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Pit Boss Grills

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Worst customer service ever!!
My husband purchased a vertical smoker from Pitt Boss for me for Christmas last year and it has never worked right. It won't get above 200 degrees but we were told it was because the outside temperature was cold. Well we've used it this summer when temps were almost 100 degrees outside and still have the same problem. We have contacted customer service via phone and email and they refuse to help us. DO NOT EVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! They are st products and customer service is even worse!

Piece of junk but another brand
Worked on last year till it over heated that may have been my fault not cleaning. This year I cleaned out ash bucket used it once next time I used it set temp at 225 it went up over 400. Later smoke followed out of grill seen flames . My tregger never had these issues my advice but a tregger

• Jun 29, 2020

Pit Boss Pellet Grill - horrible and customer service is one of the worst ever!!!!!
Horrible experience. Turn grill to smoke and the fire kept going up so high that the entire grill was fire orange. Burned the paint off and dang near burned down my house. Tried again several times and it is still doing it. Called customer service for months and finally someone said they would send a new mother board. I ask what about the rest of the grill that's torn up because of this issue. They will not do anything. I will never buy another one of these. At Christmas I bought 5 of these for my family. Guess that was a mistake. I will make sure to go buy a Treager and see how it works and might have to replace everyones with a new one. Pit Boss customer service is horrible. Cant get through on the phone. Get emails that parts have been sent and have never shown up.

Let Down
I recently received a PitBoss 820 pro series grill as a Father's Day gift. I have tried to use it twice with very little success. I have experienced very inconsistent burns of the pellets with many pellets not being burned completely. I also have seen excessive smoke, sporadic operation of the fan and flashing in the fire pot. This is not my first smoker but it will likely be my last PitBoss! I honestly would really like to return it because I consider it defective. I tried to call the support like and was on hold for an hour and ten minutes just listening to repeated announcements and poor music.

This thing is junk.
Having same issues so is my son. My tregger holds temp very close to where u set it. This thing is junk

Not a Happy Camper!
I bought a Pit Boss Lexington from Wal-Mart back in Feb. I had really wanted one of these grill for a long time, as a cousin bought one, and I thought they were Quality Grills.
I was well pleased with the Grill and how it cooked.
After only 4 times Cooking on this Grill and 2 days over the 1 month take back to Walmart if it breaks option. The Grill quit working. I called Customer service. By the way the Service number is not easily found. The man on the line was really great to work with and it was determined that both the probe and the control board were bad. He told me he would send both.
Well after missing Memorial day and Father's Day, I still have not received the parts.
I am not very pleased with this product as I have seen a lot of Control board issues.

The way it is going I may get to Grill at Christmas. But as it stands right now I paid good money for a plant stand!
Come on Pit Boss! You need to do better!
I could not skip the ratings star. Did not want to give any stars, but I had to choose one of the options. I will give you a one for the nice gentleman I spoke to first in Service, but that is all!

Terrible customer service
I talked my son into buying a Pit Boss Pro series about 8 months ago. it worked fine for 6 months when it quit working. He called the company in April and they diagnosed the control board had went out already. Understandable I guess, things happen I know, but he was told he wouldn't receive a new one until June 1st? After never receiving it, he called & was told that it would now be the middle of JULY before he received it! They sent him 3 little packets of spice's for his trouble. Might be enough there for a chicken quarter? Just doesn't seem like they really care after you buy one of their products

Customer Service
Purchased an Austin XL on 6/30/2020. Upon first fire up it was obvious the temperature controller was faulty. Set temp showing 375 degrees and actual temp showing 475 degrees. This was verified with a 3rd stand alone temp probe.
Called the warranty number and placed a call back request after being on hold for 30 minutes.
After discussion it was decided the temp probe was most likely faulty and they would have one sent out. At this point I thought ok, pretty good service.
On 6/8/2020 I contacted the company and asked what the status of the replacement probe was as I had no information to date. Was then informed the probe was backordered and would not be available until after 6/28/2020 at the soonest.
Cannot take the machine back to place of purchase. Pit Boss is unable to provide parts in a timely manner so here it sits... I would look elsewhere for your smoker needs. Pit Boss is not a very good choice.

My wife bought me a Pit Boss 700 for my 65th B-Day and after two years of use the control unit went out and with it went two pork shoulders and almost my home. I smoke my shoulders for about 15 hrs.which is an all night process . I use to not worry about but I will never trust a Pit Boss again. I called customer service and Brian is very good at saying we can't help you , but can sell you a new board at apx. $ 150.00. I feel after only two years of use they could at least help with the cost or stand behind their product . Pit Boss should also give warning that this could happen . Pit Boss should warn buyers to never leave the smoker unattended even for 15 hrs. Buyers should just stand there and wait . I have smoked foods for many years with other non pellet smokers and have never lost $100.00 worth of meat. BEWARE .

Cookbooks for grill
Help need some cookbooks for grilling and smoking we are new at this

Cookbook for pit boss
It would be nice to get a cookbook for the pit boss grill besides the ones on the computer we are newbie to smoking and grilling so it would be a big help.we try the smoking but no dice because don’t know what we are doing HELP Please

• Apr 21, 2020

I got my 456d for Christmas after being bought at Lowe's. I've wanted a pellet smoker for awhile. Some of my friends have tragers. I've tried 4 times to use this thing. I have tried different p settings. It will work fine for awhile until you turn your back on it. Then it will go out. Try to fire it up and it's like a blast furnace. My old wood smoker is much more reliable. Very disappointed. Tried customer service. After 3 hours I got a call back and it hung up.

Burn back
I bought a Pit Boss 2 years ago and mine burned back into the pellet box. I purchased a new motor in hopes that was why the auger wasn't working. That didn't help. The burn back melted the plastic bushing which I finally was able to get it to turn but the bushing shrunk due to the heat and the auger is at a angle. Can I purchase the plastic bushing? My Son in Law also has the same grill and his did the exact same thing. It almost caught his deck on fire so I think this is a major issue and a safety concern. I would like to hear if this is a common problem.

For Pit Boss Whiskey Upright...
Just fired up new whiskey still. I have another Pit Boss for last 3 years (PB700FB) and versed in the 'art' of pellet grilling/smoking.
The whiskey still has some design issues though that I need to ask about.

1- With the 'burning temp' set to 350 it will not reach higher than 208 on center rack. Confirmed by it not being able to boil water at all. Appears to be poor design of placement of controller thermal probe. Heat is coming direct off bottom of grease tray, funneling up by the probe, thereby giving false temp readings compared to actual cooking areas. By turning burn diffuser 90deg I was able to attain 275 at the center rack, using meat probe as test. However, that's still a 75deg variance from set temp to probe temp. I believe that's due to placement as I can make a temp probe shield and get temps closer, but shouldn't have to come up with my own mods.
Is there an updated mount for the set temp probe?

2- The pellet bin is not shaped with enough slope to keep auger fed. Using new Pit Boss pellets the auger runs dry with half of the bin still full. It appears there isn't enough slope to the bin. Is there an update for this, as currently the auger runs dry after only couple of hours, while still half full Manual beating it on the side is not what I would expect to have to do.
Response from Pit Boss...(MUST READ, the rep must be a joke)
Thank you for reaching out! With how your unit is behaving in temperature, that is how it is intended to. With this unit specifically, the temperature is always going to be hotter at the bottom then the top. The temperature probe is placed down at the bottom so it can maintain the temperature you would like it set to. We don't have any modifications for this unit as it is working as intended.
As for the pellet hopper. Since the hopper on these units have a flat bottom, it causes the pellet bridging to happen more frequently. We recommend always keeping the hopper at least half way full the whole time. Even then, it can cause the pellets to bridge up and stick to the walls. With that we recommend using Turtle Wax around the hopper so that they slide down a lot easier. You can take the hopper grate off and it will allow better access to that hopper.

Bought a series 4 upright pellet smoker from Lowe’s 2 days before Thanksgiving 2019. Burned it in the day before Thanksgiving and it started fine and temp rose to 325 but the next cycle it did not hold the temp, 200, dropping to 115 and flashing. It did restart and rose to 180 then dropped again to 115 and flashing then went out. Tried again on Thanksgiving day with similar results. Called ‘customer service’ and was told the controller was bad and they’d send a new one. It arrived 8 days later. It took me (an electrics tech) over an hour to replace, fired it up and got the same results... not happy, we had a nice brisket ready to smoke assuming the controller would fix it. Called ‘customer service’ again and was told it was the temp sensor and they’d have one to me in 2 or 3 days. 5 days later I emailed and asked where it was, 2 days after that I get this:
You've had an update to your case inaccurate readings (# XXXXX) on 2019-12-20 14:56:10:
Aubrey said:
cx is upset item has not shipped, would like a delivery date.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us directly at 877.303.3135
So I’m a cx! Wow! The sensor status was updated to shipped the following day. We’ll see if the temp probe fixes it but I’m not overly optimistic at this point. I threatened to return the smoker and she said she was sorry I was having trouble but that I can return it if I wanted to. Haven’t had this bad of ‘cx service’ ever! Will NOT recommend! Zero stars is my rating.

Purchased a pit boss two series Hammerstone finish . Easy to put together! Plugged it in and it was already on but the switch never would turn off! Started to set it ready to preheat for burning it off and got err code and couldn’t set! Next day tried again and after a few times trying finally got it to set heat temperature and timer! Everything going well with the temperature getting up to temp then all of a sudden it started on fire! Since we couldn’t get it to turn off we unplugged it and fire finally out! Cleaned it up and tried again but now nothing but ERR on the screen and beeping sound! It’s toast! Never got to use! Called customer service put on hold for ever left call back # and haven’t heard nothing back! Nephew has the 5 series and loves it! Thought we would get the smaller one which was a bad mistake! Not a friendly smoker!

Used tailgater pit boss 4 times and led panel went out called to buy a replacement found out that it was under warranty lady assured me that I would get a replacement didn't receive product. I called 6 times before I was able to talk to someone the first time 30 minute waits am not calling again Buy a different product and you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

One star is one to much. Purchased the Vertical Digital Electric Smoker (series 3 - model PBV3D1) in January. I've used it three times, and each time the internal heat is twice the set temperature. This has been checked using two separate ambient thermometers. I've called numerous times and get put on hold for hours and then disconnected. Is this why it has a 5-year warranty? Does anyone answer the phone there?

Take a look at my recent post regarding vertical smoker. Maybe you can add some mods yourself as I am doing.

1 star is even too much. My husband and I bought an upright smoker, we unfortunately got rid of our traeger for this piece of crap! It worked one time and quits all the time after that. It throws an error saying it’s too hot, when our food is still raw. I’ve called multiple times, along with leaving emails with no reply. DO NOT BUY THIS!

• Dec 27, 2019

have the same problems on the first 2 times using my smoker, customer service wants to send me a new control panel and temp probe, rather have a new smoker that works like it should.

We shopped and bought a pitboss this past memorial day. It broke the first day fuse was bad so we replaced it. Then ignitor broke. Company said they will send it right out . Today is almost 1 month later and still no ignitor. Called customer service and wait an hour and lady "accidently hung up". When called back she put us on hold again for indefinite time. GO BUY A TRAEGGER BECAUSE THIS COMPANY SUCKS! I CAN NOT EVEN GIVE 1 STAR

I purchased a Pit Boss wood pellet grill and smoker, Model PB700FB, about 8 weeks ago. I have used it 7 or 8 times and have had excellent results. Today I was using it when it suddenly began making a noise like a fan blade was rubbing against something below the Hopper Box Housing where the mechanical parts are. I disassembled the hopper assembly and discovered that the small screw which secures the nylon bushing (Part# 8-PH) on the auger drive to the housing had worked it way out and the auger had moved rearward pushing the motor fan against the housing stalling the motor. It appears the screw was overtightened in the nylon bushing and had stripped the nylon leaving the screw loose which subsequently worked it's way out. I rotated the bushing about a 1/4 turn and re-installed the screw so it was in a different spot. The screw is a wood screw style so with a little pressure I was able to screw it into the nylon bushing taking care not to overtighten and strip out the nylon. I also put a small dab of crazy glue on the screw to ensure it wouldn't come out again. This method of fastening the bushing seems a little under-engineered.

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