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Pioneer Valley Saab-Volvo

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Verbal abuse over the phone by the owner of the dealership to my female fiancé. Trying to overcharge for services not completed.If I could give no stars I would. This dealership does not deserve to sell Volvo vehicles. My fiancé brought her Volvo to this dealership for service and after hundreds of dollars and no work done, we are not happy. This was a relatively simple fix, yet the dealership tried to charge her for multiple hours of "diagnostics," which were unnecessary. Once she agreed to pay for additional diagnostics, and was told by the manager that she could keep her loaner car (beat old Saab with over 260k miles) for the night, the owner called her to verbally abuse her over the phone because she had his car that he needs for "real customers." Did I mention that we purchased our previous Volvo from this dealership? Maybe he was upset that we purchased this one somewhere else?Either way, my fiancé came home balling her eyes out from her contact from this man, and we had to file a police report for the verbal abuse after he threatened her multiple times over the phone.Needless to say, I manage a company with one of the best mechanics in the state, and if we weren't so busy we could have repaired the car ourselves- in less time than their "diagnostics" took. Bottom line is the owner of this dealership is a crook and abusive to his "customers." I will never, and I mean NEVER, go back to this dealership. Their loss as we were looking to purchase a new car after getting this repair anyway. I will be filing a complaint with the Volvo company. Maybe I should have brought the car myself. How do they get away with trying to scam women and being verbally abusive?Desired SettlementWe want our vehicle back in the condition it was left in. A police report has been filed.Business Response To Whom It May Concern,This letter is in response to the above allegations. First off, as Mr. [redacted] is not reflected as owner or contact person on the repair order we wish to point out that based on privacy issues we generally do not give out any information to third parties.We do dispute the above allegations brought forward by Mr. [redacted]'s recount of events.The vehicle in question has been seen twice at our dealership, once on [redacted] 2015 for a blown fuse in the amount of [redacted] parts,tax & labor. The second visit was on March 3, 2015 for 1 hour of diagnostics in the amount of $115.00. For the time of the appointment the customer requested a loaner vehicle which we provided. Customer also stated that she had an issue with driver side headlight. Our service technician recommended left side headlight connector replaced. Service technician also inspected all wiper blades for wear, wiper blades were clearing well at time.Service Advisor checked for any open recalls or service campaigns. None open at time.Customer stated that ABS light had been coming on intermittently. Scanned for ABS fault codes BCM-0070 pump motor voltage. BCM-0100 communication problems with ECM. As codes seemed to be intermittent, technician recommended replacing BCM to start, since there were pump fault too. The BCM needed further diagnostics. The vehicle in question is a 10 year old vehicle with 154,000 plus miles, hence, the bolts are rusted around module making it difficult to come out. This was explained to the customer.Based on conversation between our service manager and customer, customer did not want to go forward with any repairs, authorized only initial diagnostics fee for $115.00. Customer was unsure if she wanted to repair her vehicle. She needed to speak with her fiance concerning further action and then would contact our service manager to advise on additional repairs. She did not return any calls until end of day. Since she did not wish to complete any repairs, we requested that she please return our service loaner prior to end of day. Her response to our service manager was that she did have plans for the evening and that she did not intend to return the vehicle until the next day when it was convenient for her. The dealership books out service loaners on a daily basis and counts on each vehicle to be returned in a timely manner. When our dealer principal heard of this, he called the customer to advise that she needed to return the vehicle, that it was a courtesy loaner, and that she did not have the right to retain it at her will since it does not belong to her. In the event that she would not return the vehicle in a timely manner, he would contact the local police department to report the vehicle stolen. We try to accommodate and look out for all of our customers. However, we do not appreciate false allegations. Respectfully submitted,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Their explanation of what happened, other than the actual cost of repair and repair diagnosis is fictional. They twisted their account of the facts to appear to have done nothing wrong. In reality, the manager authorized us to take the vehicle home that evening, did not contact [redacted] until she was halfway home (an hour drive around 5pm) and in a snowstorm. [redacted] said she would bring the car back first thing in the morning. The manager was ok with this, but the owner called back and was verbally abisive. The owner repeatidly yelled swore, belittled, and threatened my fiancé. She was so worked up that she had to call the police and have a police escort to the dealership the following morning, which can be documented with police reports. Final Business Response To Whom It May Concern,We disagree with the continued allegations brought forward by Mr. [redacted].In regards to the consumer indicating that he/she DID NOT accept our previous response, this is out of our control. The dealership and its employees including our dealer principal treat all of our clients with respect and expect to be treated likewise.Respectfully submitted,[redacted] Final Consumer Response Oh, yes it was returned. Police escorted Fran in to pick it up safely. We do not request anything else of this company, we just wanted to let other know about this horrible experience. It really wasn't the service or charge that was the issue. It was merely the behavior of the individual that was threatening to Frances. They actually suggested that we did not do the repair, but the reason why she ultimately decided not to was because of the treatment she received. It is hard to understand how anyone could be like this even if you were having a rough day.Thanks again.

Car was sold with promised features it didn't have. It was sold in a condition where it didn't pass [redacted] check. The company will not return my emailsI was going to buy a Saab Convertible 2011 for my husband for a 15 years anniversary gift. I had about 4 different Saabs with low mileage to choose from, all over the US. I know he wants to have bluetooth and park assist, which none of the other Saabs had. I therefore decided to buy the car from Pioneer Saab Volvo, even though it was several thousand dollars higher in price than the comaparable other Saabs, that had the same, or lower mileage, as I was reassured that this Saab had those features.When the car arrived, it not only turns out that it in fact it doesn't have them, but the engine warning light was on. I contacted the dealership and they could only confirm that they had made a mistake, the car didn't have the bluetooth OR the park assist! The engine sign was not a problem, they said. The car had just been serviced by them and I should simply ask the mechanic to switch it off. They offered us to send the car back to them all the way to Ma from Ca or pay for installing those features, and my husband did not want to return the car so we decided to take it to the shop instead. Pioneer Saab Volvo offered to pay only half of the 2,000 dollars that it would cost to put in those parts with original parts whereever possible, from the authorized Saab mechanic. They would pay the full cost if I took it to a non authorized Saab mechanic that would put in generic parts, something we of course were not interested in.So we took it to the mechanic, had the features put in, and then I was going to take it to DMV to get it registered here in CA. They said I needed a smog check, so I went to get that at AAA. Surprisingly, it didn't pass [redacted] smog test, so I had to bring the car to the mechanic again. They saw that the problem was a leak in the exhaust system, and it was going to cost over 800 dollars to repair it. That was why the engine sign was on! When I email Pioneer Saab Volvo to ask them to reimburse me for the cost of the repair, and possibly the cost for the rental car, they wouldn't return my emails. I have sent 4 or more emails, and they simply will not respond.This has been a night mare from beginning to end, I don't know how many hours I've had to spend emailing and calling Pioneer Saab Volvo, going back and forth to the mechanic, car rental place and smog check etc. Things can go wrong when you buy used cars, I understand that, but for Pioneer Saab Volvo to not take their responsibility and compensate me for the repairs is not ok. I wouldn't wish this experience on any one buying a used car!Desired SettlementI have asked that Pioneer Saab Volvo would refund me for the full cost of putting in the promised features, bluetooth and park assist, paying for the repairs in the exhaust system and reimbursing me for expenses such as car rentals and taxi rides that came as a result of having to bring the car to the mechanic. Business Response Contact Email: [redacted]@pioneersaabvolvo.comCase #XXXXXXTo Whom It May Concern:This letter is in response to the complaint brought forward by Ms. [redacted]. Ms. [redacted] purchased the pre-owned 2011 Saab 9-3 convertible from our dealership in fall of last year.Prior to purchasing the vehicle, Ms. [redacted] had the vehicle inspected by a third party to ensure that all was in order. At no time during this inspection were the rear park assist and Bluetooth features mentioned or checked for. Nor did any photos of the vehicle posted to our website and third party websites showed/mentioned/displayed above mentioned features. Initially, our sales consultant Chris emailed Ms. [redacted] with information on the vehicle. He included the above mentioned features in error. As soon as he realized that he made this error, he followed up with a telephone conversation to advise Ms. [redacted] that the vehicle was not equipped with above mentioned features. Ms. [redacted] proceeded to purchase the vehicle and took delivery at her home in Newport Beach, CA. After that she contacted dealership to inform us that the vehicle was not equipped with rear park assist and Bluetooth and suggested several scenarios to deal with the situation.In an email communique of 10/15/2013, she suggested: a. Her own choice of mechanic to check if vehicle was equipped with rear park assist & Bluetooth and any repair costs to be paid by Pioneer b. to have purchase annulled and car returned to our dealership at dealership costc. to have rear park assist & Bluetooth installedThis is the dealership response emailed 10/24/2013: Hi [redacted], Upon reviewing your information about the Bluetooth & Rear Park Assist installation for your 2011 Saab 9-3 convertible, we are proposing the following:1. Bluetooth & Rear Park Assist Install by Al & Ed's AutoSound Huntington BeachIn order to accommodate you, they will come pick up your Saab and deliver it back to you after they have installed Bluetooth and Rear Park Assist. They offer a 1 year warranty on all parts and lifetime warranty on labor.Pioneer Saab Volvo will cover all cost for this. All you have to do is to make arrangements with them for what day you would like to have it done. This should eliminate any inconvenience when it comes to your daily schedule.2. Bluetooth & Rear Park Assist Install by Swedish MechanicIf you wish to have Bluetooth & Rear Park Assist installed by him we will contribute $1,000.00 towards the installation of above equipment. This is based on various quotes for aftermarket from outside sources. 3. Return of Vehicle, Void of Contract and Full RefundIf either solution is not acceptable to you and your husband, we will void the sales agreement and make all necessary transportation arrangements to have the Saab returned to us and refund you your money in full. In this case, the vehicle would need to be in same condition as it was shipped out to you. Ms. [redacted] selected option #2. Based on her selection and in good faith, we issued check #XXXXX in the amount of $1,000.00. Concerning any repairs to the vehicle Ms. [redacted] purchased, we would like to refer her to MA Limited Used Vehicle Warranty. Any repairs applicable under Limited Used Vehicle Warranty would have been completed by our dealership as stipulated by State of Massachusetts. We also informed Ms. [redacted] via letter of availability of Saab Secure Vehicle Service (Warranty) Contracts. She never responded to this information. The vehicle left our dealership in proper mechanical condition. We also emailed the service records to Ms. [redacted]. The vehicle was serviced at 26,246 miles, had its lube, oil, filter change, 4 new tires, 4-wheel alignment, 2nd remote programmed to it, etc. Pioneer Valley Sales & Service, Inc. believes that there is no reason for Ms. [redacted]'s complaint brought forward to Complaint Department, Trade Practices.Respectfully Submitted,[redacted] P [redacted], PresidentPioneer Valley Sales & Service, Inc 413.665.2140

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