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Planitroi, Inc.

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Crappy Company - Shysters
I purchased a laptop from Best Buy that was supposedly covered by these clowns. The screen began to bleed through on the left side. Cost me $65 to ship it, then they tell me the screen is cracked on the inside, and they don't cover that. I didn't drop the laptop at all, and they told me I should have returned it when I received it? It wasn't bleeding out then. How am I supposed to see the crack if it is on the inside? I will never buy anything covered by these i[censored] again. I have used Square Trade on eBay several times and never had an issue like this. These jokers are i[censored] shysters and scammers. Don't ever use these bozos!

Give you defective product and blame you for it
Purchased and received a refurished Lenovo T460 laptop. Noticed several keys would not spring back up after pressing them. Obtain a RMA from the support and sent the laptop back to their facility ($25 shpping). 2 weeks later, it came back with broken hole on the top lid and nothing was fixed. Called the support and they claim they received the laptop with broken lid and there's water/mosture damage and therfore, warranty is voided. I was speechless flabbergasted and hang up the phone. No use talking to blatant liers. Their website tauts how they serve under underprivileged. My experiece tells me how they do this with ill-gotten gain. Sick.
Give you defective product and blame you for it
Give you defective product and blame you for it
Give you defective product and blame you for it

Loss of a decade of data due to faulty product
I purchased a refurbished laptop from PlanITROI which came with a faulty power cord, and 11 months after purchase the cord no longer worked at all and my laptop subsequently lost power, died, and couldn't be turned back on with the power cord (a common problem I see from other reviews online with them). I sent it back to PlanITROI along with the "Problem Description Form" they ask customers to complete. On that form I indicated my data was not backed up (I couldn't turn on my laptop to do so), and asked them not to wipe my data and provided my phone number hoping they would call me on how to proceed once they could power it back on. About two weeks later I received my laptop back with a new power cord and the unit's memory wiped and OS reset.

The solution was a working power cord yet because they couldn't log into my laptop they reset it, erasing more than a decade of data, projects, and family photos. They have unprofessional/no customer support business processes (they evidently don’t read the forms they ask clients to fill out), their client communication is poor, and they do not care about remedying their mistakes. if I knew acquiring a refurb from them would cost me years of sentimental and monetary data I would not have purchased from them in the first place. I see other reviews online with the same sentiment as mine here, I hope we can save other consumers from purchasing from PlanITROI and find a more reputable and honest technology re-seller.

The sentimental and monetary value of the data they destroyed is in the thousands of dollars, but since they deleted the evidence of this I believe it would be fair for them to at the least refund me the purchase price for their faulty product.

The company sold a defective product and requires the consumer to provide financial resources to provide a resolution. and the company itself identified the product as defective, which should be remedied through the warranty. This should not be the consumer's issue as it was not at the fault of the consumer.

Planitroi, Inc. Response • Mar 05, 2020

Please see answer below for the customer:

“We reviewed the information provided and performed a search in our system for the customer information and are unable to locate any order or communication under the name provided in the complaint. Please have the customer reach out to us directly to provide order number, model and serial or plan ID so we may track the history and attempt resolution to satisfy our valued customer. “

Since this is my first time submitting this, I hope I provided everything you need.

Thank you,Victoria F

Victoria F

Customer Response • Mar 17, 2020


I am rejecting this response because:the receipt for which? It was provided to customer service already. Pictures prove it and is attached

Planitroi, Inc. Response • Mar 23, 2020

Good evening

I'd like to offer you an gift card to reimburse you for the shipping cost.

Would you please verify your shipping address/

Thank you,Victoria F

Customer Response • Mar 24, 2020


I am rejecting this response because:I will provide my shipping address through private email for security purposes. I accept the gift card response but want it to ship before this closes. Thank you!


the battery life is bad. When I purchased the devise it read up to 8 hours. When fully charged it reads 2 hours. After disconnected the time drops by 15 minutes and within 30 minutes the time left is 45 minutes. This is not a device that can be used away from an electrical outlet. Don't recommend.

bought a desk top and when it arrived it works very well...then slowly but surely it did by one, it began fading. it would suddenly shut down..couldn't restart it, sometimes till the next day, etc...weird error codes came up. Thats not the worst.
Spent HOURS on hold trying to speak to someone about it; find out where to send it back to etc...never ever got any response..emailed them repeatedly, never got any response...I am stuck..I have no recourse...I also don't have a computer.


Review: I have received 2 computers in succession from them-the first was terribly defective in many ways. It was difficult to get them to pick it up even though they said they would--they kept not responding. Finally they did respond and sent me a replacement, but this one has had a small hardware problem (the connector for the monitor just pulled out when I went to disconnect the monitor) but it also has a large software problem with the [redacted] which makes it impossible to perform in the way I need it to. I also think there is something wrong with the USB plugs. I have called and emailed and the cust serv person swore someone would call me this week & I gave many times of availability. They never responded. I finally said I wanted to return it and would like it picked up with a label at my home since I have a broken hand & foot. The return by date is approaching & it seems they've been delaying to go past it. At any rate, I have been not responded to and nothing has been taken care of and I think their refurbishing is not at all what it should be. I want to return it and get a full refund, & I want it picked up at my home.Desired Settlement: I want this computer to be picked up by their mail carrier to be returned to them as they did with the first defective one. I want a full refund on it. I want them to take care of the shipping costs to me and back since it is defective.


Review: I purchased a laptop from this company through [redacted]. The laptop would never charged, but worked as long as it was plugged in. Now the laptop will not charge or turn on. Company will not return calls left on answering machines, and emails go undeliverable.Desired Settlement: I would like to return laptop and be issued a full refund plus shipping charges. Purchase price was $224.16


Review: 0n 7/5/2014, purchased a Lenovo T410 laptop refurb thru [redacted] and it came with a warranty ( serviced through PlanITROI. Have called about an issue I am having currently with the laptop (1st issue they resolved successfully) but have received to date no response either by return call or e-mail (this was 9/15/2014). Called again this evening and left a vm (10/5/2014) and also sent another email.Desired Settlement: Keys are sticking on the laptop and have since we purchased it. Also, the battery life is only 2 hours, which is less than advertised. Also, whole paragraphs dissapear for no reason when typing using MS Word. We just want the unit fixed as per the backed4life warranty or replaced if they cannot fix it with a comparable or better laptop. It also came with a charger whose wattage was not rated for the laptop which would overheat when it was plugged in to charge the battery. We paid $523.81 before tax and shipping, which included the warranty.


Review: I ordered a Laptop through staples on August 22 2014. PlanitRoi Printed a Fed-EX label on August 26, FOUR DAYS LATER, And never called Fed-EX to Schedule a pick up. Today is September Fourth and my laptop still has not been picked up by Fed-EX.Desired Settlement: laptop to be shipped out right away


Review: I purchased a refurbished computer, and which came with the proper documentation that included statements of the warranty period and what was covered and if there was an issue how to go about getting it repaired or replaced, I have been calling repeatedly and leaving messages, also trying every other way I can to reach out and I am just being ignored and know one is even willing to return a call, they do not even answer the phones here. So now I have been left with no other option but to make this complaint and inform the world of this company and what they are actually doing and to stay away if looking to buy. The computer I purchased started out fine the first day loaded up like it was the best thing in the world, then within the week I start seeing pieces of the computer coming unglued and actually falling to pieces. Then it starts making weird noises like it is broken internally which these are extremely loud noises, soI am trying to practice my warranty rights and now they just ignore you and will not return a call, they do not even have a live person answer it is always an answering machine that states we will get right back to you, and then you wait days, weeks, now almost months to where my warranty is almost expired and I have been reaching out for a few months now and get no return call.

I highly recommend everyone look elsewhere before buying from this company as they have found a legit way to rip people off, by charging to dispose of old computers, and then take the good parts out of 100 old computers to make a working computer then sell it and not guarantee as they state they willDesired Settlement: I would like my computer repaired, or replaced with the identical model and system as I purchased that is not having issues, and has been fully refurbished as stated per all the site info, and links that go to this company, this computer shouldn't be falling apart while just sitting there, and shouldn't make loud noises that make it so you cannot even here what other people are saying in the same room

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Description: Computers - Sys Designers & Consult

Address: 100 Ford Rd, Ste 10, Denville, New Jersey, United States, 07834


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