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• Nov 06, 2023

PRO M Racing ? i'm yet to work out what the PRO part means, but definitely does not go with the business model,
Warrantied parts is set up in such a way that by the time the part arrives, the option for a return has expired, they want you paying shipping and a restocking fee on a faulty part that doesn't work.
Phone is never answered, Voicemails are never returned, and if you are lucky enough to get a live person, you are immediately referred to their Youtube videos for answers, no technical support even for techs that are way more knowledgeable than them, I am scrapping their system and going to a company with good reviews and a solid history of technical support and customer service, such a shame that they have no idea on how to treat people and supply a good proven product. I wonder how many $$$ they have ripped people off for.

Difficulty dealing with Pro M after buying the system
I have spent a lot of money purchasing Pro M products. I called for advise with tuning my old computer. I was told that I needed to upgrade to the new one. I did it because I already had a bunch of their components on my car and I thought it would be the easiest way to go. I should have trashed everything at that point and gone another direction. The support after your purchase is painful. Every time you contact Chris, he makes you feel like you are bothering him and that you are stupid. If they had better install instructions and a video that wasn't just an exact copy of the written instructions you could probably figure things out on your own. A proper troubleshooting guide would be helpful. When I get this thing working properly I am going to sell my car. The stuff is just too expensive to throw in the trash and I dont want to just sell the system to someone and give them the same problems that I have. They have zero customer service skills. They seem to forget that it is the customer that keeps them in business.


just get a fast or holley system , save the headache
the owner chris , goes off on everyone - like everyone is an idot , no tuners know what they are doing etc . If you need a replacement part - he tells you you need a new updated system , save the hassle buy a FAST or Holley system


TK23 08/04/2018
The Guy Chris over there at Pro-M Racing really does give the tone and feel at your are troubling him . I called and spoke to him asking if the system could work on another engine, inline 6 engine, because in the description " virtually any engine", he gave me a sarcastic response on how, oh you are asking me to reprogram the who thing and went on to tell me how he doesn't have time for this and "I'm not going to mess with that, especially for one customer." I didn't ask him to do anything for me, just a simple question. "Will it work" After spending over 5 grand with the company. He really made it feel like he couldn't care less and didn't value my business. Like how dare me for asking him if I could use the system on anything other then a Ford. I wish I could have told him, "No problem, Ill sell this system that is only good for one thing and buy a Holly system.

My suggestion is to buy a system that you know you are going to get great support and a product that is universal.


I bought pro m system and it failed 30 days after purchase and had to go to innovative to receive warranty on wide band o2. After getting back my new wide band from innovative the ecm started throwing injector codes in which I contacted pro m they treated me like an it. On the contrary if have a degree in electronics engineering nothing was wired incorrectly. They never admitted the ecm had a back emf short to the injector circuits. now they wont warranty the unit as its out of warranty since they expected me to find a problem with the car and there was not. After replacing three injectors trying to resolve the issue as I was told it was not the ecm now I'm ___ed. They wont warranty the unit cause it got dragged out till the unit was out of warranty. Buyer Beware. I threaten them with a lawsuit and they are willing to sell me another ecm with no warranty to the tune of 1300.00. they can go __k themselves bunch of crooks. They should have warranty the unit since they were informed of the problem while it was under warranty. Their system is not cheap almost 3500.00 . now my 50 k car is wired for their unit and I cant get one unless I want to bend over and take a chance on a unit with no warranty. I told them I would release them from any liability on the injector 5 a circuit low code for the new module and still they would not send another with some type of warranty. that's my pro m nightmare. All I can say is I hear all these folks talking about how nice Chris Richards is and I can tell you every time I talked to him he acted like I was a problem now that he had my money. better think twice unless you want to be treated like a dumb --s. Hes done met his match I found out the module he is selling at least the one I have goes to a f 250 super duty and is a ford module . It just has their strategy programmed into it. They created a proprietary module number so it could not be crossed. If the module I got coming works I'll give you and update.


hi I sent them a mass air flow sensor to have it recalibrated and selected all the options on their website and pay them a hundred and nineteen dollars I had a gentleman call me from Pro m and say my maf couldn't be calibrated correctly for my vehicle. I told them I would be the shipping and just shipped back my sensor and send me a refund they sent me back my sensor and only gave me back half of my money and they didn't do anything.. They are stealing my money.Product_Or_Service: maf sensor recalibrationOrder_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlementall I want is the other $50 return back to my card they cannot take my money for something they didn't doBusiness' Initial Response Thank you for taking the time out of your day to call us. I am emailing you the information we spoke about.Here are the facts:He shipped us a broken meter with the motive of strong arming and threatening us into giving him a free meter. On his Facebook page he goes into details on how you can MAKE A COMPANY DO WHAT YOU WANT USING THE! His facebook name as well as his defamation can be seen in the attachment named "[redacted].jpg"[redacted] and [redacted] are either the same person or they just share the same girlfriend, house, phone number and email address.We received emails and phone calls from the this "person" after our owner [redacted] called to inform him that the meter he shipped to us was damaged and was unable to be calibrated. This is the note from [redacted] "Pro-M Meter Recalibration -- CALIBRATION NOT PERFORMED. METER SHOWED UP WITH A CHROME HOUSING WITH UNSEALED DRILL HOLES WHERE THE RIVETS USED TO BE. SENT IT BACK IN THE SAME BOX IT SHOWED UP IN, WHICH WAS BARELY BIG ENOUGH FOR THE METER, AND HAD NO PACKING MATERIAL. AS REQUESTED BY CUSTOMER"On May 21, 2013 we refunded his $100 (see attachment: [redacted].pdf)After receiving many threatening emails and phone calls that threatened defamation, legal action and physical violence we decided to end all communication with [redacted] / [redacted]. To that end we sent the following email:---[redacted],As I said on the phone we don't pull or pry the top off when we take them off and your top was not removed by us. The damage to your sensor most likely came from how you packaged the meter, you can file a UPS claim.Let's go over the factsYou sent a meter in to be recalibrated, upon receiving it you were notified by [redacted] that the meter was not a properly functioning unit and you had a choice of A) purchase a new one; B) have your meter sent back to you with a refund. You chose to have your meter sent back to you with a refund. We refunded your card and shipped your meter back in the same box and packaging you sent it to us. In short, we did exactly as you asked.You then filed a report with the for no reason. You forwarded us that email stating that you filed a report and said "The joke is on you [redacted]".You have threatened to file law suits against us in several courts at this point for a return of your money which you already received.You have threatened defamation and committed libel by posting on several social network sites defamatory remarks that are simply not true.Your email to us - "Oh no its far from done. I work for a big name performance trans. Company and we deal with a lot customers and do a lot of track rentals and work with big name clients. Bad word travels fast and what you are doing is no way to do business. I WILL be glad to discuss further matters in court since we couldn't handle this in a professional manner."At this point your credibility and our patience are depleted. We will no longer accept your calls or return your emails. Further emails and calls will be seen as harassment. Your physical threats can no longer go ignored and to protect ourselves and the staff we feel legal action will be our only recourse. You are banned from ever doing business with Pro-M Racing / Mass-Flo EFI, Inc.This email, all of your other unprofessional emails and threats, your information, [redacted]'s information and a record of the phone conversations have been forwarded to our attorneys. They will monitor the internet for defamation as we will record any calls we receive that tells us of your defamation and we WILL file charges against you. So I suggest you govern yourself wisely.---If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.Thank you,[redacted]Pro-M Racing, LLC.Tel: [redacted]www.promracing.comConsumer's Final Response Also when I received my sensor it was bent and broken.. they tried to blame it on ups but if ups did it the broken peices would have been in the box.. This company is not recomended at all. After e-mailing about this they said any further e-mails would be forwarded to attorney and recognised as harrasment. This place is a joke. Poor company with poor customer service. Now I am out a 300 sensor due to them being childish.

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Description: Engines-Rebuild & Exchange

Address: 77 Snow Road, West Brookfield, Massachusetts, United States, 01585


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