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Precision Countertops Inc

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User Reviewer9191794 time 09.05.2018

We have attempted to reach this customer directly to resolve their concerns.  If they read this response we would ask that they return calls to [redacted] directly. While we understand the customer's position, we do have records indicating the customer selected Symphony, signed off on...

the estimate/sales bid with Symphony, confirmed the color Symphony as part of our standard order confirmation post-sale, pre-template, confirmed and signed off on a template with the color symphony, and at no point raised concern until the installation. We are still trying to reach the customer to resolve the balance due but have not heard from the customer since the visit to our office prior to the letter of intent being mailed and receiving this notice.

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User Reviewer9201342 time 06.05.2018

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: They have not attempted to contact us once, no phone messages or emails.The precision worker told us not to use the color symphony and we worked find another color product.  After allthat work we had no idea she would switch back to symphony.  She told us it was the wrong product to use.

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Address: 26200 SW 95th Ave Ste 303, Wilsonville, OR, 97070-8204

Website: http://www.precisioncountertops.com/

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