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510 E Wilson Bridge Rd Ste A, Worthington, Ohio, United States, 43085-2373

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This company is a load of crap! I have been trying to reach someone since the install to tell them that the system wasn't working! Why has no one responded?My latest energy bill is $835.63! Does that sound like I am benefiting from these solar panels on my roof? Can't get anyone to respond to my complaints At this point, I just want them taken off of my roof! Duke Energy Progress says that solar isn't even registering at my house! REALLY?!!!! Was supposed to get a $4,000.00 rebate from Duke Energy but that didn't happen because they sent the form to the wrong email address! So I lost $4,000.00! When I called to inquire about it, the representatives were rude and never returned my call! I am highly upset with POWERHOME SOLAR!!!!!!!! I will be taking this to the media. I think 2 would want to know since your commercial is aired in the morning news slot!
*** ( dissatisfied customer)

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Aug 13, 2020

Ms., we apologize for the frustrations, we will be reaching out to you again to rectify your concerns. Thank you

Just had Power Home solar install 16 panels on our roof and for the past 3 weeks they have not been able to get the system running. First we were told it was the power cell and it needed a new one. Waited a week for it. They came out and replaced it. It still didn't work. The repair person said all the panels needed to be grounded and needed another PV link. They came out today with the part but it still didn't work and the repair person said the system was installed wrong. The repair person also had to call his company on how to work on a Generac system because he didn't know how to work on it. Now we have to wait another week for them to come back out and try and repair it again. Definitely not worth all the money and hassle.
*** Columbus Ohio

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jun 28, 2020

Mr., we are sorry to hear you're upset. I see we have a service schedule coming up for you to address your concerns. Thank you

If I could give them zero stars I would. I had nothing but problems with PowerHomes. On the first day of the install, one of the workers drilled a 2-inch hole through my siding into our master bathroom. They advised me they would replace the siding and fix the drywall the next time they came out, which could be up to 2 weeks! Who doesn’t want rain inside their home, I asked? I checked my basement to see if I had a piece of siding leftover from when we had our house built. Luckily I did and they replaced the siding that day. As they were cleaning up for the day one of the workers stacked five panels on top of one another. I saw him drop the last one on top of the rest of them. He didn’t lay it down gently treating it like it was a $40,000 system, he dropped it like a piece of plywood. The pieces were scratched, I didn’t know if they were broken. I approached the foreman and told him of the issue. He apologized and advised me that if any of the panels are broken you can see that on the app after the install is complete and that the panels would be covered under the warranty.
On the second install day, one of their employees fell off our roof, thankfully he was okay and wearing a tag-line! However, he did cause $1,200 worth of damage. I called nearly every day to try and get ahold of someone to schedule a time to have someone fix my deck and gutters. They told me it was going to take at least 2 weeks for someone to call, then 2 more weeks for someone to actually come out. I requested to do the work myself since it was going to take them so long to fix it. They said they would have to ask the “head of customer service”. It took 2 weeks to get a response! That was after I called a local manager, yelled at her, and told her that I was writing this review and seeking legal counsel. She did hang up on me, rightfully so. However, come Monday, since they don’t work weekends, all of my questions were answered. They said they would reimburse me the $1,200 worth of damage and that the service department would call me to troubleshoot why the panels weren’t working. Customer service called later that afternoon. They couldn’t figure it out so they gave me the number to Generac’s customer service. Generac discovered that there was a chip that wasn’t installed or was improperly installed and someone would have to come out to fix it.
Prior to all of this, I waited 2 weeks for the “MASTER INSPECTOR” to come out after the install was complete to make sure the system was properly set up. He never showed up! I received an email congratulating me that the inspection passed. I called and asked about it. They told me the “master inspector” looked at photos from the install crew and approved it and that nobody was coming out. Apparently they missed the most important part. The chip that allows the solar panels and the powercell, which controls the entire system, weren’t communicating. The PowerHome technician gave me her direct phone line and told me to call back if I had any issues. When I called the phone number the call could not be completed, even 4 days later she still can’t be reached. I had to wait until Monday to call and schedule someone to come out, yet AGAIN! This is the 2nd time someone was scheduled to come out and never did. So now I'm waiting for another week and the issues still aren’t resolved.
Due to their lack of concern about fixing the problem, I’m going to have to pay the loan for the solar panels, plus an electric bill that shows I didn’t produce any electricity. Customer service was not willing to help push back the first payment of the solar panels so I wouldn’t have two big bills to pay. Thanks a lot, PowerHome. Unfortunately, Generac is associated with this terrible company. I’m sure the products are great but PowerHome is a terrible company. I’ll be contracting any services needed to a different company so I never have to deal with PowerHome Solar again! I hope I said enough for you NOT to go with PowerHomes.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jun 24, 2020

We will be reaching out to you Mr.

It was difficult to decide whether to leave a poor review or to file a complaint. We spent over $80,000 on this system and we cannot get it through inspection with our local community engineering inspector.
I could go into detail regarding the deficiencies in the installation but more frustrating has been the response by the company. I have been waiting for a definitive response from customer service for over six weeks. They take our calls and nothing happens.
We are close to seeking legal remedies if something doesn't happen shortly. Every time I see a commercial for this company, I want to throw a brick at the television.
My advice: Don't pay them until you get a completed inspection.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jun 13, 2020

We apologize for you inconveniences. We'll have someone reach out to Monday and address your concerns. Thank you.

Wonderful folks to work with! Always on time, very conscientious of their work and what the customer needs.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jun 12, 2020

We are so happy to hear this ***! Thank you!

professional, knowledgeable, organized, timely, trustworthy and clean and my system is working phenomenal

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • May 30, 2020

We are so glad to hear that ***! Congrats on the system

- There are 3 main complaints about PowerHome Solar: 1) False claims 2) Lack of followup/credibility 3) Inconsistent information and an inability to help problem solve and transport our panels from our home. Below is a breakdown of our experiences and the incorrect information that has been relayed to us.

• False Claims – From our salesman, Dalton D, and customer service
o False claim: The amount of your panels will make up for an average of 60% of your electric bill. He did note that the % would vary based on month (ex. December could be like a 20% savings, while June could be 100%+ savings). The truth: we have “saved” an average of 35% per month, with a range from 9% - 54%. However, our solar panel payment is more than any savings we have experienced with our electric bill.
o False claim: The amount of our monthly solar payment will offset our electric bill payment, so we will not see a difference in what we’re spending over the span of the year. The truth: Had we not had solar, and paid just our electric company, we would have spent ***11 less in 10 months. We are losing money on these panels, when we were promised a savings. Our loan interest is *** over the span of 20 years. At this rate, we will never recoup any form of savings, and will be paying more for our electric even 20 years from now.
o False claim: Electric companies are increasing their cost of electric on average of ***r. Our solar panel payment will always stay the same, so we will be saving over the span of 20-30 years. The truth: The cost of our electric has increased minutely. At this rate, we will not see a savings from this claim.
o False claim: I asked if the panels could be placed as a ground mount along the side of our hill. It seemed like the same angle as the panels, and Dalton D agreed that it was a great place for it. The day of the installation, the crew said it was not possible to place them along the side of the hill. We had to change the location that day to the bottom of my hill. The truth: Please note, I had a third party take a look at the installation. They confirmed that it could’ve been installed on the side of the hill, but the crew said it was impossible because it’s harder to complete.
o False claim: The loan is transferable to the next owner of the house. The truth: In our contract, the lender says we must ask them prior to transferring it. The lender is now not allowing the loan to be transferred to the next home owner.

• Referral Bonus
o At the time of purchase (Apr, 2019), Dalton D put in *** (a current PHS customer) information in order to get the referral bonus. She has never received the bonus. Both *** and I have reached out individually multiple times over the span of a year to check on the referral bonus. Each time, a customer service rep has apologized, said they’ll look in to it, and reach back out to us. Each time, we do not receive any follow up, and the referral bonus is still outstanding.

• Selling our house and moving our panels
o I reached out to customer service in the beginning of the year inquiring about A) the referral bonus owed to *** and B) potential scenarios if/when we move. At that time, the customer service rep said panels cost ***panel to move them. I mentioned that we would be building a house, and our new roof would not be ready to install the panels for several months. (We will start building once we close on our house since we can’t afford two mortgages.) She mentioned that they have stored panels before, but she was unaware of the cost or the stipulations. She said she would check in to it and get back to me. She never reached back out to me with answers.
o We listed our house for sale Friday, April 10th, and had to sign the winning offer by Monday, April 13th @ noon. I called PHS first thing on April 13th, and let them know the offer we wanted to sign did not wish to purchase the panels from us. Therefore, we had to move them by the closing date of May 15th. If not, they become the property of the buyer and we still have to pay for the panels for 20 years. I asked multiple times the morning of April 13th for confirmation that the panels can be moved by our closing date. The customer service rep said that they could be removed by our closing date. He said he would also reach back out to me regarding the questions I had surrounding the logistics of the panel move. I did not receive a call back the next day, so I called on Tuesday, and Wednesday. I did not receive any answers or follow up from them. On Thursday, I called and asked for a supervisor to give feedback regarding the lack of follow-up and the breach in credibility it has created. I asked the customer service rep to have the supervisor email me that day if *** was not able to reach out to me on Thursday. I did not receive a call. I did not receive an email. I called back on Friday asking for a supervisor, and was told she would reach out to me.
o On the evening of Friday, April 17th, I finally received a call from Madeline, the supervisor. I expressed my concerns about moving these panels prior to our closing date, and not knowing where to take them, or any of the processes. At that time, she said PHS did not have any procedures in place regarding moving panels to a new location, because this is not a common occurrence. It’s something that higher management must orchestrate.
o She then said PHS cannot guarantee the panels be removed by our closing date, and she doesn’t know the cost of the move because ***panel is for someone who needs them lifted up to fix a roof (for ex.). ***panel is not indicative of moving and reinstalling a panel in different location. Please note, the new home location is 10 minutes away from my current house and with the same electric company.
o If PHS cannot remove the panels from our property by our closing date, then we must find an alternative company to move the panels. Madeline told us our 30-year warranty would be voided with PHS if someone else moved the panels, but still she cannot guarantee PHS can move them by the closing date.
o We told Madeline that we need answers by Monday, April 20th, so we can decide how to proceed. We need to know if the cost to move/reinstall the panels, and when they can move them. We called her on April 20th, and left a message. We called again on April 21st, and left another message. We have not heard from her since.

PowerHome Solar is nothing short of a scam.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • May 03, 2020

Ms., we apologize for any inconvenience is and will have somebody from our customer care department reach out and get this situation rectified.

Customer Response • May 03, 2020

Complaint: ***

Thank you for the response, but I am rejecting due to company not following up with a phone call yet. Due to the previous lack of followup, and the diminished credibility, I will reject any promise of a followup until a solution is reached. I look forward to your phone call the morning of Monday, May 4th. Due to our issues we've had with customer service in the past, I wish to speak with someone at a supervisor level or above, preferably a director.

Attached is the word doc detailing the complaint submitted in an easier to read bulleted format.


POWERHOME SOLAR Response • May 07, 2020

Hi ***, we see you have been in continuous contact with Madeline about the concerns you have and we are coming to a resolution together. Thank you for reaching out about your concerns and of course thank you for choosing POWERHOME

Customer Response • May 18, 2020

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.

Please note, the entire issue of the complaint is not resolved. The panels are finally off the property, but the question over the "savings" vs panel production is still outstanding. I am working with Brad to come to a solution. I am accepting this response because the financial issues behind the panels is going to be a long-term discussion. There is clearly an issue with what I'm paying vs what I'm producing. I was told I'd pay on average ***/month. I'm paying closer to ***month. I'm production 35% of what I need instead of 52%. During the time that I've owned the panels, I replaced my windows and roof, making my house more energy efficient. I was told that may have drove the cost of my energy up. I respectfully disagree. I believe an unbiased third party would agree with me. That reasoning is nothing more than grasping at straws in order to justify the % in difference.

Having the panels removed was poorly orchestrated and was not communicated well to each other. The Ohio satellite office was not told it was a ground mount, so I roofing mount was sent out. They had to go to the hardware store (30 min from house) to get the correct supplies. They were unsure if they were supposed to take the inverter, and a second ticket had to be made to get it. I was told they would have pallets and would move them for me to my storage unit. They were told I'd have the pallets and would move them.

It took 22 days to get an estimate from PHS on the cost of moving the panels (***), but they said it could go up because I'm going from a ground to a roof mount. After arguing this was unacceptable, they finally agreed to honor the ***. During those 22 days, I reached out to two other solar panel companies who were able to get accurate estimates, were easier to work with, and had cheaper costs. I would have gone with either of those companies in a heart beat, but I was told I could not or else I my warranty would be voided.

After with PHS over the past several weeks, my opinion of the business has not changed and I would not recommend to anyone looking in to solar panels. I am upset these will be on the front of my new house facing south, because I'll have to stare at the product of this terrible company for the rest of my life.


Great company to work for. Good staff and leadership. Installs are very clean and crews are respectful. Great group of guys.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Feb 23, 2020

Thank you for your kind review!

great job profesional quick and cleanup all in one day

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Nov 10, 2019

Great, ***! Thank you for sharing. We're glad that all went well for you.

Personal "concierge" was very helpful through entire installation and inspection processes. Still have not received receipt for down payment after many requests. Got $0 electric bill today...Yahoo!

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Nov 01, 2019

Thank you for sharing your install experience with us. Welcome to solar.

They do great work, were friendly and cleaned up very well.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Oct 15, 2019

we are excited to have you on board for the ride. Thank you for the kind words.

The installers did a great job! Everything looks spectacular. They installed our system in about 7 hours and that includes cleaning up. You couldn't even tell that we had anything done. Big thanks to the install crew for a fabulous job! We are looking forward to the big savings on our electric bill. If anybody is considering adding solar panels please consider Powerhome Solar & Roofing. They are an A+ company from sales right down to the install crew. We could not be happier!

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Sep 22, 2019

This is what we like to hear. Thank you for the positive review, ***.

Install was quick and they were very professional. I'm pleased with the whole process.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Sep 16, 2019

This is what we like to hear, ***. Enjoy your new solar panels.

Our panels have been up for 3 months, still not working. Came once to check on them, still not. Next two appointments they never showed up

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Sep 04, 2019

Ms ***, Our Resolutions Manager has reached out to address your concerns. Please call him back out your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Top notch company!! I have only wonderful things to say about the entire process from start to finish.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 29, 2019

Thank you for the positive review. ***. We are pleased you are happy.

Powerhome solar did all the work. Just over a month from signing up, I had solar panels installed. I hope that by 2 months the inspection from my local jurisdiction would have occured and I'll be producing my own electricity! Process has been smooth so far. They addressed my comments on the plans in a timely manner and the install ran smoothly. Highly recommend!

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 12, 2019

Thank you for the positive review, ***. Enjoy your new solar panels.

They are very knowlegable about their product. Everyone their is great on communication. They have their procedure from start to finish which was very efficient and quick. We got a new roof and solar panels installed in 2.5 wks from our first intro meeting to installation.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 12, 2019

This is what we like to hear, Jodie. Welcome to the POWERHOME Family.

Very professional and thorough.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 09, 2019

Thank you for the positive review, ***. We are please you had a great experience.

The crew were very professional and friendly! They did great work and answered any questions we had. They made sure we knew what to expect next and how to operate our system. My experience through the whole process has been easy and smooth! Everyone with PowerHome Solar has been fantastic!

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 08, 2019

We are pleased to hear this. Thank you for your positive review, ***.

Great company. Were able to change the design of our solar panels during installation to make the set up way cleaner. Explained every aspect of the process. Multi state company that has a great business model. Happy to be mitigating our impact on the planet for no up front cost and a monthly payment the same as our former electric bill.

POWERHOME SOLAR Response • Jul 08, 2019

Terrific news all around, ***. Thank you for your review! All of our best to you as your system is put into operation!

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Address: 510 E Wilson Bridge Rd Ste A, Worthington, Ohio, United States, 43085-2373


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