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As a result of gate adjustment made by Priority Fence, the gate could not be secured properly, resulting in damage during wind.Priority Fence Company (PF) is a subcontractor that supply's and installs fences for [redacted]I purchased a 50' fence with 10' gate from PF on 6/30/for $3,Installation of the fence was completed on 8/5/I inspected and approved of the work done at this time.On 9/15/14, I reported to PF that the gate posts had settled inward preventing the gate from functioning properlyThis was evident by the gate panels touching at the top and a inch gap at the bottom.PF made adjustments to the gate on 9/23/I was not asked to be present nor provided an opportunity to view or inspect the work done at this timeWhen I returned home from work, I looked at the gate and saw that the alignment of the panels was correctI did not open the gate at this time or anytime after this work was performed.On 10/22/14, 20-mph winds were present and resulted in significant damage to the fenceOn 10/27/I contacted PF to report the damage.On 10/29/14, the damage was inspected by PF's [redacted] Manager, the same person that I met with during the purchase and initial install of the fenceDuring the inspection, it was noted and brought to my attention by PF's [redacted] Manager, that the ground insert was not in the correct location for the drop rod to insert properlyHe has since denied making this statement and claims that the misalignment was due to the wind damageIt should be noted that all damage occurred to the right side gate panel and the drop rod and ground insert are located on the left side gate panelThe attached photos clearly show the wind damage as well as the track made by the drop rod when the gate blew openHad the ground insert been in the correct location, the track from the drop rod would have been directly in line with the ground insert, not to the right of it as shownI maintain that the ground insert should have been relocated when adjustments to the gate were made on 9/23/Had this ground insert been installed properly at this time, the gate would have remained secure during the windDespite being presented with these facts in numerous emails, PF refuses to take appropriate action and make the necessary repairs under Section T) Limited Warranty of the signed contract.On multiple occasions within email correspondence, PF has asserted that the gate was not secured properly, which resulted in the wind damageThis fence and gate is located in an area that rarely requires access (2-times per year at most)I am the only one who would have a need to access this area of my propertyI am 100% certain that I did not access the gate from the time the adjustments were made on 9/23/to when the damage occurred on 10/22/or left it unsecured at any time.Desired SettlementI am seeking damages in the amount of $1,143.96, which is the amount that PF quoted to make the necessary repairsI do not wish to have PF perform the repairs as they are an unscrupulous company that cannot be trusted and I do not wish to have them on my property ever again.Business Response The customer explained in his complaint that we are a sub contractor for [redacted]We are actually a subcontractor for [redacted] who is the Sub Contractor for [redacted] The cusomer contacted us via phone and confirmed via email stating the gate was damaged from the heavy wind and he wanted more fence and would like a quote for everythingWe made arrangements for the [redacted] manager of that [redacted] and the cusotmer to meet to go over everythingThe [redacted] manager went to the site and explained that the gate is out of adjustment and does not line up from it swinging freely in the windIt also appeared to be left un-latched because the latch is deigned to not come unlatched even if the drop rod was sitting on the ground and not in a pin in the groundThe customer may have not understood exactly what was explained to him which can happenA price was given to him and he then he asked for the price to be separated between the new fence and the repair of gate so we provided that for himThe price was inclusive of new posts, concrete, and inserts because he also wanted the gate reversed to swing the opposite directionChanging the direction of the way the gate swings includes costs associated with an extra mobilization to complete the taskWe provided the separated price which he did not like and insisted we repaired the gate for freeWe then went through the proper channels to get repair covered under the warrantyThe manufacturer who owns the warranty denied the claim more than once stating the gate damage is not covered under the warranty due to windWe now received this from the and we had to send to the manufacturer for their response before we respondedI apologize it took so long to get back, but we were just notifiedWe were able to get them to cover the gate leaf only and the labor at a time courtesy to the customerOne gate leaf will be replaced and the entire double gate will be adjusted to work properly and will not swing in any different direction unless the customer is willing to absorb the costs of thatThe gate will have to be replaced by us to be coveredThe customer will also have to be present at the time of repair and will be required to sign off on the repair once it is completedWe will be glad to call the customer to arrange a time that will workConsumer Response Hi [redacted],Yes, the fence company did make the required repairs to the fence and I am satisfied with the results.Thank you for your help.Regards,[redacted]

We diligently worked with the customer and warranty department. As shown at the bottom of this review:
"Consumer Response Hi [redacted], Yes, the fence company did make the required repairs to the fence and I am satisfied with the results.Thank you for your help."

Priority Fence hit a pool water pipe and then encased it in cement.Priority Fence installed a new fence around our pool on April 22, The cost of the fence was just over $6,We opened our pool on or about June 15,By July 1, we began losing water from the poolOn July 9, 2014, [redacted] from [redacted] MA came to figure out the problemThey found a sink hole by one of the fence posts and when they pressurized the line, water came up through that holeThey dug and discovered a pipe under the fence post that was completely buried in cementThe cement was at least inches under the pipe and the exposed part of the pipe had numerous marks on itIn their expert opinion, there was no way the fence company could not have known they hit the pipe and because cement is porous, it was only a matter of time before the water found its way outThe pool company fixed the pipe by installing a new section around the cementThe cost for the repair was $When we contacted Priority Fence, they were rude and defensiveThey mentioned NUMEROUS times that we should read the "fine print" in our contract and that they are not responsible for underground pipesWe explained that the pool was already installed when we purchased the property and had no idea where pipes wereThey again mentioned the fine print and denied hitting a pipeWe saw the post, pipe and cement and took a picture of itWe also agree with the pool company, that there was no way they didn't know they hit the pipePriority Fence denied hitting the pipe and took no responsibility at allWe believe they had a moral and ethical obligation to let us know there was a problem, instead they obviously covered it upHad we been notified immediately, we could have had the problem fixed right away.Desired SettlementWe wish to be compensated $for the repairsIt would not have cost that much or had been so stressful and took time to figure out the issue had we been notified when the pipe was broken.Business Response I call [redacted] for every job we installIt is the customers responsibility to mark out lines that [redacted] does not, to include underground pipes, wires or cablesThe customer is always 100% notified if we hit anything under groundWe like to fix the problem right then and there not months down the lineWe hit rocks, roots and ledge all the timeIf the line was hit we would have known because water would come out of the groundNo water came out and we had NO ideaIf a customer does not know where their lines are then how would I? I find the comments very offensive as I hold my company to the highest standardsI felt bullied when the customer called me to say that I am responsible to know where the lines were and I must pay for the damageIt's is easy for the pool company to point fingers and say we knew about the damage when in fact the pool company was no were to be seen during the installation of the fenceContracts need to be signed in order to protect both customers and businessesIn this case the customer signed both front and back of contract clearly stating other lines must be marked out by the customerIf a signed contract does not protect my company then what will? Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)We are sure the fence company did call [redacted], however, that has nothing to do with the FACT that the pipe was damaged during the installation of the fence or the FACT that the pipe was totally surrounded with cement or the FACT that we were never notified.Another FACT - no water would have come from the damaged pipe at the time of installation as the pool was still winterized and there was no water in the pipeAs previously stated, we began losing water and a sink hole developed near one of the posts that was installed a couple of weeks after the pool was opened.FACT - there are no roots or ledge in the area around our pool and the damaged pipe has absolutely NO resemblance to a rockWe have a copy of the contractIt is signed on the front but not on the back.FACT- there was no reason whatsoever for a pool company to be at our home while a fence was being installedThey did come to find and fix the problemThey were not pointing fingers, rather stating facts that would be obvious to anyone who found a pipe encased in cement next to a sink holeAgain, as previously stated, and supported by pictures, there was at least inches of cement below the broken pipe and there was NO way a person did not know they hit itWe were very upset to discover the cause of our problem and to realize the dishonesty behind it but at no time did we bully anyone from Priority FenceOur initial call was when we left a message asking for a return callWhen we did receive that call, the first words we heard was that Priority Fence did no damage, are not responsible for pipes and that we should read the "fine print" in the contractThe owner, [redacted], was very defensive from the start of the conversation and again, as previously stated, made reference to the "fine print" numerous timesIt gave us the impression she has had this conversation before.If Priority Fence had just notified us when they hit the pipe, this would be a moot point and the problem would have been fixed immediately.The damage has been repairedIt is quite obvious of the intent and scruples of Priority Fence and that they have no intention to acknowledge that a mistake was madeWe expect nothing at all from this company, would NEVER use their services again nor recommend them to others for anything.Final Business Response We can go on and on about this and not come to an agreementYou waited days to call me and say I owe you moneyFACT- I apologize that you are upset about this as so am I very upset at the fact you are trying to make my company out to be "dishonest"I am a veteran owned company who has served my country for over years and I find YOUR accusations and name calling to be childishAssuming I have ran into this problem before is ridiculous and you should not assume such thingsI had my lawyer draw up my contracts to protect my company when homeowners do not take responsibility in reading the contract, not to "get one over on the customer", I run my company with integrityFACT- if my guys knew they hit a line, they 100% would have contacted you so it could be repaired right then and there

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