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Power Alley Fitness

3131 Smokey Point Dr Ste 2, Arlington, Washington, United States, 98223

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My debit card connected to my account was cancelled due to it being stolen. When I went to sign up on a new card I was told i’d have to pay a $15.00 fee. I told them to cancel my membership and that I’d take my business elsewhere. I never heard from the company over the past few months, and then just a few days ago I got a collections notice on my doorstep for $126.45. I have not been using their provided gym services, and they purposefully did not contact me as to total up the final collections bill. The collections agent I was given “Dave Wright” said he deals with Power Alley Fitness regularly and let’s people get off easy by paying half and cancelling the cases. This business is running a scheme.

Power Alley Fitness Response time Oct 12, 2018

We are sorry that Mr. had this experience.

We have reviewed review the records. Mr. started at our gym in 8/2017. He cancelled his membership in November of 2017 as he was going away to college and would not require our gym any longer. In May of 2018 Mr. re-instated his membership. The very next autopayment was rejected in June of 2018. Then it rejected in July of 2018. We left a Voice Mail for Mr. on 7/16/18 @ 10:22 am to try to clear up this payment. We again tried to process his membership in August of 2018 and again it was rejected. We again left a Voice Message with Mr. on 8/10/18 at 09:34 am. On 8/27/18 his account was sent to our outside collection agency since he did not respond to any of our calls or cancel his account.

On 9/26/18, Auddumn G left another Voice Message with Mr. upon receiving the Complaint Letter. Again this call was not returned.

We do not run any type of scam with our collection agency. They only handle accounts for us that do not respond to our many attempts and trying contact our members or are in past due status on their account. Mr. did not pay his account and did not try to contact us to work out a solution.

Attached are the account notes for his account.

The staff at this gym were not trained how to properly put away equipment and maintain the facility with safety in mind. The result was that weights that had not been put away in a safe manner by gym staff fell off a rack and completely destroyed my phone that was in my gym bag. I presented the issue to them and they had to interest in helping to recover the loss that was due to their negligence. Upon return to my workout, I was (of course) not in the best mood after their response to the issue; they said it was my fault for having my phone there. However, the weights never would have fallen if appropriate measures had been taken. Upon returning to the area where it happened, I tossed the weights out of the way that had fallen on my gym bag. One of the staff members reported me as having "aggressively thrown weights around the gym." I wrote a few negative reviews at various locations about that issue, as well as the plethora of other issues with/at this gym. They then, 2 months later (after my fiance also posted negative experiences that I had replied to on social media) decided to ban me from the gym. The business waited until 1 day after my latest payment for my membership had posted to my account then, and only then, decided to ban me from the gym. I feel that I should be reimbursed for my latest payment, at the very least.

Power Alley Fitness Response time Feb 06, 2018

Our staff is very well
trained, and they do an excellent job of making sure the
facility is tidy and clean. We have signs around the gym with
rules that include asking members to re-rack their
weights and to wipe down machines. This is standard
gym etiquette. As someone who has "been in the
fitness industry for almost 18 years" we would
expect that you know and understand gym etiquette, which also
includes not slamming weight stack on machines. That
action alone is what caused the add-on weights to fall
onto the complainants phone (which was on the open
floor, not in a bag). We did have a staff member and several
other gym members make comment about how said
persons was throwing the add-on weights down the isle of
machines. They were worried for both the
safety of the staff, and other gym users. We had seen the
reviews, and brought them to the owner's attention along
with the incident that occurred. It was then decided that
between the slander of or facility, and for the
safety of our members, it was best not to have him at our
facility any longer. The date of his payment had nothing to do
with his release, and it was not the day after payment.
We received payment on 1-3-18 and dismissed him on
1-9-18. The meeting with the owners was on 1-8 and
Justin was dismissed the following morning. Again,
it had nothing to do with payment, and everything to
do with actions. There is two separate clauses in our
contract that I would like to point out.

1) 'You agree that the Gym at its absolute discretion may
cancel any members membership for any violation
of the gyms regulations and policies as they may be
posted form time to time. Membership is not transferrable.
It is further agreed that all regulations,
policies, facilities, location, services, hours,
rate, annual or monthly dues, and members fees and
charges are subject to change without notice at
the sole discretion of the gym. And such change
does not affect this agreement or agreed payment
schedule, nor release you from any obligation
under this agreement.'

2) 'I understand and agree that neither Power Alley Fitness,
nor any of its owners, officers, employers or agents
may be held responsible for negligence on Power
Alley Fitness grounds resulting in injury, death, or
other damages to me, my heirs or assigns, whether
said risks are foreseeable or unforeseeable, and
further save and hold harmless Power Alley Fitness,
its owners, officers, employees or agents from any
claim by me, or my family, estate, heirs or assigns.
'The first clause is
included to remind that you were not released from your
contract until 1-9-18. Until then all terms, conditions, and
commitments were still valid through your dismissal
date, Which would include the payment posted to our
system on 1-3-18. We do not feel a refund is due in this
scenario. The second clause is
included to remind that you assumed all liability when
you signed the contract, so it is not the employees fault
for being 'untrained', it was his fault for not checking
his surroundings, and not using proper gym etiquette. We
assume no blame for broken properties in facility.

Customer Response time Feb 06, 2018

Replying in chronological order of statements made in the reply by the company:

To start “Our staff is very well trained, and they do an excellent job of making sure the facility is tidy and clean.” Adam, the replier, had very opposite things to say during the first verbal discussion we had (of course he’s going to refute it on a publically visible thread such as this). In fact, he agreed after pointing out the short-comings in the training of the staff and the short-comings of training new members on proper gym etiquette. He specifically alluded to one staff member that is new and “doesn’t know what she’s doing” (paraphrasing the exact words used as it was several months ago).

“We have signs around the gym with rules that include asking members to re-rack their weights and to wipe down machines.” That’s great and all, but if the rules aren’t enforced EVER then why would people follow them; many don’t and they’re habitual violators of general gym etiquette. Let’s put this into a common, real-world example: if the speed limit is 60 MPH, but there’s never been a police office that patrols that stretch of road, why would people feel obligated to only travel 60 MPH? They wouldn’t. They’ve been getting away with breaking laws/rules in that particular area forever so why start now? Adding that statement to your reply was a waste of time and argument/belief fallacy.

“As someone who has ‘been in the fitness industry for 18 years’ we would expect that you know and understand gym etiquette, which also includes not slamming weight stack on machines.” I have never slammed a weight stack on a machine, except when I first entered this industry (as you tried to use to your arguments advantage) 18 years ago. I had peers and idols that taught me not to. You’re assuming that I did slam the weights, which is what caused the plate to fall onto my phone. When in actuality the width of those weights are too wide for the post they hand from. The slightest reverberation will cause a fall (as I’ve seen it happen multiple times). “That action alone,” is not what caused the weight to fall onto my phone. Additional proof lies in the fact that plates were constantly over-stacked onto storage pegs, which also fell off when people would simply rack their weight after doing squats. There was/is no action taken by the gym to prevent such occurrences. Now, to hear this from you (Adam) who has been witnessed not only slamming and throwing weights by other gym members, but also spotting individuals that acted in such a manner is very hypocritical, and speaks volumes about the value of your reply (i.e. there is no value).

“We did have a staff member and several other gym members make comment about how said persons was throwing the add-on weights down the isle of machines.” Really, so other than the one staff member that came over more gym member came over? Then why did you without that information during our conversation about the gyms poor management that led to my phone being destroyed? The only inclination you made is that one staff member felt as though I had been upset at her directly for the gym’s poor management. From there I stated that I would apologize and explain why I was upset. That staff member then asked if I had brought it up to the owner or Adam (GM), to see about getting it replaced. So, the gym’s own staff member agreed that the condition should have never existed in the first place. Wow. The thought of getting it replaced by the gym had never crossed my mind until that staff member made that comment. I figured, the issue would have been resolved following the conversation that Adam and I had. One week later, the weights were brought back out to the floor and hung in that same location. To test what force it took to make add-on weight fall again, I started adding weight to the stack and testing varying levels of velocity of the stack descending; it didn’t take much with the full weight of the stack to cause it to fall again. Physics, it’s weird. It’s almost like by adding more weight it takes less velocity for the add-on weight to fall. So, it’s not slamming – it’s simple physics. The concussion force of the full stack is enough at low speeds to cause the add-on weight to fall.

“We had seen the reviews, and brought them to the owner’s attention along with the incident [I think he means poor managing] that occurred. It was then decided that between the slander of or [our], and for the safety of our members, it was best not to have him at our facility any longer.” As I inserted, by incident you must clearly mean poor management and leadership traits. The definition of slander is 1) as a noun: the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation; 2) as a verb: make false and damaging statements about (someone). So, I’ll need you to expound you examples of slander. Everything I have said is true to the extent of my knowledge and has been agreed upon by other individuals in their reviews across several platforms. Now, you saying that I’m being slanderous is actually slanderous, due to my statements also being expressed by other individuals from other situations. I mean, simply read the two other complaint on here about payment issues. One of which was by a service member that broke their contract with orders by the military, which has to be honored based on Federal Laws. There was never a reply to that individual, as well as the individual that was injured and no longer able to attend the gym. There seems to be pattern developing with payment issues here. Furthermore, simply go to other review websites and find the reviews of other individuals with additional payment issues from Power Alley Fitness. Some of the actions taken on behalf of the company are despicable and appalling. Yet, you want to try to point to my actions as being questionable, down-right wrong, and worth refusing service to. Should Snohomish County not refuse you the ability to operate a company based on your past actions then?

“The date of his payment had nothing to do with his release [refusal of service], and it was not the day after the payment. We received payment 1-3-18 and dismissed [refused service] him on 1-9-18.” Actually the payment had not fully been deducted from my account (it was still pending in green) until 01/08/2018 at approximately 9:00am (PST), which means I could have called my bank and stopped the transfer of funds up until it fully cleared. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but what I do not find coincidental is that Adam had spent several days in a row at the Smokey Point location, when he had not typically spent more than a day at a time at that location. Now, I do not know the inner workings of their business (scheduling, rotation, etc.), but per an early conversation when I had spoken with Adam I made the remark “I haven’t seen you here in a while,” to which his reply was “Yeah, I’m here since we’re bringing in new equipment.” Do that not allude to the fact that he does not usually spend time there unless there’s a special situation? To see him simply working the front desk for so many days in a row was also unusual (other gym member’s I spoke with after the fact noticed as well), as that’s not a common task that he is seen doing - he’s usually taking care of larger tasks when/if he’s there. If the payment issue is not true, simply provide me with a statement that shows when the funds were fully released into your account from my account and that statement can be removed. For now, all I have is my bank statement that ends 01/14/2018, which shows it being deducted from my account 01/08/2018 with the transaction start date as 01/05/2018. That date is a Friday, which would infer that payment would not fully clear until Monday 01/08/2018 at the earliest. The timeline matches the same dates of which it was noticed that Adam was spending an unusual amount of time at the front desk. In addition to the unusual behavior Adam demonstrated towards me (body language is 85% of conversation). The only previous charge before that was 12/06/2018, for the exact same amount (membership dues). I am more than willing to attach the cutout/snip shot of my bank statements to prove that if necessary. I would not make such allegations about a company, even one that operates so unethically, without proof in my back pocket.

Now, onto the clauses. While those are great to throw out, this is the not the Worse Business Bureau. This is an outlet for consumers to reach a third party that can impact a business’s rating based on their behavior. You gave me a rating based on my alleged behavior by refusing me service; this is the consumers’ avenue for giving businesses their deserved rating, which I believe is accurate at a D-. Consumers in this geographical location have limited options of training facilities/gyms, which you are using to your advantage unfairly, unethically, and unjustly. Rather than treating the root-cause issues, you continue to ignore and/or sweep issues under the rug. That is, until you have wrongfully treated an individual that has the intestinal fortitude, education, and perseverance to rebuttal all of the fallacies in your argument and business stand-point. It is at this point you have decided to do a complete u-turn on previous statements in verbal conversations, in order to try to save-face on a publically viewable platform (as you’ve also tried to do on other websites with mine/our accurate, negative reviews).

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