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• Sep 19, 2023

Horrible Parking Experience @ Fulton St Parking Lot
Attended the Monday Night Steelers game (September 18th) and parked in the 704 Fulton St Parking Lot. I initially told it was $60 and then was charged $65 but that's not the most pressing issue. My biggest complaint is when trying to exit the lot after the game, the entrance/exit was blocked which caused everyone in the lot to have to drive over the sidewalk and off the curb into the street in order to exit the lot. There were metal pieces sticking out that I had to keep avoiding. There was no attendant present to help navigate it's patrons out of the lot. This caused me a total nightmare through traffic, adding a hour to my commute and keeping me from picking up my daughter who was down at the stadium waiting for me because she has trouble walking due to a bulging disc. It was incredibly frustrating and scary because my daughter was sitting by herself in the dark for too long. I DO NOT recommend this parking lot to anyone for future games. If you do, know the risks that you take.

[redacted] In response to Ms [redacted] ’s memo I have attached the lease contract she has signed and initialedSee paragraph which details the day written cancellation policy along with the Freeze pass procedure which she initialed Her signature is directly below itPlease note this section is highlighted in yellow so that the lease holder knows the importance of the paragraph they are initialing(Highlight will not appear in the copy) In addition there is a fourth page in which she choose to pay initially with a credit card which stated the day cancellation requirement that she signed alsoThe last page is her original application that I forwarded to you previously with her signature on the bottom of her original credit card receipt There was no January payment receivedIt was a check payment for the month of October from Wage Works I believe you will find this to be her true signature and the documents are sufficient notification of the day written cancellation policyShe suggests that we changed our policy but as you can see it was in existence when she purchased her lease on 9-13- We have no control over what other company’s do as far as relocating employees or terminating those employeesI work very closely with my contact at [redacted] and at no time was [redacted] told that anyone would be reimbursedMs [redacted] was not told by my contact to pursue this issue and as a matter of fact she was told that what we did was a standard policy In response to Ms [redacted] asking that PPG Public Parking honor the original lease she had signed we are doing exactly thatPlease mark this complaint as resolved as she has clearly signed all original documentation which states the facts to be true [redacted] Corporate Leasing Manager ###-###-#### I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Hello [redacted] Regarding my complaint against PPG Public Parking – This complaint is still unresolved I would like to be reimbursed for the $I paid for a lease that was not usedI did what I was asked by PPG Parking and was told I would be reimbursedThe money was paid in late SeptemberI stopped parking there in October and transferred out of the area in December Why didn’t PPG Parking tell me in December that I would not be getting a full refund and why? Instead they told me what to do to get my refund I did itIf I had the information that I was not going to be reimbursed in December when I was being transferred, I would have had options to resolve this PPG Parking delaying the communication prevented me from utilizing my options My employer could have assisted in either reimbursing me or seeking a refund on my behalf My employer is currently going through a re-organization, so I cannot follow up with them regarding the information submitted by PPG Public Parking Thanks, [redacted] , I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below In rejection of response to Complain ID [redacted] I do not agree with PPG Public Parking, Inc’s response and still would like my refund of $($minus $refunded thus far) The signatures on the check was resolved I returned to the bank and another teller did accept (it was previously rejected due to the signatures not matching the bank’s records) the check Regarding the refund: While PPG Parking states they have policies, I was not made aware of these policies until after the fact They said I signed and accepted these policies, but note my signature is NOT on any of these policies Notice they did not send you the lease with my signature on it If so, there would only be the day cancellation policyThey can reference attachments, but you will not see my signature on any of these The lease agreement I signed did not included these policies The policy that I agreed to was after a days cancellation notice, I would be reimbursed any monies already paid We agree on all the dates, payments, my winning a free three month parking at another lot, etc We do not agree on the policy of the cancellation I don’t see how cancelling in early December allows them to keep my January payment I cancelled the lease on 12/5/(they agree with this) My understanding and lease agreement was that this was the days notice (they agree with this date) I would then be reimbursed the January lease payment of $I already paid(they don’t agree with this The 12/5/cancellation date doesn’t count ??) This freezing policy was not in my original leaseI surrendered my lease tag at the end of September I did not park at their lot again --- ever! Why would I pay for January parking when I was already transferred to Greentree in December??? I didn’t have a lease tag to park there since September I didn’t receive the refund checks until late in January Also, they did not “explain” their new policies until late January and early February I was under the impression I was going to receive the full $from early December until February Why didn’t they tell me this on 12/when I cancelled??? Also, I was transferred from the [redacted] strip district office to the Greentree office It wasn’t like I decided to park in the next lots, ride the bus or car pool I had no control over the timing of this; I was transferred [redacted] was told that employees transferred / laid off would be reimbursed I spoke to [redacted] and they also agree that I should be reimbursed the January $payment My [redacted] Managers encouraged me to keep pursuing this until I get the full refund I believe the original lease I signed with the day cancellation policy should be honored I did not sign or agree to any of their other policies that they are using to justify keeping the January payment I don’t know what steps are next, but please mark this complaint as UNRESOLVED and DISSATISFIED with company Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information Thank you for your assistance, [redacted] , Reporting Analyst II, Business Analysis and Reporting [redacted] * [redacted] Servicing [redacted] Phone: ###-###-#### [redacted] [redacted] Cell: ###-###-####

***, First, let me tell you that we have communicated with [redacted] by phone and email numerous timesCheck # [redacted] in the amount of $was issued with two correct signaturesWhen [redacted] called us on 02/21/@ 8:49am about the check, we told her we would be happy to replace it for her or she could simply deposit the check as there was nothing wrong with it She cashed the check and it cleared our bank on 02/21/(see attached) In regards to the refund [redacted] is asking about [redacted] notified us on December 5, that she wished to cancel her leaseAll lease contracts have a required day written cancellation notificationAt that time we responded to her email and sent her the cancellation information(In the cancellation procedure it reminds the lease customer of their required day written cancellation notice.) [redacted] does not like the terms of which she accepted when she signed the lease contractShe prefers to not pay the day cancellation fee We are very specific to make sure that the applicant knows there is a day written notificationWe list it on the application they fill outWe Highlight that paragraph of their lease and have them initial it the day they start the lease, (she initial it) We also give them a copy of the leaseIf they work for the [redacted] ***” we offer them a discounted lease rate and if they win a parking pass from their company we allow them to freeze their pass for three months or pay the day cancellation feeWe ask them to email us and we respond to them the procedure to freeze the pass which includes the day cancellation information again incase they decide to cancel their lease during or after that period of timeI have all of these documents attached which were given to [redacted] by email [redacted] won a pass from her company for the months of October, November, and DecemberShe asked to freeze her passWe honored thatShe uses payroll deduction and had sent us a payment for the month of OctoberWe told her we would move that payment to the month of January for when she returnedWhen she notified us of the cancellation we simply took her check of $and subtracted the day cancellation fee of $leaving a balance of $Check # [redacted] was issued for the balance of $on 1/10/She has received all refunds that are due to her We work very closely with her employer to offer them the best leases at the lowest price possibleHer employer knows our policy as well and does communicate that information when asked about itWe have been very up front with [redacted] on our policiesShe was not happy with my response when I told her she would not receive a full refund for her October paymentI let her speak with a supervisor who reviewed the policy with her again to make sure that we had followed the procedure correctly [redacted] was still unhappy with the responseWe work very hard to satisfy our customer’s as a whole and are sorry that we cannot satisfy [redacted] If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me directly [redacted] Corporate Leasing Manager ###-###-#### Attachment #Facts of Lease Attachment #Freeze pass parking procedure Attachment #Cancellation parking procedure Attachment #Cashed check printout Attachment #Email responses to [redacted]

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Address: 1314 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, 15233


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