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Pretty Bulldogs

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• Feb 20, 2021

Sick puppy!
I bought a puppy from her that with in hours started to vomit up a foreign body. It turn out to be a dog bed. This woman asked if I was a Christian, said no. What a horrible person she is, this puppy was in such bad shape. I had to get it out of this situation. I hope she rots in hell.

This lady is evil! She sells unhealthy dogs! She claims to be a good Christian lady but is a theif! She likes to take your money amd give you am unhealthy pup! We purchased a pup from her december of 2016. After receiving the pup we noticed it was walking funny. Took her to the vet and she has very bad knees and joints, something this lady would have known if she actually took care of her dogs and got them checked by a vet before selling! When we called and told her about the issue she gave us three options, return the dog for a new one, return the dog and get or money back or cone a get another puppy for free and keep the current one. We were very attached to this pup so giving it back was not an option! We decided to get another pup but insisted on going to the property to meet as view all the pups she had and to meet the parents. She agreed, but when my husband was about 10 mins away she came up with an excuse as to why he couldn't and she was waiting for him at McDonalds! We didn't even get to choose our puppy! When w got the second pup we took her to the vet immediately and found out this pup had an extreme case of mites, a double eat infection and a severe skin infection! She was on steroids and antibiotics for almost 2 months and is still getting weekly injections for her mites. We got her in January 2017 and it is March 30, 2017 and still has to get weekly injections for her mites. She was allowing us to make payments on the first dog. We put $1000 down and needed to pay anther $1300. When I confronted her about the rest of the payment and how unhealthy the dogs were I told her I wouldnt pay another dime! She said she wanted both dogs back. When I told her she wasnt getting anymore money or the dogs and I was going to take her to court she instantly backed off and told me to just keep the dogs and to not contact her again. I can not express how horrible this lady is! DO NOT purchase an animal from this lady! Amy questions please feel feee to contact me! We need to shut this lady down!

I wish I would have seen this post a long time ago. We actually found our big boy from someone on Craigslist who bought him from this lady. We have 2 English and biggie is our olde English. He has more health issues than the 2 English put together. Our vet said he might have tore his ACL that was 2 yrs ago but w rest and anti inflammatories we managed to get him healed now we took him back to the vet and are going to a specialt for knee surgery. When wr first got biggie we had both eyes operated on and his skin was awful we do our best to keep his skin allergies under control. Biggie is an 84 pound goofy squishy face dog that we love so much. It breaks my heart to think he came from a puppy mill and thank goodness he found a family that takes care of him and loves him but what about all those other dogs this lady is breeding? Just friggin sad

Hi I bought a olde bulldog from her last feb 6 she told me he was 10 weeks took him to vet they said 20-22 weeks
She never let me see parents and has been wishy washy about most ?’s
Are your dogs healthy now? I have had my dog for almost yr and seems to be healthy but struggled with back hips for about two months. Seems to be ok
But sometimes I think he looks like a boxer do you think she would sell anything but olde?
Please let me know


[email protected]

zjones -- I'm getting ready to drive to Newport to get a puppy form here -- What was your outcome in March 2018?

How long ago did you get yours? I am supposed to be going there on Saturday to get a white bulldog she has. Did you see this one when you were there.

How can this convicted animal abusers[redacted] and[redacted] has an A+ rating for their puppy mill dog breeding operation after they were already closed down for animal cruelty and jailed once? [redacted] They are still puppy mill breeding dogs in the Newport, Wash. area and selling unhealthy and un socialized dogs and going by a different name online which is fraud: [redacted] Past puppy mill breeding in Idaho:
[redacted] 1997 case with severe abuse: [redacted] Name she is going by now for current puppy mill breeding operations: [redacted] Skinny dog nursing above.

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Address: 42 Bergman Ln, Newport, Washington, United States, 99156-8116


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