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PLS Check Cashers

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• Apr 05, 2021


• Dec 03, 2020

Extremely Rude Behavior
My name is Cheryl Driskell, age 65. I would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the extremely rude treatment I received by one of your employees at your store 1008 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11226. It occurred approximately 9am on 11/30/2020. I couldn't get the employees name bus he was one of the two employees in the store. I was standing in front of window 2. I gave the woman $920.20 and asked for a money order for $903.20. After counting the money several times, I was asked for $ 3.00 to complete the transaction. I stated that I gave her the money. She began screaming at me at the top of her voice stating that I was lying because she counted the money. She continued to rant and yell at me using slang language I didn't understand. I asked her to calm down because an error was made but she continued yelling telling me to look at a machine and I was trying to cheat. I informed her that her accusations and behavior was a reflection of who she was, not me. She continued her rant in Spanish as she sat down in a seat by window 1. Your other employee stepped in, counted the money and gave me $17.00 change. The yelling continued in Spanish and I stated that I believed that I should receive an apology from her. She continued her rant towards me. I
I have been a long time customer at your store and was most upset and embarrassed by this event. I hope this letter explains my feelings and disappointment with what occurred. I would not like this to happen to me or any other customer and hope that corrective measures are taken swiftly. Customer

Hello [redacted] , A deposit refund check was mailed out 8/10/in the amount of $We had not received notification that [redacted] did not receive his refund checkWe are cutting a new check and will contact the resident when it is ready to personally pick up in the leasing officeThank you, [redacted] [redacted] Business ManagerAbelia FlatsN.FM 620, Austin, TX [redacted] | | #LincolnPropCo At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding PLS Check Cashing has been resolved The finnaly cashed my check after holding it for almost and a half weeks but you should still infestigate them Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Damaged gutter trying to back out of driveway after removing a hanging limb from my treeRefuses to pay for entire cost of repair this time, my complaint, ID *** regarding PLS Check Cashers has been resolved
(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)
Sincerely,*** *** this time, I have not been contacted by PLS Check Cashers regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,
*** ***

I had funds sends to me from red cross to help pay for funeral, western union told me that
PLS would help me with funds transfer but when drove over an hour to get there they told me "they don't do red cross" and refused to help me! thanks for nothing PLS I hope your happy!

Hello [redacted], A deposit refund check was mailed out 8/10/16 in the amount of $109.70. We had not received notification that [redacted] did not receive his refund check. We are cutting a new check and will contact the resident when it is ready to personally pick up in the leasing...

office. Thank you,[redacted] 
[redacted]Business ManagerAbelia Flats8225 N.FM 620, Austin, TX 78726[redacted] | | #LincolnPropCo

I purchased 2 money orders for rent. A week later, my landlord says he never received the rent. I went to PLS to do a stop payment, but I didn't have my stubs because my wallet was stolen and the stubs were in my wallet. The customer service lady was able to locate the 2 money orders and was able to verify that they had not been cashed yet, but yet she still needed the stubs to do a stop payment on them. How could you locate them but yet still not be able to help?
At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding PLS Check Cashing has been resolved.
The finnaly cashed my check after holding it for almost 2 and a half weeks
but you should still infestigate...


Never use PLS AGAIN for the last 3 months I have had to pay double utilities after paying them at PLS.MY Phone Electric n Water Co.said they never received them and I pay the total amount. Ithought I was loosing my mind its not me but PLS and their M.O.loose info on front and have it looks like black oil spots on it to where you can't see date, amount or to whom it wad sent. Also ???? bill was sent to Cingular isn't that s cell ???? co.

Bronx Location - Grand Concourse ; My money order was "cashed without signature" whatever that means. I just no its been a couple of months and still have not gotten any acknowledgement that the matter is being looked into even after following up. I've lived in the neighborhood numerous years and never had an issue with mail. Free Money Orders is being fished out of mailboxes & being deposited, approved and cashed. Refunds should be as simple. Nothing is never FREE its always a price.
Lydia Smith

Hello I purchased a money order for my mortgage at the pls location in Columbus Ohio, S. Hamilton rd. Later to find out my mortgage company NEVER received the mortgage . I then go back to pls check cashiers pay $15.00 to trace the money order. Find out the money order was cashed fraudenlty by the branch manager in another state. I then go to my local police department fill out a police report. Take the necessary information back to pls to prove this money order was cashed fraudenltly by someone other than my mortgage company. It has been almost two months know NO phone call from the store manager Mel or the district manager Dawn in Chicago Illinois. Who promised to handle this issue. I have been getting the run around. I have contacted my local and also thinking about filling a small claims case.. I was on the verge of loosing my home due this money order being stolen not to mention I am a single mother don't have $1239 just to give away twice.. What other options do I have? The bank has verified they did not sign the back of the money order I was charged a late fee for the mortgage the bank did not receive.. Also I faxed over a copy to the US BANK in Minnesota where the money order was cashed fraudulently branch manager "David" states account was open fraudently.. Any help for me? I have made several attempts to reach out to DAWN district manager in Illinois he has been blowing me off

I had a check for a 401k cash out . I used to regularly cash checks through Pls when I lived in Dallas and I'm currently living in La Porte , Texas. I took the check to PLS 6868 Spencer Highway Pasadena, Texas 77505.
The check was written off Citibank and I was asked for paperwork and I showed them the email and correspondence from the bank with contact numbers that they asked for.
After about 45 minutes they said they would cash the check for a $200 + fee.
The check was 2,052.00.
I was embarrassed and there was a long line behind me and I said yes which I instantly regretted. I had been a regular customer for years and I presented a valid local drivers license. I'm trying to understand why I was charged such a hefty fee.

Review: I purchased a money the money order out dropped it in the mail box and a month latter my Landlord had never received my rent. I investigated further And paid Pls for a trace on the money order which cost $10 they stated that the money order was forged and cashed by someone other than My landlord they asked me for a Notarized letter from my Landlord stating he did not receive the rent money. I had to also notarize an affidavit with copies of original money order receipt ID and everything they asked for. I have been waiting for my money refund since they acknowledged that it was forged and the bank called them to confirm cashing this money order but the person still could go ahead and cashed the money order. I have gone to Pls this check cashing place for 8 months and I get no answer. While going to the cashing place I have notice that more than 50 people have had the same problem there money orders stolen and easily forged.Desired Settlement: I would like my hard earned rent money to be refunded since there money order didn't have the security features needed and when they called to confirm from the bank my money order was cashed anyway by a [redacted] Bank.I would like my $969 which I paid for my money order refunded It has been more than 8 months. They never have any idea of what is happening or when they will pay me...



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Hello how are you hope all is well thank you for acting on my complaint I have received a refund for my money order in the mail by Pls cash checking service thank you for your help...

I'm in New York City and having the same problem with their money orders not being received. The money orders are free but its a $15 fee to do a tracer. One money order was process without a signature. I have to wait 3 months just for a follower and a refund is a 2 year wait. something is differently wrong with PLS

Review: Received personal money order as a gift for 70$ went to this location to cash on 12-**-2013 they said 7 business days it is now 1-**-2014 they give me a run around about the money order not going through so I contacted the bank and the ban said the money order went throughPLS refuses to give me my fundscan you help?Desired Settlement: I want my funds and for the check chasing fee to be wave3d plus interest and a public apology



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding PLS Check Cashing has been resolved.

The finnaly cashed my check after holding it for almost 2 and a half weeks

but you should still infestigate them


Review: I purchased 2 money orders from PLS and mailed them to my landlord, since the landlord never received them I tried to put a stop payment on them but I was told to wait a while, then a week later I was told that both checks were stolen and cashed. Both checks were made payable to Optimum Equity LLC (my landlord) and it seems that an individual had cashed the money orders according to the copies of the signatures. It took PLS over a year to give me a refund on one money order and not the second one. I am entitled to to the payments of both money orders since they were stolen the same time and cashed by the same individual.

Money order #[redacted] and the amount is $492.41

I made countless visits to the PLS and I even called multiple times at their headquarters ###-###-####Desired Settlement: I would like to have my check back very much the same way that they had refunded the first check. I provided PLS al the information and necessary paperwork (affidavit of service on the [redacted] of February and letter from my landlord (Optimum Equity)



At this time, I have not been contacted by PLS Check Cashers regarding complaint ID [redacted].

They will never contact me, I try to get a response from them to resolve the matter but they keep asking me to contact them in a few weeks, they simply are waiting to have this matter disappear without having to do anything. What are my options? now since I know that they wont try to resolve the issue.


I bought a money order on July 12
I gave the super the check to give it to the landlord
Now the landlord said that he did not have it
The super said to me yes he did give it to him
Oh I have to talk to Mike
Today he said he doesn't t remember
That depends of what his landlord tells him
Please I want you to help me
I tossed the stub

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