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Poochie Couture

883 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, Florida, United States, 33432-5105

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2 puppies very sick. 1st French Bulldog with parasites and a testicle not down. Under my warranty I am allowed to return because of this defect. Owner *** refused and forced me to get a neuter at his vet. My 4 pound Klee Kai I purchased 1 week prior to pick up because he was sick with kennel cough and they treated him in house at the pet store. I picked him up coughing 3months later after many tests and bills he is still sick. My french bulldog is from a broker puppy mill and I have all the paper work, new articles and proof of Violations against her. Pooch Couture Logo under their name on website states "Only the best A plus Breeders( that is a lie) Many sick dogs have *** sold from here as per the reviews. I was lied to and this is Fraud. My Klee Kai came from a puppy mill Broker JSAKS Puppies and I have all documents on that as well. All Vets no about Jaks Puppies as a puppy mill. I was dumb and was not aware of the puppy mill thing. *** the owner called me after I left a negative review and said I will call Dr *** at Wolfgang vet and tell him to treat the dogs for what ever tests he thinks are necessary in return I take down the bad review. I agreed. I week later he says only whats under warranty. I have proof. PLEASE HELP these poop puppies are suffering. I have all record of proof I can mail or email. you website will not allow me to upload files. I have statements from other clients. vet bills with diagnose and suggested treatment.
Product_Or_Service: puppies
Account_Number: #639 and #561

Desired Outcome

Refund Refund of 2 sick puppies from puppy mills. I have spend over $7000,00 in puppies I would expect them to abide to or have some etiquette toward these sick dogs. I have spent a lot on vet bills including 2 sets of X-rays close to $800.00. I have a warranty and their veterinary as to the conversation he will pay what ever the puppies need up to the purchase price of the dogs. If I need to subpoena the phone records from my conversation I will. He even said "I don't care if you use up all the money

Poochie Couture Response • Jul 20, 2018

We have been working with *** extensively trying to take care of her puppies. We have provided medical care and treatment above and beyond the puppy warranty. I have provided copies of all signed warranties and medical reimbursements. As of now, several veterinarians have found both pets to be in good health with no covered illnesses. Should either pet be diagnosed with any genetic illnesses within the time of the warranty (1 year from date of purchase) we will continue to provide medical care and reimbursement. It is never our intention to send a puppy home and for it to get a cold or a parasite shortly after. They are, however living creatures and they do get sick. This is why we offer the warranty for them. We stand behind every one of our puppies and never deny coverage for a covered illness. Ms *** was given the opportunity to return the puppies when they were first purchased. She chose to keep them. We care very much for every puppy that comes into our care.

Customer Response • Jul 23, 2018

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Wire wire wire haired touch the honor is in liar attachments all documentation from both my veterinarian which was his temporary bed and *** on the *** and that he used for years which he forced me to go back to under warranty. He did not like that I reported him to animal control another violation so he canceled my pet warranty which is against the lore and Florida lemon law act. He also sold me a French bulldog which was fraud there is no such breeder Add animal control of Palm Beach County gave him a violation for it. Attached you'll find all the medical documentation that proves that both puppies were 6 and today I got him. It's funny how we only send you the puppy contract and some of the vet bills that he paid but he did not forward you any documentation of the vet enarea notes which I will do now. I had spot full return of both puppies amounts that I paid for and all of my veterinarian bills including the $2000 I just spent on the a sophagus wash invasive procedure which his vet was supposed to find a doctor over 6 weeks ago that's puppy neglect on both the pot store and the veterinarian. I won't get into the veterinarian that's on a supper complain and will be handled with my attorney

Poochie Couture Response • Jul 24, 2018

was asked to hospitalize the Klee Kai puppy when he was ill and she declined it at that time. Now that the puppy is in good health we have no reason to cover hospitalizing him nor is it in the best interest of the puppy. Palm beach county animal control did a home visit at Ms ***'s residence and found no health concerns with either pet. She had also issued a charge back to her credit card company therefore is attempting to get the puppies for free. We did offer to return both pets when she originally had them diagnosed and she declined. Just as she declined to hospitalize or do the tracheal wash. We have completed all of responsibilities to her and our warranty and are truly wondering what her intentions are.

Customer Response • Jul 25, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
*** is nothing but a liar. At no time did I ever declined hospitalization. As a matter of fact hospitalization observation with scheduled and took place with the doctor at the hospital who suggested observation at this time is useless she's watched all of my video tapes that I had been documenting since the day this dog came home. Not only did she recommend the a sophic S wash, the pet stores owners veterinary and recommended it for weeks and was trying to get *** to pay for it and *** would not, and also my own vet radiologist report recommended the a sophic is wash at all. When I told the owner that I found the hospital to observation him he declined and said now it would have to be done at his veterinarian. While *** wander declines and said that does no good cause is no one here to watch him at night so that makes no sense. This man contradicts everything his own veterinarian said States little does he know I have all the original medical records that the vetenary in tack printed for me way before I even ask the the vetenary in himself to print it out this way nothing could be changed. This man does not care about his animals I am way over my $4000 that I have spent on this dog in medical care. He said the beginning he would pay for everything up in so the purchase price of the puppy if I took down my negative review. Everything he says is a contradiction. How can I even do any of these when he set me an email voiding the pet warranty which is against the law and the Florida lemon law act. Maybe he should read the law and educate himself a little bit better because I have.
He may it be able to con other people out of their money when their dogs turn ill or they pass away but not me. I care about animals a lot and I will do everything in my power to stop this from ever happening again . The proof is in the documents and the hospital reports and the benary and reports. There's a lot more that I could say but I will not be posting at this time this is my own private information that I will not disclose at this time that I have

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Address: 883 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, Florida, United States, 33432-5105


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