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Planet Fitness Cherry Hill

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I was not aggressive, and don't appreciate lies. I spoke to a different person named Ryan, he was so rude!! And yes I did speak to a news outlet. I had to call their home office because my calls from the gym were very rude. A person from the home office is sending me a small refund!! I still believe I should receive about $80 more dollars!!

To whom this may concern:This matter was resolved on January 7th, 2015 where our business granted the consumers request for a refund of $38.00.  The transaction was made in person here at the gym.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [redacted]  Thank...

you![redacted]Planet Fitness Cherry Hill

Review: I had signed up for a membership on December 29th after getting an advertisement in the mail stating that it was 1 dollar down 10 a month, they had charged me 39 down, which I was not aware of till I received my receipt. I went in on Jan 2nd with my receipt and explained the situation and that I wanted to remain at the gym but wanted my money back, since I wanted the deal I deserved, but they were non compliant refusing to give me my money back and only offering to freeze charges for two months which they hesitantly did even though that's not even close to my full refund. I am very upset with this location her defense was they are independently owned, trying to infer that they can pretty much do whatever they want. Any assistance here would be much appreciated. Thank you.Desired Settlement: I would like the difference from the 39 I put down to the deal I should've received which is 1 down.



To whom this may concern:This matter was resolved on January 7th, 2015 where our business granted the consumers request for a refund of $38.00. The transaction was made in person here at the gym. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [redacted] Thank you![redacted]Planet Fitness Cherry Hill

Review: I signed up with the gyn almost two years ago there is no longer a contract I signed up for $10 per month I only went to the gym 4 times due to health and work schedule since I moved to [redacted] 2 months ago I went online to transfer the membership to the gym closest to where I currently live the online error I gor is member [redacted] is no longer active I called the customer service number listed a customer service rep called me back and told me since this is a independant franchaise they have no say I must call the independanlty owned Gym as recently as December 5 2013 Funds were taken from my checking account to cover these charges that I have not authorized since I notified the [redacted] of moving Again this afternoon I called the Gym [redacted] I asked to speak to the manager I was told he is bust after giveing my name and membership number the front desk person I talked to blocked me from speaking to the manager I hung up called back then sproke to a girl who said her name is [redacted] refused to give her last name told me she cant help me and continued to direct me to a online transfer I told her was not working I explained membership was no active when I triled to transfer I asked for a corporate regional telephone number the person Id as [redacted] refused I asked her for her last name she refused then said the manager I was told was there talking to other members 5 mins before has now gone for the day because it is Friday since my membership has been deactivated I want all the money return that has beDesired Settlement: All monies taken from my checking account returned since the gym deactivated my membership



Ms [redacted] called asking totransfer her membership to a Planet Fitness in [redacted] I informed her thatall transfers are to be done online. (Franchisees are not in control of thistransfer process) All Ms. [redacted] explained to me was that she tried doing thatand it did not work. I continued to try to explain the process and takeher step by step on what she would need to do but at this point she became veryupset and refused to listen to anything I had to say. At this point she wantedto speak to the manager. At this time the manager had already left, so I lether know that I am the assistant manager so I do my best to handle situationsin his place while he is out. (Earlier in the day Ms. [redacted] had spoken toanother employee and at that time the manager was already in the middle ofhandling another situation so we tried leaving a message for him from her butshe hung up on the other employee.) Ouremployees are trained to handle all situations as properly as possible in thesame manner a manager would. Since shewas very upset I told her that she could go to the club that she would like totransfer to and have them give us a call so together we could help get ms[redacted] transferred. Again, she didn’t want to do that or listen to me. Shealso told me she was on her lunch break at work and that she was recording theconversation, becoming aware of that, it made me reluctant to give out my lastname and the manager’s last name since it was irrelevant. Ms. [redacted] had bothof our first names and that is all the information that she needed. She alsoasked for corporate office’s phone number in which we do not have permission togive out but they do have an email address which they have online for ourmembers in which I directed her to but she hung up me. Ms. [redacted] membership is stillactive, although she states it is deactivated. In order for the members toaccess their online account; they need to create a login. In order to do thisthe members must put in their email and create a password. If the email doesnot work the website directs the member to contact their home club location. Atthat point all Ms [redacted] needed to do was give us an email and we would havebeen able to help her create her account. I also gave her the option to contactthe other Planet Fitness and we would speak with them and figure out how to gether transferred. Ms [redacted] went on to say I didn’t help her but when I triedmy best but she refused my help the entire conversation. Ms. [redacted] signed a month to monthmembership agreement allowing Planet Fitness to bill the members account on the17th of every month. In orderto cancel this membership agreement the club requires written notificationdelivered to the club in person (in which a cancellation form is filled out andreceipt is given) or sent through certified mail. If the member can show proof of cancellationvalid to Planet Fitness terms, our company would gladly reimburse her. To this date, Planet Fitness has not receivedcancellation for [redacted] membership or any records indicating she did notwant the membership anymore.

Review: When I signed up for Planet Fitness I was told that I would only be paying my monthly charges of $21.00, never did they advise me of an additional membership charge of $41.73 to be withdrawn from my account. They also stated that it was a no contract membership and that I would have unlimited access to all the gym with my black card. That information was incorrect as well because if you use your black card in another gym besides the one you signed up at, you only have a minimal amounts of visits to go to another gym. I contacted my local planet fitness and they advised me to call corporate which I contacted my and were unable to resolve my issue. I spoke to [redacted] at Planet Fitness in Cherry Hill which told me he couldn't resolve my issue to contact corporate. I called corporate and spoke to Sydney an she stated she could not refund me the $41.73 that it was too late.Desired Settlement: I would my refund back in my account of $41.73.

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Description: Health Clubs

Address: 2005 Route 70 E, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States, 08003


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