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Pritchett Eye Care, Inc.

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On June 17, 2014, after seven visits over nine weeks with [redacted], I requested a second opinion from [redacted]. As we could not come to an agreeable course of action to provide clear, accurate vision, we agreed to part company. He stated to me and the office manager on duty that I would be issued a refund, less the $40 cost of the warranty purchased for sets of contacts already used, and have my vision insurance re-instated. The total refund due is $289.50. After multiple phone calls, the vision insurance was re-instated on June 26, but the refund has not been received as of July 3. In speaking with the office manager, [redacted], she indicated that they would not issue a credit to the credit card used, but would issue a check. As of today, she could not confirm that the check had been issued.Product_Or_Service: Vision Services / Contacts / Eye GlassesDesired SettlementA check in the amount of $289.50.Business Response A refund for $289.50 was issued to [redacted] on 7/7/2014.Thank you,[redacted]

I paid for lenses that were supposed to be fitted to my frames. They didn't fit and the doctor said they would fix it. They never did. I still have not received my glasses with the lenses that I paid for. I was told the manager would contact me. No one has and I emailed them a couple of weeks ago and still have received any response.Product_Or_Service: LensesDesired SettlementI want either what I paid for which is lenses that properly fit my glasses or my money returned and my original lenses put back in my glasses.Business Response We addressed this patient's needs and the issue is resolved. We handle these issues directly with our patients, because HIPAA laws do not allow use to share information with an outside party.Thank you [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I went to this location for a new pair of glasses on 8-26-15. 4 weeks later my glasses came in. When I went to pick them up, could not see out of them. The tech discovered the wrong prescription had been put in. She told me she would put a rush on getting them back, should be back within 7 days or less. 3 weeks later I got them. They are still very blurry. I told the tech this when I tried them on. All she told was to wear them for a week to see if I adjusted to them, and if not come back. Was not offered an adjustment to make sure they fit right, was pretty well dismissed. The fact it took 7 weeks to my glasses and they are still not right is horrible. I can see better out of an old pair of glasses from 2 years ago. What does it take to get it right? My eye doctor is wonderful, have had him for 20 years-no complaint with him.Product_Or_Service: new lenses for glassesDesired SettlementI need glasses I can see out of, and would like to have them evaluated and the lenses fixed, not just tell me to "adjust" to them.Business Response We deal with our patients directly and this person's concerns have been addressed.HIPPA privacy regulations prevent us from dealing with any third party like yourselves. But thank you for bringing this person to our attention and we have taken care of the issue directly with her.[redacted]

I asked to get a new set of lenses, an exact copy of the ones I was currently using in January. By March I could not use them as they were not an exact copy. When I returned them, they confused the issue and delayed the process to re-order the exact copy. To replace the bad job. They measured the set I reverted back to, the old ones, against the one's they made and declared they were not an exact match. After continued confusion on their part, I went to another eye doctor to get it done correctly. I paid out of pocket as Pritchett used my[redacted] entitlement and should have either corrected them, or refunded me.Product_Or_Service: Eye glass lensesOrder_Number: [redacted]Account_Number:[redacted]Desired SettlementRefund the VSP entitlement used in January by Pritchett Eye Care.Business Response We have contacted this patient directly and resolved the issue. We can not discuss protected health care information with a third party, like yourselves.Thank you for bringing it our attention though.-[redacted] VP PECA

A bill for $40 was sent to me at least a year after I was seen .It was for dilation. Had I known I would have been separately charged, I would not have agreed to the procedure. As it was, I was told I HAD to have that procedure. I phoned the office after receiving the invoice and I was told that I had been in the office on a certain date which was over a year ago. There was no way that that date was true since I was on vacation and I couldn't have been in two p,aces at once! I told her to research the information thoroughly and she told me that she had just taken over the records position and had not gotten all the records transferred to her yet. If that was the case, why was I billed if she couldn't find the appropriate data? I am not questioning the $40. I am complaining about the underhanded falsification of this office!Desired SettlementI would like a refund if my payment and an apology from the business stating that they made a mistake!Final Consumer Response [redacted] This is becoming a real chore. Prichard has refunded the $40.00 stating that it was billed in error. This is after 2 years of irate phone calls on my part! As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed although I shall never use them again. Regards, [redacted]

An employee broke my frames while attempting to get the old lenses out. They are now billing me for the cost of replacement frames.I ordered lenses at their Keystone location to be put in my frames. On 10/11/13 I went to their Double R location to have the lenses cut and fit to my frames. An employee broke my glasses while trying to get the old lenses out. I do not have a backup pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses. Another employee told me that I will have to purchase new frames. I cannot leave to go somewhere else or go home because I cannot drive without wearing glasses. I informed them of this. The assistant called the owner, who stated that they would be willing to take 50% off the cost of the frames. I informed the assistant that this was not good enough, that I should not have to eat the cost of an employee breaking my property. I picked a pair of frames and the lenses that I had already purchased were cut and put into these frames. The same employee informed that I would have to pay for the frames before I left. I asked her to bill me. She stated that she would have to call the owner. She called the owner who agreed to bill for the cost. I do not believe that I should have to purchase frames that an employee of their business broke, especially since I could not leave their office and get into my car legally as corrective lenses are listed as a restriction on my driver's license.Desired SettlementPlease do not bill me for the cost of the frames.Business Response As a standard of care in all eye care businesses all patient owned frames are at the patients liability. We have patients sign a waiver stating that if there is a breakage it is not our liability. However, in this case the waiver was not signed. We have tried to contact the patient to let them know that the fee will be waived in this case. We have not heard back from the patient to date.

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Description: Optometrists

Address: 5961 S Los Altos Pkwy STE 101, Sparks, Nevada, United States, 89436-2501


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