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Platinum Moving Services

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Review: Below I will list my grievances as I believe there was severe breaches in contract from service provider to client. Original grievence: Failure to honor contract due to improper notification of mover's arrival. Following this, Platinum Moving never called to communicated with client to notify of changes to schedule. See description.

My move was scheduled to occur on June 5 or 6. Dispatch said I would receive a 24-hour notice prior to the arrival of the movers. On June 5th, I received a call from the movers that they would be arriving in 25 minutes. I immediately called dispatch to check in and explained they never called and the response I received was, "what do you want me to do about it" in a rude and condescending tone. Dispatch said they called the day before, but my very active phone showed no record of this. In the file it said the number was disconnected, even though I received multiple phone calls prior to.

We were able to delay the movers by several hours. They got pulled over by the police for exceeding the hours per day allotment. Dispatch never called me, ever, and this was the last I was in contact with dispatch, not by my choice but by their poor communication. I communicated directly with the driver of the truck from here on out.

When the movers arrived at 2030, they came in and said their moving price was 4,800$. Which was well over the quote given by platinum.

Before we signed any papers, [redacted] (not real name) tried to move his truck to the back of our unit and ended up taking down the neighbors cable lines. He refused to give us his identification and insurance information and tried to give me a "deal" on the moving quote if I were to take care of the cable lines. After quite a power struggle, and talking with [redacted]'s boss, we were able to get his drivers license information. [redacted] was under 21 and just a boy. Perhaps a hard worker, but did not display the moral, responsibility, and character traits in which I look for in people. Needless to say, after trying to bail on being accountable for knocking down cables, and being so unwilling to give me his name (he gave me aliases prior to talking to his boss) I ended up refusing to let these kids move my stuff across country.

The next day I contacted [redacted], who gave us the original quote. I listed a recap of the grievances and requested a phone call. It has been 5 days and I have not heard from anyone from Platinum.Desired Settlement: Due to gross mishandeling of protocol and breach in contract, I request a refund of the $283 USD down payment.



addressing the incomplete complaint, the name on file should be [redacted]. I did not see where I could edit my original complaint. Please let me know if this is sufficient enough to continue. Thank you.



[redacted]:53 AM (1 hour ago)to me [redacted]Ph.: ###-###-####, Fax.: ###-###-####email: [redacted]Like Us on Facebook Dear [redacted]: In reply to your e-mail, we inform you that we have not provided any services to **. [redacted].If [redacted] is a military family, probably the company that give him assistance in his move process,Is Platinum Mover located in Baltimore and the phone number of them is [redacted]. Our company is not involved in any complain, so please cross any negative records from your system, or let us knowIf we need to write a letter or what other document will no need to have clean our records. Regards [redacted] From: [redacted] [mailto:[redacted]

Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 9:47 AM

Review: I had [redacted], a moving consultant, come to my house and do an estimate, over a month ago. I have called at least once a week, to a woman, only know to me as [redacted], to obtain the quote, but simply am told that it will be ready "tomorrow". I have a deadline looming and need to find a competent moving company. However, this company does not seem to have the desire to conduct businessDesired Settlement: I wish the company to send me a quote as soon as possible so that I may decide if I wish to use their services. Further, I wish that the head of the company to be informed of [redacted]'s practices.



Dear [redacted]: In reference of the above complaint, we inform you the following: Platinum Moving Services did not provide any moving services for **. [redacted]. He contacted us in the middle of July, for an estimate to ship his personal effects to [redacted], Mexico. In order to provide him the quotation, first, we contacted the steamship that we use, to determine the ocean freight rate for the transportation services for an small shipment in a wooden box.We also sent an e-mail to the export department of the same company, inquiring as to the ocean freight charges for this shipment.Unfortunally we never received any rate from this company. Small shipments are more difficult to handle than in metal containers and can sometimes create problems finding ocean carriers.We know only one steamship company that provides the transportation services to [redacted]. There are not many carriers going to this destination.Since we couldn’t find the ocean freight rate we couldn’t provide the quotation to **. [redacted].At the time that **. [redacted] called us, it was the high season in this industry, and it takes more time to receive the information.When **. [redacted] called us we told him that we were trying to find the information for his move.It was our understanding that he was getting quotes from several moving companies, and since we were unable to provide him a quotation, assumed he had used another company to complete his move. It was a misunderstanding on our part. Now that we have received his complaint, we have sent him an email to inquire if he is still looking for a quotation or has already completed his move. If he still desires a quotation from us, we will provide as soon as we can gather all the information from the ocean carriers. That is all we can offer to this gentlemen as we have not transacted any business with him at this point. If you need more information please let us know. Sincerely, [redacted] Business Manager

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Description: Freight Forwarding, Movers

Address: 18994 Bonanza Way, Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States, 20879-1515


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