his name was [redacted], that [redacted] wasn't in, and that I would need to call back after 11 when they opened. I protested and insisted that he answer my questions. He repeatedly refused. So, I waited and called back at 11. The same person answered, only this time his name was [redacted]. He said that my refund had been issued last night and that I should see it on my card within 3 business days. I expressed my skepticism about this promise, reminding him of the time he promised that my order would ship. He said that the reason for the delay was that he had experienced a death in the family. He closed the conversation by exclaiming that my refund had been issued and that I could "shove it up my f$?!ing a$$." In the process of trying to recoup my money, I have discovered dozens of online reviews written by people who have experienced very similar situations, not to mention about 3 dozen complaints. My goal is to stop him from continuing to victimize unsuspecting consumers.The best number to use is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I had to dial *67 before the number to mask my name and number on his caller ID and call as many as 20-30 times in a row to get him to answer. Oh - and it should be noted that he operates multiple websites. The three most notable are,, and SettlementI am requesting a full and immediate refund. Also, I believe that law enforcement should be involved because this is happening to so many people. A quick internet search for " reviews" will uncover dozens of complaints on web-based review sites (including my review).

Placed internet order for ping pong balls 4/27/Charged on my AMEX card $includes shippingOrder #XXXXXX not filled Placed internet order 4/27/for the following Ping Pong balls (blue eye ball, fire truck red, glow in dark, gold metallic)Total cost was $50.46, my AMEX card was charged this amountOrder status on the site has always shown pending, has not shipped yetI have called both numbers provided on the company's web site numerous timesThe toll free number appears to have been disconnected and the message at the other number says everyone is busy, leave a messageI have left messages, attempted to use the chat site, have sent e-mails and have yet to get a responseSomeone did answer the phone about weeks ago, apologized for the delay and stated that he would get my order out "today via US priority mail, that I would get a confirming e-mail, etc."Neither of those events happened and my order still has not shippedI attempted to call today and got voice mail.Desired SettlementI would like either for my original order to be filled ASAP or a complete refund.My assumption is that based on the lack of answering the phone, returning e-mail, not manning their chat site, having their toll free number no longer in servicethat this is not likely a real business

product ordered back on 7/22/13. Company cashed check. As of 1/27/14 we have not received product.Back on 7/22/13 the [redacted] ordered 100 individual white ping pong balls numbered from 1 to 100 in black ink and sent out a check in the amt of [redacted] Company cashed our check but as of 1/27/14 we have not received the product. Several phone calls made to the company. Only once were we able to talk to a company person. At that time, we were told product would be shipped out shortly and we were given an order number #XXXXXX. After our 1st call, we have not be able to talk to anyone. We keep getting an answering machine stating all the reps are currently busy so leave your name phone number and message and we will get back to you shortly. we have never heard from this company after leaving MANY messages.Desired SettlementShipment of the products we ordered. If they can't fulfill the order then we want a refund.

We actually did business with this person other company at the same address called Do not have product, & they will not call bacThe owner of this company operates another company called, as well as a few other online stores. does not have a separate entry.My wife ordered off of their website on 6/13/2013. After not getting a ship notification she attempted to e-mail them regarding status. On 6/17/2013 I attempted to call the 800 number in which I get a generic greeting telling me the mailbox is full. That afternoon I decided to try to call their local number, got a greeting telling business hours and requesting a message to be left, which I did. After not getting a call back I attempted to contact the again before their closing time, and again got their recording, so I left another message. The next day I attempted to call, and the voice mail said the mail box was full. Tried 2 more times with the same result. On 6/19/2013 I was able to leave a message again since the mail box had been emptied, again with no response. Tried to call today, 6/21/2013 and now the mail box is full.They have charged the credit card at the time of order, but have not shipped the order, nor will they return our calls or respond to e-mails.Desired SettlementWe want the money refunded, but looking at the amount of complaints this company has against them, and some of the comments I have found on the internet I feel this company needs to be reported to the news as a bad business, and maybe a file opened with local PD in regards to a fraud investigation. That might be beyond the reach I understand, but it would be nice.Please make sure to open a file on all businesses listed under this address and/or phone numbers. Like I said nor Ping Pong Balls popped up when I looked at the It was after using Google I learned of the other names this person operates under.

I ordered product from on 2/6/2014 and have not received my order. I've tried countless times calling and email with no responses.I ordered product from on 2/6/2014, order ID is #XXXXXX and have not received my order. I've tried countless times calling (877-869-2093,XXX-XXX-XXXX) and leaving voice mails with no responses. I've emailed via the website contact form and at [redacted] with no responses. This was paid for with my visa card.After not getting any responses I started doing some research on the internet and found that this is a common practice of this company and would like to try and help stop this so no one else gets taken. Here is a web link with a bunch more complaints with this company that I found to late :([redacted]Desired SettlementI'm seeking either the product I ordered to be delivered or a total refund of $44.70

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