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On March 3rd I made a hair appointment with [redacted] via StyleSeat for April 10th which required an $80 deposit to secure the appointment. A week prior to my scheduled appointment, I tried contacting [redacted] through the only form of communication provided via Styleseat which is her email address. I received no response. I emailed her two nights before the appointment to get the location of her shop and to give her further details regarding my hair appointment, still no response. The night before my scheduled appointment, her assistant [redacted] emailed me informing me that [redacted] was only working on Sundays and that she was in the process of rescheduling all of her previously made Styleseat appointments. I requested a refund of my $80 deposit because I needed my appointment, made a month and some days prior, to still remain that Friday due to me being in a wedding that Saturday. There was plenty of time for [redacted] and her so-called assistant to email or call me and inform them that the original appointment made would not be available. I had been emailing [redacted] and leaving my number for her to contact me to confirm the appointment. Emailing me a day before my scheduled appointment is extremely unprofessional. However, not responding to my refund request and simply ignoring my emails is fraudulent. I have filed complaints with both PayPal and Styleseat to try to get my $80 deposit refunded to no avail. This person continues to use both of these venues to collect deposits from potential clients with the promise of a service and nothing is being done to stop it. $80 may not be much to [redacted] but I work too hard for my money to be swindled out of it and just be done with the entire situation and let this person keep it. Desired SettlementI simply want my $80 refunded back to me. [redacted] did not perform the services she promised. I made an appointment for hair services that were never performed. Not because of something I did but because [redacted] never intended to perform the services anyway. She knew when I made my deposit a month and some days before that she was not going to keep the scheduled appointment. This is plain and simple fraud and I'm willing to bet that she's done this type of thing to others.

I purchased hair online from this company and once I received my order it was incorrect and I have tried to contact them and received no response. I ordered my hair on July 29th and I finally received it on August 11th (Receipt number: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). Which was a mistake on the company's part. I spoke with the post office while tracking my package and they were holding it there because the company failed to put my address correctly on the mailing label, which is something I tried to contact the company via email about with no reply. I emailed 4 times concerning my package and received NO reply. Once I finally spoke with the post office and went there to get my package, it was incorrect. I ordered 3 bundles of hair and 1 lace closure. I only received 1 bundle of hair and 1 lace closure. I tried to contact the company at least 3 more times concerning this matter and still got no response. I even obtained the owners cell phone number and called her and she explained to me that this was her personal number and to email the company again and to be patient. I did so and still received NO response! In my final email to the company, I expressed that I would like my money back or I would be taking legal action.Desired SettlementI would like my money back and to never do business with them again

Seller promised shipping within 3-5 biz days (this was on her website but she has now changed it to 5-7 biz days). I ordered hair from this website on Feb 4. I received a tracking # Feb 6. By Feb 11 I began to worry because the tracking info had not updated at all. The seller and I both live in the same city so I knew it didn't take that long to receive my order. I noticed in my shipping email that paypal listed my address as unconfirmed. I emailed her twice no response. I then sent her a direct message on instagram. She told me that my order was fine and to be patient and to read the shipping info on her website. Ok, feb 13th came and still nothing. I pleaded with this lady to pull my order and tell me what was wrong she refused to help. She finally looked into it and found that my order was being "held". Never once did she apologize or show any concern. When I finallt got my order pieces of my order was missing!!! I immediately told her about the missing item and she stated she would refund me. Thing is I needed that item, it was a closure for my hair, what good is the hair if it has no matching closure! I told her I didn't want a refund ans that I needed the item that she forgot to ship. She blocked my instagram account and refused to send the item. Never once during this whole horrid ordeal did I curse her! I told her if she couldn't fulfill my entire order I didn't want any of it. I'm now disputing this with paypal... Very poor customer service and I am extremely dissatisfied and inconvienced.Product_Or_Service: Hair extensions Order_Number: Kybx-XXXXXXDesired SettlementI want a full refund and will return the partial items thar she sent or she needs to provide me with the missing item.

I booked a hair appointment and paid a nonrefundable deposit of $80 but she never gave me the location of her shop and refused to respond to emails.I booked an appointment with [redacted] and gave her a nonrefundable deposit of $80 (half of the initial price) to book my appointment. I believed she was going to give me some type of location since there was o contact information on her [redacted] page or her prettyinmemphishair page so I waited for her to send me one through email since I received booking confirmation and appointment reminder emails. When it came time for my appointment on Tueday March 10th [redacted], there was no response from her through [redacted] or [redacted]. Still she is every active today on [redacted] and she is still ignoring the messages I sent her around my appointment. Her policy on her website is "No deposit, No appointment. And if you book and appointment and don't show, you don't get your deposit back." But how can I help if I don't show up if she refuses to tell me her location? She is a very talented young lady but her customer service is terrible, especially to new customers. I would like my deposit back because I wasted just as much money driving around in "XXXXX [redacted],**" (the only location on her [redacted] page) looking for her trying hard to make it to my appointment on time. I feel like I complied with everything she asked and put my trust in her and she basically refused to give me her services even after I paid her half of her fee. I honestly feel scammed.Desired SettlementI would simply like my deposit back because I feel like I was ultimately scammed. I paid the deposit and used all of the resources given to me at that time to contact you and I was ultimately ignored and missed my appointment. I don't feel like that was fair at all.

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Description: Wigs & Hairpieces

Address: 2925 Woodhills Dr, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 38128-5407


+1 (901) 319-1278
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