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I bought an enclosed handicap scooter from Price Rite Drugs in Feb. 2013 for $ 6894.00. It turned out that it did not have enough power to climb any handcap ramps so I was unable to use the machine [redacted] The problem was there from the start when I started to use the machine in April. [redacted] my older brother called them and they acknowledged that the machine has a problem and that they were aware of the problem. They said they would fix the problem. Several calls were made to Price Rite as well as the supplier Daymak Scooter over the summer with the answer from them that they were working on the problem and will soon have the parts needed to fix the problem. They called at the end of October to say they have the parts to fix it. They have not as yet fixed the machine. [redacted] I used the machine a total of less than one hour.[redacted]Desired Settlement[redacted] I would like my $6894.00 back and they can come and retrieve their machineBusiness Response The following letter was sent to Glenn by wholesaler that we purchased the scooter from.Hi [redacted], We have been in contact with your bother [redacted], he informs me that you wish to return your Daymak Boomer Buggy6 to our Dealer Price Right Drugs on account of the unit not being able to negotiate the ramp at your residence. We duplicated your ramp as per your instructions (6' run with a 22" rise) and indeed, the unit will not climb this acute grade.[redacted]We have been working on a remedy regarding your concerns for a number of months now, these remedies have included a different motor, a re-configuration of the controller (computer) and finally...a totally re-designed controller with more than double the amperage (200ah).I have sent a 200ah controller to Price Right and moving forward, would like to have the opportunity to install it, [redacted] the last response I had from you (your Brother) indicated that you no longer require the unit and require a full refund, [redacted], as per our specifications listed on our website, the Boomer Buggy 6 is rated for a 12 Degree incline which it will climb, when we duplicated your ramp according to your instructions (6' with a 22" rise), the degree calculation is 33.982 degrees!, please see below. I have also included the link to perform the calculation.Sincerely[redacted]Dir. Mobility have been unable to come to an agreement to install the above mentioned controller that will make the scooter be able to climb the ramp. I have made an offer to purchase the scooter but no reasonable agreement as to the price could be reached. [redacted] I have tried to work with the customer on this matter to come to an agreement where both parties are happy but it appears this is not possible. All being said, Price Rite Drugs is still willing to install the new controller so the machine will perform according to the customers needs but it appears the customer just wants to return it and will not allow us to do this. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not accept their response [redacted] First, I wonder why the first letter of response is from Price Rite Drugs wholesaler (Daymak)and not from Price Rite as it was Price Rite who received the check for payment and also issued the reciept, not Daymak. [redacted] Those are not the numbers I gave Mr. [redacted] for my ramp. He also states that the machine would climb a 12 per cent grade, that is false and I have the video that shows the angle of different ramp slopes using a digital level and the machine will not climb a 12 percent slope. [redacted] Mr. [redacted] also states that my brother had said to him that I no longer require the unit but in fact the statement was made that I no longer trust the unit to perform and I did not want to left on the side of the street unable to walk anywhere. [redacted]If the machine was tested prior to being shipped why was'nt the defect found then. The last response from us was not to return a call, but to inform Daymak that we will be seeking a refund for the machine in whatever venue is necessary., and I have not heard from him since, and that was in late October/2013. In regards to Mr. [redacted] letter, we have not been contacted by Price Rite Drugs to do any work to the machine. Mr. [redacted] made an offer to refund $ 4000.00 on a phone call that [redacted] had placed to him. When the offer was rejected another offer for $ 4500.00 was made ,then an offer for $ 5000.00 was made. [redacted] had previously contacted Price Rite and told them that we would accept $ 5400.00 for a refund. that offer was rejected even though that is a $ 1600.00 reduction for less than 2 hours of use. [redacted] I was unable to use the machine for less than 2 hours in 2013 and will not have use of it until spring 2014. [redacted] . A further issue [redacted] was that no operators manual or warranty certificate was ever given to myself. If I was to accept the repairs and keep the machine the one year warranty would be expired before it could be used in the spring. Bottom line is that I paid $ 7000.00 up front in good faith and received a machine that I have not been able to use and to make matters worse I had to go out and purchase an open scooter that cost me over $ 2000.00. Even if the machine was fixed and I would use it, Price Rite, in discussions with my brother, offered no compensation or extended warranty for my lost time using the machine. [redacted]

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