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Premier Power Generation, Inc.

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Premier Power as a company is a mixed bag - very technically competent, but their administration and billing are not something you'd want to deal with - bounced check, refund stalling, and generally slow to act in the customer's favor. I'd be careful when dealing with them.

Premier Power as a company is a mixed bag - very technically competent, but their administration and billing are not something you'd want to deal with - bounced check, refund stalling, and generally slow to act in the customer's favor. I'd be careful when dealing with them.","neg-1

Home generator was damaged, told that I needed to pay for parts in advance. Payment made 3/26/2013, now they are refusing to schedule repair.Generator was damaged by tree. Repairman gave estimate for repair. I had to pay for parts in advance = check 2628 for $1022.39 on 3/26/2013. Check was cashed promptly. Multiple calls made - they claimed parts were on back order. Finally, they said that all parts were in, repair to be done 11/4. No one came on 11/4, when I called, they said the repair was scheduled for 11/11. No one came on 11/11. When called, they said repairman had a more urgent job, and they would reschedule. When no call came, I tried repeatedly to talk with the person in charge ([redacted]), who has refused to return calls. At no point in this process have they ever initiated contact, and they have repeatedly failed to return calls.Desired SettlementDo the repairs that are needed in a timely fashion.Business Response /[redacted]/Mr [redacted] did indeed prepay for his parts. He had cosmetic damamge to his unit due to a tree falling on his prperty and this was an insurance claim. We ordered the parts promptly after receiving his payment. Parts were on backorder for months and upon receiving,we realized one was incorrectly ordered and had to again wait for the original to come in. We did comunicate with Mr. [redacted] and scheduled a time to install. Unfortunatley we received a emergency call that morning that a EMS station had a unit down. Mr. [redacted] unit was in wrking condition and we choose to reprioritize our service calls for the day. It was our error in who was calling Mr. [redacted] to reschedule and I apologized when I found out noone has called him. We have since done the repair and also serviced his unit free of charge as a gesture of good will for the length of time it took and his inconvience.

I paid them for the total cost of the job and they have not paid one of the companies involved in the work.I signed a contract with Premier Power Generation on 2/26/2014 to install a standby generator at my residence. They handle these jobs where the customer pays them for the total package and they install the generator, arrange for the electrical work needed, and arrange for the fuel supply (Propane in my case). They wanted a deposit of $5500 which I paid on 2/26 and they deposited the check that day.The generator was delivered and set on a pad 3/25/2014 and they wanted the remainder of the money then. I wrote them a check for $5592.16 that day and again it was deposited the same day. Next the electrical work and propane work was scheduled and completed and the generator was first started 4/4/2014. At that time we did a correction on the bill, based on the charges from the propane supplier for additional work, where I paid an additional $91.97. That check was also deposited the same day.To date (7/16/2014), Premier Power Generation has not paid the propane supplier ([redacted] Propane) their bill of $2523.34. I have called Premier Power over a half dozen times and [redacted] has contacted them numerous times and we get no call back or a story that something or another happened to the payment and a promise to pay it immediately. The first story was that the check must have been credited to the wrong account but the gas company has no record of receiving that check number or amount from them. Premier Power now says that check has not cleared their bank and they were going to hand deliver a replacement check Monday 7/14 but they haven't do so as of 7/16.It has now been over 3 months and I think this charge, including any finance charges, late fees, etc, needs to be paid immediately. [redacted] is aware that I paid for their bill and has been very understanding but the gas company has not been paid for what they provided and presumably could take steps to recover their property.Desired SettlementI think the charge from [redacted], including any finance charges, late fees, etc, needs to be paid immediately.Business Response This issue was a bookkeeping error on our part. We do constant business with [redacted] and had another payment to them coded as payment on this job. We did take too long in getting it resolved. We had to request a copy of the cancelled check from the bank and do internal work. Unfortunately during this time, we were very short staffed. We made a change in our accounting department and our controller was out with a medical emergency. All payments have been made to [redacted] for this customer. We included all late payment charges and fees associated with the late payment and we have since carried on our relationship with [redacted]. More info received from the consumer 2014-08-11I have not heard anything from Premier Power regarding this complaint but I checked with the vendor ([redacted]) and they were paid near the end of July. I don't know if the check has cleared but I assume that it has.

Bought [redacted] heating elements. The [redacted] developed a problem and I"m looking for guidance to repair. Firm refuses to return calls.In 2008 we bought all electrical fixtures from this company for our over 1.25 million dollar award winning home and have referred this firm to friends. Products purchased included [redacted] heated floor elements for master bath, which quit working after 3 years. We are working with manufacturer of [redacted] to fix but need specific electrical equipment for various tests to fix floor heating system. Management at Firm has not returned over 4 phone calls to help us locate proper test equipment, hampering our ability to fix equipment it sold us.Desired SettlementAssistance in locating proper test equipment, and/or, return phone calls.Business Response I have talked with [redacted] several times regarding his [redacted]. I told [redacted] the first step would be to get an electrician over to try and resolve the situation. Our last conversation was about 3 electricians who could come over and look at the heating system. The installing Electrician and [redacted] apparently has some issues, as well as a second electrician. [redacted] did not buy the system directly through me. His builder bought the system and while I want to help him resolve this issue, we no longer are dealers for [redacted]. We closed our electrical supply counter in 2009. If [redacted] wants to get [redacted] involved, he will have to go directly to them as a consumer. I believe an electrician needs to access the situation fist. Consumer Response My electrician bought the [redacted] at my request and the issue remains that the business owner refused to return phone calls, despite the fact they recommended the quality of the particular product, and said they would help me locate the test equipment when the product failed. Premier Power didn't even answer the inquiry until now (4 months later), though it was filed in April, and apparently contends that even though they profited from its recommendation and sale, they have nothing now to do with the product. Would suggest CAUTION when dealing with Premier Power, its recommendations and its products.

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Description: Electric Generator Suppliers, Lighting Equipment Suppliers, Electric Equipment Retailers

Address: 116 Westgate Dr., Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States, 28374


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