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• Feb 12, 2021

COLD chicken
We have been to the Crescent Blvd. Pennsauken, NJ location many times and it is usually very good. Used to go when they were very busy on a Sunday. We live about 10-15 minutes away. We have gotten chicken home and it was almost too hot to eat. This is the first time we have been there since the trump virus. My wife really wanted to try the chicken sandwich and was happy with it. I got a 2 breast combo and the chicken was cold. NOT room temperature, but COLD. How can that be? Is it because you can't complain because they do NOT answer the phone and you can't go inside? Threw away $16 plus. Really don't know that I can try it again. COLD CHICKEN. HOW CAN THAT BE?

• Dec 18, 2020

Good flavor, small portionx
$ 3.79 for a small portion of coleslaw? The chicken was tasty but the pieces were very small. After removing the breading you can see the chicken is very small. After thinking about portion sizing I feel ripped off!

• Nov 19, 2020

Payed for a three piece chicken and a 6 piece chicken tenders. The attitude of the drive through employee was very disrespectful! My wings was very small so asked for another one, he comes up to me and says: what's up, what's the problem! Then grabs my chicken box and threw it in the garbage, with such an attitude! He was very unprofessional! I called and made a complaint and I'm here to make everyone aware. Please open your box before you drive away! This is the Popeyes on 8701 tonelle avenue north Bergen NJ 07047.

• Oct 28, 2020

Where is our Popeye's store
Hello, we live in the Crystal River, Homosassa area in Florida.
We would like to see a Popeye's store here, the nearest Popeye's is 20 miles away in Ocala Florida, and 35 miles away in Spring Hill Florida. Our area is growing and very popular with the tourists . I'm sure we aren't alone on this subject, I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. The only other chicken store here in our area is K of C not so popular! I think people in our area has had enough of K of C chicken, it's terrible...
Who do we must contact from Popeye's to full-fill our appetite for Popeye's Chicken and don't have to drive miles for a fix of Popeye's Chicken.
Popeye's would be very welcomed here in Crystal River & Homosassa, Florida, a lot of open lot's and empty stores on HWY 19 N & S, come and see for yourself's...
Thank You and really hope to see Popeye's in our area soon!
John Scalise/Homosassa,Florida

We live in Cookeville, Tn. Popeye's has only been here for a short time. We love Popeye's. No complaints with the food. Chicken is always hot and we love the mashed potatoes and spicy gravy. We went in there the other day and it wasn't busy, at all. The tables needed cleaned off and the floor needed swept. Employee's were walking on pieces of chicken on the floor in front of the door that they come out from the kitchen. Water was on the floor between the tables that we were sitting at. I told the employee but made no effort to mop it up. Very disappointed in the cleanliness of the restaurant. To us, cleanliness is as important as the food. Who wants to go in to a restaurant and walk on food that someone else left. Please keep the restaurant clean, if you want people to eat there. Plenty of staff there to clean up.

The manager *** cursed me out hand using curse word and homophobic slurs
Tuesday Feb 16th at 10:amI went to the store and ordered chicken for my workers I saw a unsanitary action taking place so I asked for a refundMr*** asked why I need a refund I began to tell him and he cut me off and said he's not a chefThen I told him if you would let me continue ill tell you what my problem is and he started yelling and cursingcalling me every name in the book

This is ridiculous and unacceptable! I went to Popeyes in Corinth Yesterday (5/3/2018) and there was only one person working, and that was the manager. It was really busy and she was trying to make all the orders by herself. I was waiting for a long time for my meal and I am not complaining about that because she was alone, I am complaining about there not being more people. Does the person making the schedule not know how to put more people on the floor? I felt bad for her trying to do everything by herself. She even had to close the lobby just so she could do the orders on drive thru and it was packed. That is not right for her. She deserves a raise or something for doing it all by herself.. The person making the schedule needs to learn to put more people so this doesn't happen again. This better not happen again..

I am from Michigan, and I was in California for the holidays. I purchased Popeyes chicken in Murrietta, CA and noticed that I wasn`t charged for Jalepeno peppers, but in Michigan I have to pay 69 cent for 1 pepper which I feel is a riduculous price to pay, when in other states the peppers are free. Lee`s chicken gives 5 peppers for a $1.00. Popeyes is very unfair for charging so much for the peppers. The chicken is expensive enough!

Complaint---------- Forwarded message ----------From: [redacted]>Date: Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 4:26 PMSubject: Business ComplaintTo: [email protected] Business Berea3693 Tyndale DriveMemphis, TN 38125RE: POPEYE'S LOUISANA CHICKEN 6546 WINCHESTER RD MEMPHIS, TN 38115 901-794-1354I [redacted] had an incident with the professionalism and the attitude that the associate at Popeye's chicken displayed on the evening of Aug 26, 2015 at around 10:45pm. I arrived at the Popeye's chicken in Memphis, TN at the location listed above. While in line, I was behind a vehicle that was ordering and I heard the associate tell the customer we are all out of chicken he could only order strips. I then heard the associate say that they were out of something else but couldnt really hear what they were out of. when I pulled to the speaker the associated said. What would you like to order? (very rudely) I politely asked the associate could she tell me what they were out of so that I wouldnt repeat the same as the previous customer. She then stated, Sir just go ahead with your order. (very unprofessionial). I then proceeded and asked for the three wing meal and she immediately cut me off and said sir we are all out of chicken. I then politely replied how are you out of chicken at a chicken restaurant? She rudely stated well, we have some but there is a wait time. I really love Popeyes chicken so I said well ma'am I dont mind waiting. She paused and sighed and said it will be a 20 miin wait on chicken. I then replied I dont mind waiting. She yelled to someone in the background (while on the speaker) saying this man said he wanna wait for some chicken. She then in a very riude voice said what side and drink as if she was upset that I said I wanted to wait for some chicken. I told her I would like French Fries and a fruit punch to drink. She did not repeat it back to me, she told me to pull around. When I got to the window she told me my total which was $7.64 for the 3 peice Wing Combo. I handed her my money which was $8.00. She proceeded to give me my change, whiile doing so she literally chucked the change in my hand, dropping a quarter on the ground leaving me with 11 cents and said pull up and hurridly closed the window. By that time it's 10:48pm according to my receipt. While waiting on my food I noticed that the store has closed and they have cut the lights off. It was then 11 o clock. At approximately 11:08 the associate came out to my vehicle with my order, she gave it to me with an attitude. I said thank you and she said nothing and proceeded to walk off. While checking my order I noticed that it was wrong. So I said Ma'am .... excuse me ma'am .... ma'am about 3 times she kept walking as if she couldnt hear me. I got out of my vehile to give her the order back and she closed the door. I knocked on the door and they totally ignored me. I have NEVER experienced anything like this EVER. I have worked in customer service for the past 15 years and the example of customer service that this location exemplified was TERRIBLE. I recieved 3 wings that were cold. NO BISCUIT. NO FRIES. A huge thing of mashed potatoes THAT I DO NOT ORDER and a Soda with no ice. I was HIGHLY UPSET.I still have my receipt of purchase from last night. I have never experienced a situation like this and this has made me not want to ever eat popeyes again. The associate needs to be retrained all over again on her customer service skills or otherwiase find another career that doesnt interact with people. I can't imagine how many customers she has been very rude too.I would aoppreciate if someone could either email me or call me to confirm receipt of my complaint and make sure that it gets to the right person to address thi issue.I have tried to contact someone on the corporate level but have been unsuccesful.When I go to the popeyes website, the customer survey will not allow me to submitt a requestThis is the information that I have but cannot reach anyonePopeye's Louisianna Chicken - Corporate Office[redacted] - CEO[redacted] - Cheif Global Brand Office[redacted] - Cheif Operating Officer[redacted] - Cheif People Experience Officer[redacted] III - ChairmanIm not sure which of these would need to know about this but I would like for them all to know how this particular location is treating their customers.[redacted]Please contact me upon receipt of this email.Recipt info:Drive ThruStore # 4989Date 8/26/2015Register # 4Time: 10:48:12pmOrder 362056Cashier: [redacted]Order# 456Final Consumer Response

Popeye's Chicken located at [redacted] in Memphis, TN. Experienced some very horrible customer service from a Manager name [redacted]. We had a receipt for a free 2 piece meal and biscuit upon the purchase of a drink. The Manager reviewed the receipt and stated to me "The validation code for the free meal looks funny but I'm gone give this chicken." I told her the code was correct because I validated it. She began to become very argue with me at the drive thru and handed my receipt back refusing to give me service. This was very embarrassing and she accused of basically stealing. Corporate headquarters has been contacted. I also advised on how to proceed from a legal standpoint. Hopefully, we can bring a remedy to this situation in a proper manner.Desired SettlementApology from the Manager on duty name [redacted] at the time. Receive my free meal which is valid on the receipt. Corporate remedy what is offered.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]Mr. [redacted] was contacted by [redacted] the supervisor the day after the incident. He received an apology and received the chicken that he had an obviously incorrect code for as well. Let it be known that during his interaction with the manager [redacted], that Mr. [redacted] was belligerent and demeaning in his actions.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This response is very disrespectful as a customer. Yes, I spoke to Mrs. [redacted] and she mentioned that it was corporate issue the codes. The code that was presented comes off an automated system that I as the customer don't have anything to do with. It is obvious that they refuse to accept that they have manager that was disrepctful to a customer. In what was I as a customer belligerent and demeaning. That is a LIE! It would nice to just get a sincere apology but now that is consider slander. If a sincere apology is not given after this, I will have to pursue legal counsel concerning the treatment I have recieved from the manager as well as the response that has been given.

Chicken had paper still on it and fried that way. Along with that management was very unprofessional about my order they had given me.Desired SettlementMy gas being replace having to come and bring the food back.Along with Upper Management talking to employees about cleaniness and an apology.Business Response We took care of Ms. [redacted] the day of the problem we refunded all her money back and we offered her an explanation of the situation. We offered her an apology and she said she was fine.[redacted]General Manager

Review: During my visit at popeyes in raceland I went to the drive thru and placed my order. The manager told me to pull up while I wait on my food. I went to pull over and she yells out of the window that I can't park there. So I went to see why and she caught an attitude about my question. I said mam you don't have to yell and she said "yeah ok just move your car from there."Desired Settlement: That she is told how to talk to her customers.

Review: Waited in line for over 30i minutes for a small order, only to find when I got home, the 2-four piece chicken meals I ordered were incorrect, as both were missing breast meat and biscuits, as I was given 2 wings and 2 thighs in both meals. To make matters worse, , they forgot my 6 biscuits I paid for and they were all out of sweet tea. I tried contacting the store and the phone rang 20 times with no answer and a sudden hang up. Tried phoning again, no answer after 17 rings. I am ten miles, 20 round trip away. There was only one person taking orders, with 10 people behind me. The manager was no where to be found.Desired Settlement: Refund, as the only thing correct with the order were the sides.


Response: spoke with the general manager of the location who stated that the restaurant does not offer refunds, and that their policy is to replace the food items. She said that she will make an exception in this case, and that the customer would need to provide the receipt and bring it to the location, and the general manager would provide a refund.

Review: I purchased a Thanksgiving turkey for around $50. When I took the turkey out the wrapper it fell apart. I couldn't call Popeye that same night because they were closed. However I called the very next day, the manager stated he would have the supervisor call me. I waited on the phone call for one week. After one week I called back and still no information in regards to my call. I was told that they will have him call me again. I still been waiting since November and Popeye managers have an attitude with me , stating that they forward my info to the supervisor and that's all they can do. So I called the customer service number and opened up a claim. The claim has been forward to the corporate office for the location. The corporate office then lets the owner or supervisor of the store know that there is a claim and they need to call me. I've called the corporate office about 8 times and they said that my information has been submitted and that's all they can do. I have been waiting to talk to someone for almost three months now. I believe that they will never call me back. I called the store before I wrote this complaint today, and the manager lady told me that she know all about me calling the customer service complaint line. So now I know that they have received my info and complaint , but they don't care and is not going to call me. She said she would give the supervisor name Khan the message again around 12 or 1:00 because she is to busy and have a lot to do and she was not going to call him for me right now. She had a very bad attitude and it seems as if she is not going to call him. Please help me out!Desired Settlement: I would like a cash refund or I would even be willing to take store credit.




Review: We payed for 11 piece family meal. when we unpacked the order when we were home, we only had a 8 piece meal. They did not give us a receipt with our order. I called the store and asked to speak to the manager , they said no, they would not let me speak to a manager. They said call back later.I feel the worker charged me for a 8 piece meal, and put $5.00 of my money in has pocket, or for took the money for store profit! With no receipt we can not prove what we ordered !

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

Replace the worker that took my money, and the manager that would not come to the phone ! A full refund of money . NO FREE FOOD, I do not want to eat at Popeyes again .

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