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Prime Cut Meat & Seafood Inc.

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Hello,This complaint was responded to through the online system on 8/17/I have a copy of the company's response in our records
Further, we received correspondence from the on 8/26/16, regarding this complaint, advising that the was closing itI have a copy of the's response as wellPlease advise?Thanks so much

We issued a complaint 7/12/against Prime Cut Meat & Seafood Inc. The complaint #***. I want to let you know that the company has responded to our complaint and the situation has been taken care of fully to our satisfaction. There merchandise has been returned and
today they have issued our Visa at complete credit. Thank you for your assistance. *** ***

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:the response merely acknoledges that I have complained, however no action has been seen on my side, I am sorry to hear that your bookkeeper is currently on emergency medical leave for surgery, I hope that this matter is resolved soon, however I can definatly understand this being delayed due to medical issues. I will update this ticket as soon as I here from you of an agreed resolution being processed.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/02/05) */
Customer was contacted today, by phone about complaint. Product requested by customer is in the order that will be received on 2/8/16, and slated to go out to customer within two days of receipt. Sales Rep for this purchase was terminated on...

12/26/15. Sales Rep had advised company prior to termination that he had taken care of this complaint, but never turned in service form. Customer called back on 1/22/16 and advised company that complaint was not in fact taken care of. Company had been unable to order particular product customer requested from supplier as it was temporarily unavailable, however, this was not adequately communicated to customer, so a proper time frame could be set for delivery. We apologize to customer and will work on this aspect in the future.

Company will look into this matter as soon as practicable and respond. No details were found in customer service files on this customer, indicating that file is in bookkeepers office for review. Bookkeeper is currently on emergency medical leave for surgery, and has been out for most of last two...

weeks. Her voicemail and email should have indicated as such, but if not, I will have IT update it. We are a small company without relief staff available. If customer is indeed due a refund, it will be processed as soon as the bookkeeper returns to the office. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused customer.

Note to This complaint was received initially, today, 8/9/16. It was not received to the email address the has on file for such complaints, and it appears that the new interface is malfunctioning, as our info is now incorrect. Please update your records again regarding company profile,...

as we normally received things with no problem prior to the changing its system. Also, kindly remove any notifications prior to the date of 8/9/16. Thanks! I am very sorry about the unfortunate experience customer had with the company. With the details in this complaint, I was able to verify most of the info needed to get this resolved. Prior to this, the only info company had on customer was an initial corporate contact, made on 6/27/16. The report was missing many details, and was sent to the Rapid City office. Rapid City was unable to verify that any sale had ever taken place and closed the case. Proper contact info was not listed on report, and corporate has no record of the several contacts customer attempted with owner, or any other corporate representative. By way of explanation, primary customer service representative, was terminated on the afternoon of 6/27/16. She was the one that took initial report info and forwarded to assumed servicing office. Another customer service replacement was not hired in for almost 30 days, and for the interim, non customer service personnel attempted to handle any open C.S. issues without full access or knowledge of databases and procedures used. As such, customer service was definitely lacking for this period. Some customer service issues were forwarded to one owner and personnel were instructed to send five gift cards to a customer. This was done by myself. The info I was given was for a different customer whose first name was the same and gift cards were sent out first class mail in July. I was unaware that this customer service issue was in existence and still open. I will contact customer to verify a few more details and refund check will be issued, because exchange or gift-cards would be inadequate at this point to compensate for experience. As a small company, we depend highly on our customer service reps to handle these issues in a prompt and professional fashion, however there are circumstances such as this where staff are terminated and there is no one available for immediate hire and cases are handled by inexperienced staff until a replacement is found. This situation is exactly such a case. We sincerely apologize to customer.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/18) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Custome
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX, #104
Contact Email: [redacted]
The customer service department will be contacting customer today, regarding this complaint. 1) There was no email,...

or phone call to customer service department or sales rep, regarding this complaint. Please note, we cannot take any action on complaints about which we are not contacted. 2) Customer used a debit card, which requires that the customer verify the total dollar amount, prior to purchase on the machine. 3) Customer received a receipt that had the total dollar amount on it. 4) We sell no product for $18.00. The average steak case retails for $169.00. Customer received nine cases of product and a cheesecake. Cheesecakes retail for $25.00. 5) Under Federal law, customer has three business days in which to return product, for any or no reason, as long as product is kept in original condition. Therefore, customer could simply have contacted us to do so.
At this point, business will assume that product is in original condition, and is in the last day of guaranteed refund. In most cases, company will still honor refund policy when outside the three day time frame as well.
To reiterate, customers need to contact company customer service department, which is set up for the purpose of customer service, if they feel there is an issue. Company can do absolutely nothing about issues when customer does not contact rep or company.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/11) */
Contact Name and Title: Customer Service Rep
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX, [redacted]
Contact Email: [redacted]
Customer contacted corporate office on 11/10/15, and spoke with both location manager and customer service rep. Check...

for $106.00 was written same day to customer, and put in mail drop. Not sure how much faster service than same day contact and refund customer expects to receive? This speaks to the increased efficiency and service our company provides, and prides itself on.

Hello, Please be advised that customer MUST contact independent distributor that customer purchased product from for any exchanges, refunds, or other customer service issues. We can only address purchases made 1) at one of our locations, and 2) sold by an employee of company.Company will make...

reasonable efforts to assist customer in getting distributor contact info. Any requests for independent distributor info must be done by mail to:[redacted]Saint Louis, MO  63110Thank you.

We are very sorry customer was unhappy with the product. Sales rep will contact customer by phone today. We want customer to be satisfied with their purchase!

Note to received this complaint on 10/26/2016 for the first time. The system is not submitting these complaints to us in a timely fashion (or a first time) for response. Also, please note our company address is still incorrect, and has been updated several times, and the system is not always...

sending it to the correct contact email. Thank you.In regards to this complaint-As of today, customer has paid $0 towards this purchase, as they initiated a charge back of $1300 through their credit card company, and it has been debited from our account. We have responded, however the merchant services charge-back rebuttal process will take until mid November to receive funds back. On 9/9/16, customer bought a freezer and five cases of product from sales rep "JL". Customer requested delivery of product in three days. It appears customer did not tell spouse about purchase or did not get spouses permission, however, company cannot be arbiter of marital finances. On day of delivery, customer requested to not have product delivered, and that she would call to set up alternate delivery date. On 10/4/16, customer did call to set up alternate delivery date. After several calls, delivery was set up for 10/13/16. One of the owners accompanied sales rep. Destination was two hours away. As this was one month later than original delivery date, company did not have in stock "Seafood case" due to supplier shortage, so an extra steak case was given, which is valued and charged at a substantially higher price than a seafood case. In addition, owner threw in a case of chicken for the lack of seafood case, and delay from 10/4-10/13. Customer was to receive a brand new 7 cubic foot freezer with the deal, however customer's husband said they would prefer the 20 cubic foot freezer on the truck because of it's size. Customer was offered the new freezer and chose the larger used freezer. As the freezer was large and heavy, owner assisted customer in moving it to a downstairs location. Customers indicated at that time that they were satisfied. Customers then initiated charge back so as not to pay for product or freezer, and then filed a complaint. The company did offer poor customer service in several areas and takes responsibility for that. Company does NOT do future deliveries. All sales are done same day, with delivery done at time of payment. To even set up a three day later delivery is against company policy. Sales rep should not have done so, and should have made multiple attempts to deliver the product prior to customer's request on 10/4 for delivery. In addition, company took from 10/4 to 10/12 to arrange for delivery of product after customer contact.As it stands, customer has freezer and six cases of product that customer has not paid for. If company is unsuccessful in getting funds back through merchant services, customer will be liable for any eaten, damaged, or unsaleable product, returned, or the full amount of $1300. Customer has the option at this point to, at customer's own expense, return all product and freezer to Maryland Heights location, and provided all product is in original condition, company will terminate charge back proceedings. Customer will still be liable for cost of any unsaleable or unreturned product. In the event that the company fails to get purchase price refunded to account, and customer does not return product to store as stated above, company will contact local law enforcement authorities and go through criminal process to recover goods and/or money.

Thank you for your timely response regarding my concerns and dissatisfaction with Prime Cut Meats however there will be no need to proceed further.  The company and I have been able to adequately settle the claims of concern that I have reported to you. Again thank you for...

your immediate response to my discouragement with Prime Cut Meats salesman and the presentation of their product.

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Address: 5004 N 22nd St, Ozark, Missouri, United States, 65721-5116


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