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Precision Heat Treating

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Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 18, 2017/02/16) */
I think the nightmare regarding the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica is finally going to come to an end. The car is being repossessed by [redacted] because I have refused to pay money on a vehicle that was not fixed as agreed upon by me and the car...

lot, Assist to Sell in Joplin, MO. Throughout the Christmas 2016 holiday, [redacted] from Assist to Sell, exchanged electronic correspondence with me regarding the car being fixed. At the time the car was purchased, the window controls on the front driver's side door needed replaced and the fuel gauge did not work. I have a signed, written document on Assist to Sell letterhead stating Assist to Sell will make the repairs at THEIR expense. The window controls were fixed on January 6. The fuel gauge was never fixed. When I texted [redacted] regarding getting the car fixed this was his response: I wish you would take into consideration the Christmas and New Year's things don't happen quite as fast as normal. I did pay for your taxes immediately (actually he gave me $200 which was the penalty amount for getting the car tagged late because of HIS OWN NEGLECT and did not have the title available at the time I bought the car...didn't receive the title until December!!!) and got you over to get your car diagnosed I can't make everything happen with the snap of a finger. *end his response*. The car never needed to be "diagnosed". We all knew it was the fuel gauge, including [redacted]. I sent [redacted] one more text on January 9 regarding getting the car fixed and there was no response. The company who financed the car, [redacted], even attempted to help me get the car fixed by having their general compliance department contact Assist to Sell. Their requests fell on deaf ears, just like mine did. I want this car lot shut down. I have never in my life been more traumatized than I am after this ordeal. The stress and grief and heartache this whole matter has caused is detrimental to my health. No one should have to go through anything like this at all. I am asking for additional assistance in revoking the business license for Assist to Sell in Joplin, MO and their Springfield, MO location to prevent further unknowing victims from falling prey to the dishonest and immoral tactics this car lot seems to portray. I can not even begin to describe how upset I am over this matter. To top it off, [redacted] had the nerve to text me and ask me if I would post on the site that they had resolved my issues with the car. Ha! They didn't even come CLOSE to resolving this. So no, I have nothing positive to say about any of this. I guess he thinks that because the window controls were fixed and my nail polish would no longer be scratched off when moving my windows up and down is more important than determining how much fuel is in the car. And yes, I did run out of gas on one occasion due to not being able to determine the amount of fuel in the car. I shouldn't have to put gas in the car every single day just because Assist to Sell refused to do what they promised. For future potential buyers from this car lot, please take notice: I would rather have a majority of my body burned away by lava and live off a respirator as a vegetable than to ever have to deal with [redacted] and Assist to Sell in Joplin, MO or Springfield, MO ever again. Truth be told, I'm scared to death to even attempt to get another car out of fear that something like this will happen again. Thank you [redacted] and Assist to Sell for traumatizing me for the rest of my life.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/08/15) */
Ok I normally don't respond to things like this but here is how this deal went. I sold her that car over 1 yr ago she was happy as a lark. She saw several trucks of mine she wanted to trade it in on but wasunable to because her credit wasn't...

good enough and she had to many open loans with current defaults. I advised her what we needed to do to trade her out but she souldn't come thru on her end. This lady has liked and hated us about 6 times in the last year not to mention her husband purchased a truck from us that they love. I'm not going to do any thing else with these customers and by the way we are running both businesses with many happy customers from both locations. Thanks [redacted]
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/08/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It wasn't a year ago bc it was purchased on September X XXXX - I also have several documentation from many people regarding their experience with this lot. Little dis we know that in order for the deal to go through,he lied to the finance saying that I put more for a down payment then what I actually did. Both of our vehicles & motors from this lot has had to have more than $1500.00 dollars EACH in motor & front end work. We wasn't told the truth about mechanical issues nor was my friends. I will be more than happy to include their information if needed
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2016/08/16) */
Shayna [redacted] is lying and I am going to leave it at that. She goes by many Aliases and her own family has told me not to contact her or do business with her because she has medical issues(mental). She wants to be nice some days sends me crazy messages other days. I am not going to respond again unless she wants to talk in court which I am more than ready than ready to take her. I have copies of all documents and have documented all of her attempts to contact me.
This message was sent from her on 11/4/15
Hey [redacted],Are we on good terms ? If so shortly after the 1st of the year we would like to purchase a 2nd suv or truck from u for my hubby & trying to keep the monthly payments under $250 a month would be great... My apologies for rudeness as I just recently learned that I have to go back in for radiation therapy bc smeares came back positive for cancer..Round 3 here I go..... I absolutely love my truck & now have to replace upper & lower ball joints on both sides,but that's par of the course... Otherwise I'm severely pleased with it....
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 13, 2016/08/17) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Because I don't appreciate being lied about, but I'll be the bigger person & accept his apology over the phone..what happens between him & others is between them.

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