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Precision Tune Auto Care LLC

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A man in their corporate offices hung up on me two different times when I was trying to ask him a question and interrupted me while I was trying to explain my situation, and I was not being rude or irateI bought a Groupon for an oil change package including a tire rotation, and they never rotated the tiresUnfortunately I didn't learn of this until a month after service and realized the same wheel that had been scratched in an accident prior to service was still in the same place on the vehicle, and had put over 2,miles on the tires thinking I rotated themThe most they said could be done to reconcile this was to rotate them (so I'll get what I paid for but just not when I was told), as well as a free synthetic oil changeEven though I have to spend more time waiting for the rotation and have driven quite a bit under the impression my tires had been rotatedNot to mention the location is a minute drive from where I live, I was willing to make the drive initially due to thinking the Groupon was a good deal, but I was told the oil change can only be done at the original locationI also bought a Groupon for headlight restoration, and they said I would need to pay the equivalent of that same Groupon cost if I wanted the headlights to be fully restored (but it's not like they have a "Basic", "Premium" and "Platinum" levels of service for headlight restoration, they simply advertise it as a single service for "headlight restoration"So in reality, the Groupon is good for "Very Basic" headlight restoration and should include verbiage indicating that additional charges may be required for "Full" headlight restorationI was disrespected by their corporate offices and was lied to my face by their service technicians

My year old son's car broke down, he brought it there for repairThe gentleman named Brad said he would get it up and running like the car was beforeHe had the car for a week, he called on June 4th and said it was ready for pick upMy son went to pick it up, the mechanic said he just test drove it and everything was fixed and my son was good to goMy son went to pick up his car and paid the gentleman and went to leave but as he pulled out onto the blvd, the car was shaking and it was jerking when accelerating etc etc the mechanic DID NOT just test drive that carFelt like he was just trying to get my son to swipe his cardWe bring it back and he keeps it over the weekend into the following weekMy son picks it up again and drives off and the engine starts making a funny noise, we bring it back and now they say he needs a new engine, WHAT!!? the car was not knocking before we came in, didn't start knocking til they were finished with their repairI've tried to compromise but

I have not heard back from our corporate officeThat generally takes quit awhile, that is why I tried to solve things with shop credit or service that we can handle locallyThanks Doug

I am rejecting this response because:With all due respect Doug, I/my son have no desire for you to service any of our other cars including the one that we paid 700 to fix and you never fixed it and left us hanging with a crapped out car hours after it being in your shop for 2 weeks. I've waited now close to 3 weeks for you to call me back because you said you would contact corporate to work on a compromise. The reality is, corporate don't give a crap. And you never have called me back. All I want is a partial refund, your mechanic said he would get my son's car working like before, it don't work like before and remains busted in my driveway. Your shop seems so willing and ready for me to buy a new engine to put it in a 2001 Chrysler Sebring, why is he responsible for that?? Who's to say your shop or a mechanic didn't make a mistake on my son's car and somehow messed his engine up or are you guys perfect? Because it wasn't knocking like that before we brought it in there. Only after you had it a couple weeks. Also, you yourself said it would take 10 to 12 hours to put in a new engine, shop labor is over 100 bucks an hour, so why can't he just get a partial refund? I'm asking that you show a little compassion to my 16 year old kid and give back 350 or so of his 700 dollars and you can take the part back that you put on his car but no instead you want me to buy a new engine, your crazy. this has got to be the worse experience I've ever had at an auto shop and unfortunately my 16 year old took the brunt of it with his savings account being drained and a busted car. No accountability, no compassion and really this is a half hearted attempt to handle this issue. Thanks. [redacted]

my name is Doug and I am the area manager in Minnesota. I have read  your google post and our responses. Please give me a call so I can better understand your concerns and what we should have done different. My number is ###-###-####. thanks Doug

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Address: 2831 Coon Rapids Blvd NW, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, 55433-3484


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