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Plumb Krazy

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We received your email about this complaint but it was sent to our personal email account and I dismissed as being a hoax. We did not receive any phone calls as noted on your certified letter. [redacted] did contact me about pricing a water heater, saying she had not had hot water for days and had little...

ones at home.  She wanted a specific kind of water heater and did not want a Menard's brand water heater. I told her that we didn't have one on hand, but I could go pick one up the next morning from our wholesale house and install it upon our return.  I gave her a verbal quote over the phone.  She called back and said she was going to go with us like she stated in her complaint.  This is a VERBAL CONTRACT.  She wanted a proposal in writing so I emailed one to her.  I can forward this email to you if you were to provide me with an email.  The next morning, I made the 2 hour round trip to pick up and pay for the water heater.  I stopped by the office to listen to our voice messages and that is when we heard their message left 10 minutes prior (at 2:24 PM) about the church and the outfit in Cokato.  I called her back and she stated the church let her know about this at 11:30 the night before and she choose not to say anything at that point, but to wait until after we had picked up the water heater. They never said anything about not being able to afford this water heater.  When I gave her the quote over the phone, I told her we would need a check in that amount at the time the water heater was installed and [redacted] said that would be no problem that it would be in cash.  Had they told us they could not afford the water heater, we would have said that we were sorry, but we would not be able to help them.    Please let me know if you need further information.  We will be leaving town on June 29th and returning on July 10th.

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Address: 791 E 157th St, Cleveland, OH, 44110-3036


(440) 813-3311

Website: https://www.gleenmanagement.com/

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