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The store on West Ave. on 5/15/2017 employs rude clerks. When I went inside, I saw everyone just standing around, and the lady instigated an argument. I could totally tell the guys there just wanted a woman to get laid with, so they went along with her angry white priviledged faux "liberal" ivory tower shenanigans. Your employees are shallow. I just look straight. I will never shop at Planet K ever again!


I purchased an E-cigarette from the New Braunfels location last night, and my experience in that store was dreadful. As I walked in the employees were very sweet, but far from knowledgeable. I spoke to one employee, and he ended up selling me an E-cigarette and 2 bottles of Juice. When I left, the E-cigarette was correct, but it had been placed in the wrong box and I was charged incorrectly. He had accidentally given me the box of a more expensive E-cigarette, $20 more to be exact.
I didn't notice until I had gotten all the way home, but I promptly turned around to get it situated. What would have been a 5 minute fix turned into a WHOLE ordeal because the employees had no authority to issue my $20 refund. They apologized for his mistake, but they had to call their managers for permission to give me the refund for a mistake they made, and the managers were less than helpful. She offered only to either give me the more expensive E-cigarette I had actually paid for, or give me $20 in store credit.
Because this was the employees mistake, I should absolutely not have to receive store credit. That is ridiculous. The longer I argued the more upset I became. On top of that, as I was speaking to another one of the employees, he said I hadn't even purchased the correct Juice. The Juice the first employee recommended to me was not the right one for my E-cigarette.
At this point, I am completely upset that this very small mistake was blown out of proportion. I was left with the charger and box for a $100 E-cigarette, yet I have the $80 E-cigarette, and two useless bottles of the incorrect Juice. Since the company quite literally stole $20 from me, I left all of the items there and have ZERO intentions of returning. What a disappointment.


Review: On April the 2nd at approximately 10:30pm I had purchased a whipped cream dispenser from the Planet K [redacted] location, immediately went home and tested the product out for any defects and sure enough there was a leak . I went back to the location and only wanted to exchange the item but with that particular location being infamous for having poor customer service and condescending attitude of course the did not because of a ridiculous no return policy. I had the associate helping me contact the store manager, who is from what I believe the enabler for this type bad of service based on previous bad experiences, did not grant me this request for a defective item. What was extremely upsetting was that the associate told the manager on the phone " I explained the policy to him but he got pissy about it". Now the entire conversation took place at the counter right in front of me. I was offended on so many levels and still am because nobody, especially a frequent paying customer, deserves to be disrespected in such a manner. I called the [redacted] location and spoke with the manager on duty there and was promised a call back but never got one. Before I left the store another associate wrote down my number on a post it, then put it on the defected item and stored it in the stockroom without explaining to me what steps were going to be taken after that. The next day I called the [redacted] location and spoke with the store manager there giving him a fully detailed explanation of my experience and was again given a promise of a solution but again was never contacted. Now it has been well over a month and no effort has been taken to resolve this issue on Planet K's part. Not only was I disrespected but was robbed for $40+ since the item was kept by the store. I am insulted and upset by this treatment and hope that this matter can be resolved as promptly as possible?Desired Settlement: Refund and Compensation for inconvenience



See attached business response.

[ converted the PDF attachment and copied it below; thus, formatting irregularities may occur.] Complaint- ID [redacted] Indoor Weather Professionals

This matter was

taken care of on Monday, August 5, 2013. [redacted] is out on maternity leave

and did not forward her email or this matter would have been responded to in a much

more timely manner. It was totally our fault. We appreciate Mr. [redacted] and his business.

We hope he is currently satisfied with the honesty and integrity of our company

and doesn't hold this blunder against us.



Sent: Monday, August **, 2013 [redacted] PM

the customer brought in an allegedly defective product. our policy is no

cash refunds however we will exchange defective items for the same product, and

certain items may be exchanged for store credit, and this particular product

was one of those. the customer told the clerk his item was defective and he did

not want to exchange it for the same item however a different product. the

clerk called the manager at 11pm and woke her up to find out if this was ok. at

this time the clerk had not tested the product and the manager was under the

impression the product did not work, unaware if it was sold broken, or broken

after it left the store. the manager told the clerk to offer the customer the

same exact product in exchange, however, if he didnt want to do an even

exchange for the same product she would call him in the morning and work it out

with him. at that point the clerk tried to give the customer his product back

and he refused it and walked out. the following morning the manager checked the

product and found it to be in perfect working order and no leaks. she called

the customer and left a message as he did not pick up the phone. the manager of

this store has told me, convincingly, that over a period of about 2 weeks she

called the customer a total of 5 times, 3 of those times leaving a message. she

intended to inform him his product did not have a leak and it was in perfect

working order and would test it with him when he came to pick it up so he could

see. he never called back.

I do personally recall receiving a message from a manager at one of my other

stores who explained this issue to me after the customer called him. I tried to

call the customer and received no answer. I left a message explaining that he

was welcome to go into the store he bought the product from and we would work

things out with him.

for the record, I treat these instances on a case by case basis. we have quite

a few products, personal health items, vitamins, etc. that we we do not to

returns or exchanges on. there are very clear signs when this is the case, and

the clerks inform the customers at the point of sale when this applies.

however, for items that arent in the category if the product is defective, or

in good working order but the customer just changed their mind, we generally exchange

for the same item, or equal value items. we very rarely give cash back and this

is made clear in our stores.

the problem here is that the customer repeatedly explained that his product did

not work, when it clearly did. I tested it myself. all he needed to do was

return a call or come back into the store he bought it from and that would have

been explained and shown to him.

over a month later the customer came in the store and retrieved the product,

which was kept there until this issue was resolved. it worked when he bought

it, and it worked when he came to pick it up. we are very sorry that this

customer feels he had a negative experience, however I feel we made fair and

honest attempts to make him happy, and no one in my store was out of line. not

to mention without a return phone call it makes it pretty difficult to solve an


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Description: Adult Novelties

Address: 910 N I 35, San Marcos, Texas, United States, 78666-7028


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