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Pit Boss Grills

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Pit Boss Grills Reviews (38)

• Jan 09, 2021

Piece of Sh*T
Same story as everyone else. I am going to try to return/ get refund from Atwood's today. It's been 7 days of HELL.

• Dec 08, 2020

Russian Roulette of Grills
My Pit Boss 1100 is a adventure every time I have a special occasion planned. The first time when I invited friends over for some delicious BBQ. I got the meat prepared and put it on the grill and the temperature climbed from 300 to 500 degrees. I fought the flames and got the meat off. There was a run away fire in the grill. It sits on a wood deck so I started pouring water on it. After calling Pot Boss the lady told me she would send a new power board. That was first of July, I didn’t get the board until late August. It was literally on a slow boat from China.
Today I had some pork steaks that my wife picked out for a special occasion, I start the grill and found it wasn’t heating. I took it apart to check the fire pot and discovered there were no pellets in it. The hopper was full, the auger had quit working. I called customer service and got the their wonderful excuses of why their can’t answer the phone. After a couple of hours a lady called me back and said she was sending me a email, check my email for a auger check list. That was two hours ago, still no email. I am writing this review while on hold with Pit Boss, whoops just got disconnected. They have a great business prevention dept.

Used grill three times and auger locked. wanted to smoke a turkey for thanksgiving. Its a piece of s[censored]. would put no stars if it would let me.

• Nov 22, 2020

JUNK! TailGater
I've owned mine a year now and I'm tired of it breaking. I've replaced the heater twice, the main board, temp sensor, and the nylon bushing on the end of the auger. The auger motor just flops around; it's like it needs some kind of mount. Not to mention their high dollar grill cover that falls apart with in the first year of use. Customer service sucks if you can get them on the phone. I'm ready to throw it out.
JUNK!  TailGater
JUNK!  TailGater
JUNK!  TailGater

Don't waste your time or money-Buy a Weber. They will answer the phone and they have excellent customer service. I used my grill 3 times and requested a simple replacement part and 2 months later they have not responded. Pitt Boss Sucks and I will let everyone know that they don't care about their customers. Wish I could give a 0!

• Oct 28, 2020

best ever
all is well and perfect, cooks great temp stays at the right temp all the time. sears very well.

No bueno
Got one for Christmas 2019 used it twice had issues with it back burning and smoking out the pellet box didn’t think to much about third time tried to use it auger was locked down broke the end off the auger customer service sent me parts I repaired used it one time same thing smokes more out of the pellet hopper than the grill tried it the fourth time augers locked down again haven’t messed with it since not much customer support help either tired of the COVID-19 bs response on the website

• Aug 20, 2020

Money-pit! Don't buy it, don't expect any help!!!
Bought the 1000 but the auger jams when I try to use it. Tried cleaning pellets out 4 different times then pushing a rag through the assembly to make sure it was totally clean. Tried again and auger stops in same spot each time. Tried using the "Ask an expert online" feature to try to figure out how to get it to work. Grill is like new and still under warranty. Typed in description of problem. Get a response that they will connect me to an expert but will cost a dollar. Tried again and said it is under warranty, same response that it will cost a dollar. I have a piece of crap that won't work and I have to pay more for them to possible tell me how to get it to work! NEVER BUY THIS GRILL! Sight made me give them at least 1 star!

• Aug 07, 2020

Pit Boss grill is piece of junk
I've owned the grill 2 years. The auger motor has twisted three times and bent the shaft. I replaced it twice. When I contacted Dansons, the company that makes Pit Boss, they told me that there is a Auger Motor Mounting Bracket that I can install to solve the problem. I asked why this was not installed when it was manufactured. No answer. Since I bought it right before they extended their 1 year warranty to 5 years in 2018, there was nothing they could do about it. I wonder why they increased the warranty? Because these grills are so poorly made, and break all the time. I'm sending mine to the junk yard.
Pit Boss grill is piece of junk
Pit Boss grill is piece of junk

• Aug 06, 2020

I bought the 1100 back in march or may of this year. Since then the caster wheel broke and I called for a new one in June. This is now August and I haven't gotten the wheel yet and now the other one broke. I just called 8-6-2020 to get another wheel and asked how long this is going to take to get the parts I need, and he told me four to six weeks. I'm 63 years old with a bad back and COPD which makes it hard to move it from the garage to the patio because I don't want to get it soaked when it rains. I'm unsure what to do now.

• Jul 17, 2020

Worst customer service ever!!
My husband purchased a vertical smoker from Pitt Boss for me for Christmas last year and it has never worked right. It won't get above 200 degrees but we were told it was because the outside temperature was cold. Well we've used it this summer when temps were almost 100 degrees outside and still have the same problem. We have contacted customer service via phone and email and they refuse to help us. DO NOT EVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! They are st products and customer service is even worse!

Piece of junk but another brand
Worked on last year till it over heated that may have been my fault not cleaning. This year I cleaned out ash bucket used it once next time I used it set temp at 225 it went up over 400. Later smoke followed out of grill seen flames . My tregger never had these issues my advice but a tregger

• Jun 29, 2020

Pit Boss Pellet Grill - horrible and customer service is one of the worst ever!!!!!
Horrible experience. Turn grill to smoke and the fire kept going up so high that the entire grill was fire orange. Burned the paint off and dang near burned down my house. Tried again several times and it is still doing it. Called customer service for months and finally someone said they would send a new mother board. I ask what about the rest of the grill that's torn up because of this issue. They will not do anything. I will never buy another one of these. At Christmas I bought 5 of these for my family. Guess that was a mistake. I will make sure to go buy a Treager and see how it works and might have to replace everyones with a new one. Pit Boss customer service is horrible. Cant get through on the phone. Get emails that parts have been sent and have never shown up.

• Jun 24, 2020

Let Down
I recently received a PitBoss 820 pro series grill as a Father's Day gift. I have tried to use it twice with very little success. I have experienced very inconsistent burns of the pellets with many pellets not being burned completely. I also have seen excessive smoke, sporadic operation of the fan and flashing in the fire pot. This is not my first smoker but it will likely be my last PitBoss! I honestly would really like to return it because I consider it defective. I tried to call the support like and was on hold for an hour and ten minutes just listening to repeated announcements and poor music.

This thing is junk.
Having same issues so is my son. My tregger holds temp very close to where u set it. This thing is junk

• Jun 23, 2020

Not a Happy Camper!
I bought a Pit Boss Lexington from Wal-Mart back in Feb. I had really wanted one of these grill for a long time, as a cousin bought one, and I thought they were Quality Grills.
I was well pleased with the Grill and how it cooked.
After only 4 times Cooking on this Grill and 2 days over the 1 month take back to Walmart if it breaks option. The Grill quit working. I called Customer service. By the way the Service number is not easily found. The man on the line was really great to work with and it was determined that both the probe and the control board were bad. He told me he would send both.
Well after missing Memorial day and Father's Day, I still have not received the parts.
I am not very pleased with this product as I have seen a lot of Control board issues.

The way it is going I may get to Grill at Christmas. But as it stands right now I paid good money for a plant stand!
Come on Pit Boss! You need to do better!
I could not skip the ratings star. Did not want to give any stars, but I had to choose one of the options. I will give you a one for the nice gentleman I spoke to first in Service, but that is all!

• Jun 11, 2020

Terrible customer service
I talked my son into buying a Pit Boss Pro series about 8 months ago. it worked fine for 6 months when it quit working. He called the company in April and they diagnosed the control board had went out already. Understandable I guess, things happen I know, but he was told he wouldn't receive a new one until June 1st? After never receiving it, he called & was told that it would now be the middle of JULY before he received it! They sent him 3 little packets of spice's for his trouble. Might be enough there for a chicken quarter? Just doesn't seem like they really care after you buy one of their products

• Jun 08, 2020

Customer Service
Purchased an Austin XL on 6/30/2020. Upon first fire up it was obvious the temperature controller was faulty. Set temp showing 375 degrees and actual temp showing 475 degrees. This was verified with a 3rd stand alone temp probe.
Called the warranty number and placed a call back request after being on hold for 30 minutes.
After discussion it was decided the temp probe was most likely faulty and they would have one sent out. At this point I thought ok, pretty good service.
On 6/8/2020 I contacted the company and asked what the status of the replacement probe was as I had no information to date. Was then informed the probe was backordered and would not be available until after 6/28/2020 at the soonest.
Cannot take the machine back to place of purchase. Pit Boss is unable to provide parts in a timely manner so here it sits... I would look elsewhere for your smoker needs. Pit Boss is not a very good choice.

My wife bought me a Pit Boss 700 for my 65th B-Day and after two years of use the control unit went out and with it went two pork shoulders and almost my home. I smoke my shoulders for about 15 hrs.which is an all night process . I use to not worry about but I will never trust a Pit Boss again. I called customer service and Brian is very good at saying we can't help you , but can sell you a new board at apx. $ 150.00. I feel after only two years of use they could at least help with the cost or stand behind their product . Pit Boss should also give warning that this could happen . Pit Boss should warn buyers to never leave the smoker unattended even for 15 hrs. Buyers should just stand there and wait . I have smoked foods for many years with other non pellet smokers and have never lost $100.00 worth of meat. BEWARE .

• Apr 26, 2020

Cookbooks for grill
Help need some cookbooks for grilling and smoking we are new at this

• Apr 26, 2020

Cookbook for pit boss
It would be nice to get a cookbook for the pit boss grill besides the ones on the computer we are newbie to smoking and grilling so it would be a big help.we try the smoking but no dice because don’t know what we are doing HELP Please

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