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They changed my interest rate and I ended up missing and entire day of work, withou pay. [redacted] said I would be out of the dealership in 2 hours.Well,They called me and said I was approved for 6.0 % loan and when I went to sighn the paper work, it was 6.29%. He would not change to original quote. What was I suppose to do: they already had two cars I traded in for the se ford I bought. Then they proceeded to keep me their all day because of their misleading practices. [redacted] told me I would be able to go to work and it would only be around 1.5 hour wait. I missed the whole day of work, they kept me hanging there all day. They never evern explained anything about mainaining the car and any proceures. Over all it was one the most horrible experiences I ever had burying a car. They are extemely incompetent and highly misleading through the buying process.Desired SettlementI want to be paid for the day of missing work and I want my interest to be what they orinally told me, which was 6.0 and not 6.29%. They misled me every step of the sales process.Business' Initial Response Mr [redacted] spent more time at the dealership for a few reasons. His wife was required to sign the loan documents but did not come to the dealership with Mr [redacted]. After agreeing to purchase the vehicle we sent a runner to Pepperell for Mrs [redacted] signatures while Mr [redacted] waited at the dealership.All the figures as well as the interest rate were explained to Mr [redacted] prior to either of them signing. There was no deception in any way. Mr [redacted] then opted to wait while his vehicle was registered.We worked as quickly as possible.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Excuse me, I got a phone call 2 days before I made the "painful" and regretful visit to Langway Ford. Their finacne manager made it clear it was 6.0% not 6.29%. Langway Ford is totally misleading in this regard and [redacted] is not to be trusted, he also called me and said everything was good to go. I would be there for 1.5 hours tops. I just found out that our registration epired after one month, so they never took care of registring this care the "right way". Well, atleast now Langway Ford indicated that the warranty will be decucted from my loan. What they will not say is when I called to cancel with their finace person, [redacted], he said I could not do that and that the warranty could not be deducted, but apparently now it can be. This is why I do not trust them, they tell you one thing on one day and then the next day they change what they said. Does Langway Ford ever tell the truth or do they just send out 5.00 duncan donut apoloagies to customers they treat poorly.[redacted]Business' Final Response The rate was made very clear to Mr [redacted] prior to he or his wife signing the loan contract. He told [redacted] his schedule was "flexible" and he would wait for everything to be completed. His warranty has been cancelled and Ford Credit will receive the refund and it will be deducted from his loan amount. We are very proud of how we treat our customers

bought a new truck along with the extendedservice plan were told if we did not use the plan we would be refunded the full amount of the plan when our lein was paid off. just receiced a release on the lein and now everyone is telling us that we can not get our money back for the plan we bought but when we got the plan it was said to us we would get the full payment back once the truck was paid for if we did not use the plan. Why are they saying no now I don't beleive this is right I beleive we were scamed into this plan just so they can get more money from us and not pay us back. the amount was 845 and instead of using the plan to fix miner problems we did it out of our pockets so we could get the full amount of the plan backProduct_Or_Service: extended service planDesired Settlementwould like our 845.00 back in cash nowBusiness' Initial Response iIs it possible to get me more information. I do not see anything in our system for a [redacted]. I would be happy to help with the warranty cancellation but I will need more information. Has [redacted] spoken with someone at the dealershipConsumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)have spoken to someone at the dealership they said because they bought out the millbury motors building they can not help me they also stated that they could not help me because we did not bough the truck from them Business' Final Response I need more information. Who did the customer contact at the dealership. When was the vehicle purchased. I do not have any vehicle information to refer to. Perhaps someone could contact me by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX

I had nothing short of an exceptional car trading experience at Prime Ford Auburn. Because of the fantastic deal Roland ([redacted]) and Dean ([redacted]) were able to offer me on my trade and new car in addition to the low financing rates Brian was able to secure, all of my hesitation about whether I was making the right decision disappeared. They truly went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and comfortable throughout the entire process. They therefore have my highest recommendations.

PRIME would not give me full value for a car that I just bought from them. Car has transmission problems that I had to bring to my mechanic to find.I bought a 2009 [redacted] from PRIME Ford at the end of [redacted] 2015. I drove the car for a week and took it to PRIME for some repairs I felt should be made, notably that the car would make a noise when coasting around 5mph. They took said car in for the day and found no problems that I had mentioned but had to replace a broken tail light. I brought it back to them when they were to replace the tail light and again mentioned to them more issue that had not been addressed. They ordered and eventually fixed a squeak in the front end be replacing sway bar bushings but the noise when coasting at 5mph still was there. I brought it back to PRIME again for the noise and took a tech on a test drive to listen for the noise. The tech heard the noise but told me that it was nothing. I expressed my disappointment with his statement and told him I would still like it fixed as I do not want to drive this car for the next 5 years listening to it meanwhile making [redacted] monthly payments to pay for the car. PRIME had my car for 8 days, they did give me a loaner car. PRIME said they could not find where the noise was coming from and said it was normal. I told the service rep that was not acceptable and I would not take the car back. PRIME then sent the car to [redacted] to be evaluated. PRIME claims that [redacted] did not hear a noise and PRIMES sales manager [redacted] recommended that I take it to the garage I use for my repairs to have it evaluated and if the fix was reasonable PRIME would pay for it as the car is still under their 60 day warranty. [redacted]XXXX X:XXAM I took the car from PRIME and brought it to my garage Fuller Automotive in Auburn. I took the car for a ride with [redacted] the manager at Fullers and he immediately pointed out the noise saying their was a problem in the transmission shifting from 2nd gear to 1st when it down shifted. [redacted] had me immediately take the car to [redacted] in Auburn to be looked at. [redacted] the owner/manager of [redacted] told me the problem was in the transmission and it would only get worse and the transmission would have to be replaced. [redacted] also suggested I go back to PRIME and get it fixed.I then drive back to PRIME and wait for [redacted], he called [redacted] and confirms what I tell him. [redacted] says he will not fix the car but will put me in another one. We agree on a 2007 [redacted] During the transaction [redacted] tells me that he will lower the price of the Altima so it is only [redacted] more than my [redacted] then tells me he is depreciating my car the 2009 [redacted] that I just bought from him with a defect by [redacted] and tells me that I have to pay for all the registration fees. I am disgusted at this point and am being bullied by [redacted] as he is telling me he doesn't even have to do this much for me because the car isn't broken yet it just has a noise that will make the car not work eventually. He also tells me that my 30 trade back is over and I only have the 60 day warranty to work with even thought I pointed out this problem to PRIMES service techs two weeks after purchase of the vehicle. I gave [redacted] to bring down my monthly payments and take the car. While with his finance manager I am informed that my interest rate is going up [redacted] thus bringing my monthly payment up. I finally leave PRIME [redacted] PM that same day where I started dealing with them at [redacted] So I ended up with a car 2 years older, had to put down another [redacted] of my money, got a higher interest rate and my monthly payments are now higher than they were before.Desired SettlementI feel I should be refunded the [redacted] they deprecated the 2009 [redacted] as I told them about the problem immediately but they refused to believe there was a problem. So the fact that the 30 day trade in period was over should not matter. I also feel they should refund me whatever the registration fees where for my 2007 [redacted] as it was not my choice to have my original car the 2009 Dodge [redacted] be sold to me with a bad transmission. Lastly PRIME should have to pay me the difference of the 1.5% difference my interest rate went up because they sold me a bad car and could not get the same interest rate for the new car.Business Response Mr. [redacted] Jr purchased this 2009 Dodge Caliber from Prime on [redacted] 2015. He return to Prime's service department on [redacted] 2015 with a short list of concerns : state inspection sticker - done, a squeak in the suspension area - could not duplicate, a tapping noise on highway - tightened loose bracket, a crunching noise when slowing to 5mph and stopping - diagnosed as new brakes brake in period - condensation buildup in taillight lense - ordered for replacement. Mr. [redacted] was not charged for any of these concerns. Mr. [redacted] brought the car back to Prime service on [redacted] to have taillight installed and to have broken trim around rearview mirror inspected. We ordered a mirror at that time - no charge. He stated that there was still a noise when slowing to a stop 5mph and below.Mr. [redacted] returned on [redacted] to have the mirror installed and the noise when slowing to 5mph re-inspected. We were able to duplicate the noise but could not re-duplicate or find a fault / issue.Prime sent the car to a 3rd party [redacted] dealer ([redacted] to be diagnosed by a [redacted] factory trained technician. [redacted] found no fault with the vehicle or trouble codes within the onboard computeror its - repair order XXXXX [redacted] Mr. [redacted] took the car to an independent mechanic who suggested transmission issue. Upon discussing this with [redacted] at Prime we recommended trading out of the vehicle into another vehicle Mr. [redacted] would be more comfortable with. That is what both parties agreed to do. Requests: 1. DEPRECATION: the caliber was in Mr [redacted] use for 2,883 mi from [redacted] to [redacted] we estimated depriciation at roughly 20 cents per mile. Mr [redacted] was also given a discount off the price of the [redacted] REGISTRATION: these fees are paid to the state of Massachusetts not the dealership therefor can not be refunded by the dealership. INTEREST RATE: interest rates are determined by the lending institution based on many factors such as credit history, loan term, year-mileage-equiptment of collateral. etc. Mr. [redacted] was given the finance rate offered by the lending institution with no dealer mark-ups. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)PRIME is accurate in most of what they are saying which is why I am finding it hard to believe they are arguing. When I first brought the [redacted] in for repair they did diagnose the noise while the car coasted at 5mph as being a brake issue which they were wrong about. As we know now. I drove the car after getting it back thinking the noise was a break issue as they claimed and when I brought my car in for what I was hoping was going to be the last time asked them to look at it again this time by me driving one of their techs around and pointing out the noise. He heard the noise, the same noise that I claimed it made back the first time I brought it to them, the same noise that PRIME misdiagnosed as break wear and could not figure out where it was coming from. The rest I have already told. So the fact that I brought the car back after the 30 day give back period should not matter because if PRIME found the problem the first time it would have been well within the allowed time frame. The fact that PRIME says they gave me a discount on the [redacted] is irrelevant as it was their job to try to make good on all the time I wasted bringing the bad car they sold me back to them week after week. I also missed a full days work last Friday because of PRIME. I told PRIME that I wanted a car equal to the one they sold me broken, I got a car two years older but with a little lower mileage which I found comparable. I should be credited the new registration fees because PRIME sold me a bad car, PRIME misdiagnosed a bad transmission for brakes that needed to be warn in so why should I have to pay for their mistakes? I already paid for registration fees for the [redacted] so why should I have to pay them again as the issue was not my doing? PRIMES sales manager [redacted] told me he doesn't like taking in cars from other states as the [redacted] came from Maine. His reasoning was that they don't do a good enough inspection of the cars so apparently when PRIME Auburn gets them they don't do their own check to make sure they are good. [redacted] never argued that the [redacted] was sold with a bad transmission his only argument was that it made a noise and was not broken despite the fact a transmission specialist told him so. As far as the interest rete goes their finance person [redacted] tried to get me to accept a loan from [redacted] at a rate about 8%. I told him no and gave him my credit card to credit me back my down payment he then left and came back made a call and magically had my interest rate down to 6.5%, still higher than the 4.9% that I had the [redacted] at. I don't believe the interest rate I received was the very best PRIME could do but part of a scheme to recoup some money they were going to lose by selling me the [redacted] at a lower price than they wanted. I am also now put in a compromising position as I am buying a home now and it is now delayed because I had to open a new loan and PRIME is paying the old one off with it. I placed a call to [redacted] the finance guy for help and got no response. I am still asking for the money that they depreciated my car by and any other charges such as registration fees as again the only reason why I got another car was because they sold me a broken one. I also recommend that someone look into PRIME trying to resell the [redacted] with the broken transmission as the next person who buys it may not be as persistent as me and will get stuck with a new car with a broken transmission after warranty. Final Business Response In an effort to resolve this complaint I will refund the [redacted] depreciation to Mr. [redacted] however I would like to document a few things: The [redacted] was looked at by our factory trained technicians and when we couldn't provide an actual-factual and document fault we sent it to [redacted] so their factory trained technicians could find something broken. Neither Prime nor [redacted] could physically find a fault for the noise concern and in neither case was a "bad transmission" listed on any documentation. The vehicle was then taken to an independent mechanic and a transmission shop where there was no physical tear down or documented "cause / correction" but rather a stated opinion that the noise was transmission related.... Rather that argue opinions Prime had a discussion with Mr. [redacted] and together mutually agreed a different vehicle would be the best resolution. Numbers were presented in writing, review and agreed upon by both parties. Only after the fact did this Complaint come to be??? I understand this situation is stressful however I an extremely disappointed to see reference to Prime "scheming" Mr. [redacted] for money. This is totally inaccurate. In reference to the "magically changing rate" We offered Mr. [redacted] the [redacted] rate of 8% and ended up going with a different lending institution - IC [redacted] at their rate of 6.49% - there is no "magic" involved. As previously stated there is NO DEALER MARK UP on the interest rate and it is based on Mr. [redacted]'s credit history, the collateral and the banks rates offered. As previously stated there can be no dealer refund of the registration fees as they are paid to the state of Massachusetts and not to the dealer. I feel we have made engaged efforts to find solutions to this situation rather than throw up obstacles. It is my sincere hope that we can both move forward and Mr. [redacted] can enjoy his new [redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)I will accept this response to end this drama that I do not need in my life. I am not 100% satisfied as I believe getting the [redacted] for the [redacted] was a swap not a trade in thus not making registration fees my responsibility but I will assume that cost and take a [redacted] check from PRIME for the depreciating of the [redacted] In closing I would like to say that myself am extremely disappointed in the experience I encountered with PRIME Ford. I am disappointed that their tech told me the noise was nothing and didn't want to investigate it until I told him to,I am disappointed in their service representatives for making me feel like I should just accept it telling me it is a normal noise, I am disappointed that [redacted] the sales manager said he would swap my car out if the problem could not be fixed and then when I found the [redacted] sat me down and had me sign a paper depreciating the car that I just bought from them with a defect and I am disappointed in their finance department for not trying to give me the best rate to begin with but rather wait for me to tell them I am leaving and to refund my deposit. I will never buy a car from PRIME again nor will I recommend PRIME to a friend or a hated enemy for that matter. Please ask PRIME Ford to cut me a check for [redacted] and give it to my sales woman [redacted] and I will pick it up when they have my registration ready which should be today or tomorrow.

I purchased an 02 ranger, there were cigarette burns carpet,scratches on back door, were not there when 1st looked at. Wish somebody would of helped.Picked up vehicle only to discover several burns in carpet with a gigarette and a book of matches under the seat. has not been fixed after being told they would. Alsodiscovered scratches on door that were not there when Ibought it. All I asked is to get the truck in the condition it was, when I bought it, Was told they would get back to me, and have not.I wish somebody would of worked with me instead of filling this complaint out. Thank You [redacted]Desired SettlementJust to get the carpet fixed and the door looking like it never had scratches,and they still have to fix the door ajar sensorBusiness' Initial Response Please have Mr [redacted] contact me directly and I will be happy to take another look at his truck and address his concerns.Consumer's Final Response Where do I go from the 2nd notice ?The sesor for the doors is getting worst, every time I hit a bump and turn a corner the door ajar light comes on with the dome light and beeps. When I close the door the dome light will not turn off at times.Looks like I have to take the dome light bulbs out so I don't kill the battery ? Thank you for your time [redacted]

After purchasing 06 dodge ram 1500, noticed issues and Langway refuses to resolve them.I purchased a used 06 ram 1500 from Langway ford. After bringing the truck home to my mechanics shop, I was informed that the tick in the motor is of concern and the truck needed an allignment and the front left tire was all cut and chopped from abnormal wear. The tailgate also would not stay latched all the time. I told the dealership the issues and they said to bring it in on friday. I brought the vehicle in on friday and they said they couldn't do anything that day so come back tuesday. Over the weekend while pulling a trailer the tailgate came unlatched and crashed down on the trailer, putting gashes in the tailgate protector. When I went back tuesday I said they should have to fix that, and the respsonse was "we are not responsible for damages that occur after purchases. Their fix was ordering me a new latch, but no protector. Also, they said the tic in the motor is absolutely normal, and they are not going to do anything about the tires. They slapped a sticker on it and sent me on my way. After a couple days of the tire vibrating and making noise I went back to complain again. They said they weren't sure if they were going to do anything and they would call me back. They called and said they will not do anything for me with the tires. They completely just brushed it off and said no, the tire passed our inspection, and you purchased the truck so its yours now. You can clearly see how chopped the tire is and hear the noise. The tire is worn down to the wear bar on the inside, which would not pass an inspection at any other inspection garage. I tried working with them, but they wanted nothing to do with it, they just kept saying there is nothing they are going to do for me. All in all, the absolute worst dealership I have dealt with, and worst customer service I have had to deal with. I will never return to this dealership. I'm a young man and was taken advantage of and now I'm stuck fixing problems out of my pocket that a "normal caring" dealership would have to fix.Desired SettlementAll I want is for them to put the new tires on the front like any other dealership would. I can't believe they would allow someone to drive off their lot with a vehicle problem like this. Business Response We met with Mr [redacted] and provided him with a tire. He had said that he was going to let you know we had resolved the issue. This issue was resolved weeks ago.

There have been multiple issues w/ purchase of car including credit problems they created. [redacted] also promised free SYNC for 3 years. Now denyingThe [redacted] told me I would get three years of FREE SYNC Services and after that I would have to pay for it. When I finally had a chance to try the Sync services they did not work and when I called the dealership the [redacted] lied and said he never told me that. This is just another problem on top of the many issues I have had since purchasing this car. It started when the car was not ready for delivery as promised. Then they installed a defective module for the automatic car started. When I called about the car starter not working I was told I had to bring the car in for service. I drove the car to the Dealership and after I arrived, they told me I had to wait two days for someone to come to my house to come repair it. I had to wait from 8am-5pm for them to show up - they showed up at 5:06pm. It was obvious they never checked to make sure the car starter worked before making the initial delivery of my car to me. Another issue occured when I was going through the financial department. [redacted] the [redacted] guy spelled my name wrong and even though I corrected him several times, and he had a photo copy of my drivers license in front of him, he still submitted the paperwork with the incorrect name on it. I now have a name that is not mine attached to my social security number which puts me at high risk for identity theft and I have to pay a for a credit service to monitor my credit for the next 5 years! Lying about multiple issues is bad enough, but trying to tell me after the fact that I do not get the free SYNC when I was told I would be getting it as part of the sales pitch has finally put this into a "last straw" situation for me. This company has failed on every level with how they have handled the sale of this vehicle and has done nothing other than offer "a free car detailing" with my first oil change.Desired SettlementI want free SYNC for the next three years as I was promised during the sales pitch. I want them to pay for credit service monitoring from Experian or an equivalent service since it was their financial personnel that screwed up the paperwork. Since the men who work at that dealership feel it is more important to talk than to actually follow through with doing their jobs correctly and appropriately I do not feel it is unwarranted to expect anything less.Business Response The Salesperson that sold the car has been with us since we opened and sells an average od 10 new Focuses every month. He knows the programs and would not have told the customer she was to receive something that she was not entitled to. All the paperwork was done correctly and no name has been attatched to the customers social security number. We will not provide the Sync Services and we will not pay for a credit monitoring service. All the men and women employed here do there very best every day to do the right things.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)It is obvious they do not do their best. They are not able to even use appropriate spelling and grammar. I realize this may be a snide comment on my part, but how can I expect them to be honest about their mistake when they do not even know the difference between THERE, THEY'RE and THEIR.????? A salesperson told me something to sell me a car. He lied to me. The finance person wrote up my paperwork incorrectly and Ford Credit had to fix it. It is documented with Ford Credit that my name was put through incorrectly. This is a large auto dealership and they are obviously upset because a woman is standing up to their bully tactics.Final Consumer Response I was able to find that paperwork. As you can see, the name on here is spelled [redacted] not [redacted]. Hope this helps.[redacted]Final Business Response I have no further comment

REFUND OF $7500. DOWN PAYMENT MONEY IMMEDIATELY.CANCEL PURCHASE AGREEMENT CONTRACT ( BREACHED ).BUYER DENIED USE OF DEALER TEMPORARY PLATES.[redacted]I gave Langway Ford dealership $7500. down payment on a vehicle purchase, on June 5, 2013 I signed a Purchase Agreement, Installment Loan Contract, Odometer Disclosure Statement, I NEVER RECEIVED (* CONTRACT BREACH )a copy of the signed documents as of June 26, 2013. I requested and was DENIED temporary dealers plates ( Ma. General Law Chapter.90 /D ), for delivery of the vehicle until the registration process was completed. I still DO NOT have delivery of the vehicle as of June 26, 2013. On June 19, 2013 I informed my lender of such, they stated that I fax /mail the dealership a letter to CANCEL the contract and REFUND in full my $7500. down payment, I did so on June 20, and June 24, 2013. I called the dealership [redacted] repeatedly on June 24, 2013, for a respond to receiving my letter , he reluctantly came to the phone, and literally hang the phone up on me... The *Purchase Agreement Contract specifically states "The buyer may cancel Purchase Contract and receive a full refund at anytime until they receive a copy of said contract signed by an authorized dealer representative, buyer must give written notice to the dealer". I've complied as to such to include I've NEVER had delivery of the vehicle....On June 25, 2013 I sent the dealership a sworn Notarized Affidavit stating I did not receive a copy of the Purchase Contract.SINCERELY THANK YOU BEFOREHAND FOR YOUR ATTENTIONAS TO ADDRESSING THIS VERY STRESSFUL MATTER.Approx. 3 weeks of not having my $7500. and no vehicle...I simply just want my $7500 back IN FULL.Desired Settlement..I'm seeking full refund of my $7500. Down Payment,to be paid immediately, have the dealer cancel/void the vehicle loan contract with my lender in writing,and that I RECEIVED DOCUMENTATIONconfirming such....if any legal fees and costare incurred as resolution to this matter,it be paid by the dealership......Thank - You Again

I purchased a car from Langway 24 days ago and the dealership still does not have possession of the title so the car is undrivable.I purchased a used car from Langway on 4/2/13. After I had completed all paperwork to purchase the car, I was told that the dealership did not have the title yet. I was sent home with the car, and was told they would have the title within a few days. On 4/15 I was stopped by [redacted] police for not having an inspection sticker. They explained that I could not legally drive the unregistered, uninspected car. The car was towed back to the dealership, and I was given a loaner vehicle until they got the title. It has now been 24 days since I purchased the car, and the dealership still does not have the title. I call them daily. They do not feel it necessary to request a replacement title, insisting that the title is not lost. They are blaming [redacted], the financer for the original car owner, for the title taking so long to get to them. I do not know when I will ever be able to drive the car that I now owe over $11,000 for. I do not feel that Langway has made a concerted effort to get this title in a timely manner, as it has now been 24 days since I purchased the car.Desired SettlementI want Langway to get the title to my car and register and inspect it so that I can actually drive it.Business' Initial Response The vehicle that [redacted] purchased had been traded in and we were expecting a title from the customer who was sending it from Florida. They had an issue getting the title and we did not receive it in the time frame we expected. We provided a loaner vehicle to [redacted] while we waited for the title. Upon receipt of the title we registered [redacted] vehicle.

FINANCE NEEDED A NEW FORM SINGED ORIGINAL WAS OFF LINE. INTEREST RATE CHANGED IN THE TIME NEW FORM WAS SIGNED BUT NEVER ANY MENTION RATE CHANGE2/6/14 signed paperwork at [redacted] 1.44% 223.29 payment.picked up car 2/7/14 at dealer. received call from the finance man that form off line with t.d bank and need new form signed. never returned my call on 2/8/14 when I was going to sign new form at the dealer. still no mention interest rate changing. left message again on my cell phone. he called me at work and sent a runner to have the form signed the next week. I signed the form all with no mention the interest rate was changing to 1.59% 224.19 a month for 63 payments. cr XXXXX XXXX ford fiesta sales rep [redacted] finance man [redacted]Desired SettlementFIX THE INTEREST RATE TO WHAT IT WAS OR REFUND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 RATESBusiness Response I will be happy to refund the difference of $56.70 to [redacted]. This was an oversight on our part and we certainly would not want to upset the customer over 90 cents per month. A check will be mailed today.[redacted]Langway Ford

I took delivery of 2 used cars on 12/3/2012. My partner and I spent $46,000.00 and when the cars were delivered there was only 1 set of keys for each.My partnet and I bought 2 used cars and took delivery on 12/3/2012. When the cars were delivered I asked for the other set opf keys for each car. They did not have them but called their office and told me that [redacted] would get back to me. After several hours and several calls I finally talked to the sales manager [redacted] and he said that they only had one set per car and they would not supply another. I called other dealers for prices to replace these keys and the total I need to spend for something I should have gotten is $530.78. We bought a1013 Jeep and a 2012 [redacted]. In the past I bought a [redacted] from Sentry [redacted] and got not only 2 sets but valet keys as well. If they told me about this problem I would have addressed it before taking posession of the cars.Desired SettlementI would like either an additional set of keys for each or the money so I can purchase them.Business Response [redacted] Ford supplied a second key for the [redacted]. We explained that the customer would have to bring the Jeep to a Jeep dealer to get a second key and have it programmed.This would be done at the customers expense.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I do not understand why they would accept responsibility for one and not the other and further more they told me about an aftermarket company that was much less expensive than a dealer so they have done this in the past. If IU had known about the key issue I would not have purchased the car at all because the price was infact higher than quoted.Final Business Response We supplied the [redacted] key as a good will gesture.Additional keys will be at the customers expense

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