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After picking up trash from my home I was contacted by the local police department stating my trash was found on the side of the road.When I contacted the local police department they indicated to me that the trash from my home found it's way in front of another [redacted] residence home. I went to the location that evening and picked up the debris. I contacted [redacted] the next day and the refused to take responsibility infact the were rude and flip I spoke to their [redacted].Desired SettlementAfter having taken the responsibility and doing the right thing I picked up the trash in front of this person refrenced above's home. I feel that [redacted] should compensate me by crediting me one quarter of the yearly bill which would amount to 118.00Business Response [redacted] Trucking response to complaint:Customer asserts that [redacted] improperly disposed of customer's trash. This is incorrect. [redacted] picked up customer's trash on Friday August 30th. Trash belonging to this customer was found at 53 [redacted]t, 5.2 miles away on Tuesday Sept 3rd at 5:00pm. [redacted] trucks were no where near the area on this day. Customer leaves his barrels for trash and recycling at the end of his 1000 foot driveway. It is clearly a situation of vandals removing trash from the exposed and unmonitored container, perhaps in search of personal information. Officer [redacted] agrees that [redacted] committed no wrongdoing and that Mr. [redacted] should be much more concerned about his identity having been compromised.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) First my last name is not [redacted] this speaks of another dispute [redacted] may be in gauged in. Secondly it is not 5.2 miles from my driveway to where my trash was found it is exactly 3.1 miles. The speed limit on these back roads is 25 mph. I spoke to a [redacted] at [redacted] who identified himself as the [redacted]. After I told him what happened on the day in question he stated there were no cameras, and no way I could prove my claim. Great way to start the conversation with a customer at that point of eight years. After having a lengthy discussion that day [redacted] he went from it was impossible for a trash bag to get stuck on top of one of his vehicles to unlikely. He did every thing he could do in the conversation to up talk, talk over, and be down right flip. I hope your company as many do record their tel lines and use them as training tools. The only thing I was looking for initially was to have [redacted] pick up the mess. The road were the trash was found is a very well traveled road. If someone did take my trash as you suggest there would of been plenty of opportunity to dump it on the way to [redacted] street to avoid getting caught. [redacted] Street is the road which accesses route [redacted] which is a main artery that your trucks use daily. As far as officer [redacted] agreeing with you I doubt that as well. The probability of my trash having been stolen and dumped on [redacted] is remote at best. One last thing the reason it took so long as you suggest for the issue to surface is because the person who owns the home were the trash was dump by your truck sorted through it to find some identifying information he was going to let it go but then thought better of it and contacted the [redacted] P.D.

Billing for a service I did not requestBeen a customer for 15 years. In that 15 years we were allowed to put out 2 extra trash bags a week.and free removal of cardboard. Some weeks I never had to. But other weeks I did and it was never an issue. When I roll down my trash I share the pick up spot with another resident on the road. I was sent a bill for $40.00 saying I had two yards of trash to which I cannot recall. There is no way I would have had xtra. I asked why I was billed they claim they did away with this curtesy. I was never notified. I asked what the trash was they said they didn't know The business said they aren't obligated to notify anyone that this is no longer accceptable. I requested my contract no where on the contract does it show they are no longer accepting cardboard or the two xtra bags. In light of this poor business or shady business. I requested a cancelation. However they said no because I'm bound to contract for one more year. I requested 3 calls from the owner [redacted] and she refuses to discuss. I'm asking for proof of what was picked up and release of my contract as they claim it will affect my creditDesired SettlementCancellation of contract and dismissal of a phony bill. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]-CSRContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]In response to the complaint issued by our customer [redacted] called our office on Dec. 22, to discuss her invoice. She asked why she is charged for 2 extra yards of corrugated. She stated she only put out 1 or 2 extra cardboard boxes and shouldn't have to pay for those as she is entitled to 2 extra courtesy bags each pickup. I explained the previous policy for extra bags was to cover "occasional extra", not weekly. She stated it has never been a problem in the past and she puts extra out all the time, this is the first time she is charged. I let her know the policy went away a while back and it is noted on the back of our invoices. She asked me if we expect people to read the back of invoices as there are 15 bullet points. I asked [redacted] if I could call her back as I wanted to discuss this with a manager. When I spoke to [redacted] again I let her know the manager agreed we would split the charge with her and she would be responsible for $20 instead of $40. [redacted] then informed me she didn't put out anything extra, it belonged to her neighbor who shares the driveway with her, though she previously told me she did put out boxes. I suggested to [redacted] she consider recycling as it is part of the service, we would provide her with another cart for her recyclable goods. This free service gives her an extra 96 gallon cart that would help with any extra she is producing. After we hung up I emailed her some information for her review. [redacted] called again later the same day stating she is not paying the charge and wanted to speak to the owner. We have an office manager who is the next line of communication for customers, I let [redacted] know this and took her message. [redacted] called again early the next morning asking to cancel her service. She was informed she had just signed a Service Agreement with us effective February 12, 2012, which bound her to service with us until February 2016. She requested and was sent a copy of the agreement she signed. After speaking to the Office Manager we decided to allow the customer to cancel her service. I called [redacted] and left a voice message asking her to return my call. She hasn't returned my call to date. [redacted] should call our office at her earliest convenience and I will review her cancellation with her.Regards,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not ever leave out extra trash, I have left out a box ONE TIME - in the past on occassion I have left out a cardboard box. the bill was not explained it simply said 2yards for trash removal for 40. they could not back up or comment what the trash was. The back of the invoice does not outline where this courtesy is no longer accepted by which they are not allowing extra trash. [redacted] completely agreed that this was unfair and that the back of the bills do not specify - she stated that the it was highly unlikely that the owner would ever return calls. I am not clear if my neighbor leaves extra as I am well on my way to work. I requested a call from the owner as I felt this is above Luanns call- I never recieved that. I have NEVER RECIEVED a phone call back. I Have paid for my services including the 20 extra which I now would like to be reimbursed for 125.00 and a week to allign a new trash company. I would like a call back from the companyFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I did apprecite the Call from [redacted] she was also appreciative of me being a customer for 15 years. I have not been refunded the extra 20.00 that I was required to pay for someones extra pick up ,there is still no resolution on how to differenciate the trash pick up between myself and the next door neighbor and until then I am not accepting the terms. Waiving a fee for erroneous billing does not make me a happy customer you are not doing me any favors [redacted]. The above statement is not accurate - I was told by [redacted] that occaisonal bags are ok and I have not recieved any information as promised two weeks ago no recycling . she agreed that they never notified thier existing customers of this policy change. Final Business Response My apologies for not sending out the information I stated I would share with you regarding our single stream recycle program. This is a free service we offer to our customers who use our trash removal service. I sent the recycle information out just a few minutes ago, to your email address.Per my conversation with [redacted] she stated she offered to credit the $40 charge, which was for extra corrugated picked up by our driver. I checked [redacted]'s account and do see a $40 credit pending, which will appear on the next bill. The $20 [redacted] paid would be deducted from the total due for the second quarter. We do recommend our customers call in advance if they are putting out extra product that doesn't fit in the cart. A note will be added to [redacted]'s account stating drivers should not pick up any extra at her stop without checking with the office staff. If [redacted] is putting out extra we request she call the office in advance so we may notify the driver on her route. This should eliminate the problem of [redacted] being charged for something she didn't place out for removal. Please let me know if you have additional questions, or if this resolves the issue.Thank you,[redacted] M

Complaint[redacted] driver missed collecting the garbage from my bin and they refused to come pick it up after I alerted them to their error.Driver stated he was there at [redacted] and the garbage bins were not out. I know for a fact that the bins were out at least two hours before that when I left for work. We have a baby that uses diapers and now there are maggots in the can which is still sitting on the side of the road because [redacted] refuses to admit that they missed our bin and they refuse to come get it until next week.Desired SettlementPick up my garbage immediately and then they can also take their bins with them as I have no intention of continuing business with this company that has HORRIBLE customer service. Thank you.Business Response It is unfortunate that Mr. [redacted] has cancelled his service with us and filed a complaint due to his trash not being picked up. We ask ALL our customers to be certain that their trash and/or recycling is CURBSIDE no later than [redacted] However, situations such as: re-routing, holidays, inclement weather, road construction, drivers on vacations etc., can affect the time the truck comes by. This is why we ask to have it out early. In Mr. [redacted]'s case, BOTH the trash & recycle drivers said their carts were not out when they went by at [redacted] and [redacted] When Mr. [redacted] called our office to ask why it was missed, it was the following day and we didn't have any drivers in his area again until the following week. This wasn't acceptable to him, and he wasn't happy with the customer service representatives' answer he was given about waiting until next week. We would gladly take extra bags at no charge on his next scheduled pickup day. Management is aware of this situation and will be documented in the customer's account. Any other questions, please let us know.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The trash bins were in fact out, so they are simply not being honest. In fact, the recycle bin WAS picked up so the company stating that both drivers said the bins were not out is obviously a lie either by the drivers, or by the customer service representative.

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Description: Rubbish & Garbage Removal

Address: 151 Thompson Road, Webster, Massachusetts, United States, 01570


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