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I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # ***Please add your rejection comments below.
*** *** this time, I have not been contacted by All S Electronics regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,*** ***

To whom it may concern, I am writing this in response to Mr*** troubles and concernsReading that complaint letter is a little concerningThere is a fine line between what is written on that complaint and the truthI do understand that Mr*** disappointment can lead to saying things
that are not 100% accurateI will acknowledge that a portion of Mr*** claims are accurateI was contacted by a very sincere sounding Mr *** a few days after after he purchased one of our beds off the floor from a show we attendedMr *** is not being truthful when he spoke about our return policyIt is very clear on our order form that he understands that the sale is final, I collect a signature that this policy is fully explained that he understood thisWe don't take beds back due to the fact that we don't sell used bedsWhen I heard Mr *** sincerity I decided to help him by exchanging the mattress for a softer one because he felt the first one was to stiffI was under no legal obligation, but I felt a moral obligation because not a lot of time had past I made this exchange at 100% my costNo cost to Mr ***Shortly after we delivered the new mattress I phoned Mr ***, we ended the call with Mr *** thanking me for changing the mattress outSeveral months later I received a call from Mr ***In his words he expressed to me that he was a large man (which I am too)He went on to explain to me that his wife's side of the bed is perfect, but his side is broken downHe almost sounded like he felt badI contacted the manufacturing plant that built it and we made a plan to build this customer a reinforced mattress with foam supports that would support this customer betterWe explained that this may take a bit longer than the 4-week delivery timeMr *** once again thanked me, and this new mattress which carries a higher build it cost is being done again at no cost to Mr ***I'm not even going to comment on some of the personal attacks Mr *** is placing on meI'm happy to to help and stand behind what I sold Mr ***, I understand there might be some disappointment in his purchase but to make the claims he has, and to affect my almost perfect record I have with the is wrongI have been more than fair in this thingWe sell hundreds of sleep systems each year, and if we treated our customers the way it's being explained here I'm guessing we would have many more complaints with the than we doMr *** will be receiving his new mattress next weekAny questions please call me direct at ***Thank you

In response to this complaint. [redacted] did purchase one of our mattresses. I would like to satisfy this customer. For us to reach mutual satisfaction we both must operate with in our agreed contract, and both be reasonable. I will honor our six month comfort guarantee which offers any of my customers...

to exchange thier mattress once in a six month period for a different firmness. I don't enjoy getting negative feedback, I usual don't have unhappy customers, my record supports this. I certainly feel that [redacted]'s desired resolution is extremely unreasonable where we have incurred many expenses to make and deliver this sale. Asking us to send my truck back to Connecticut from Massachusetts to take back a used mattress and issue a full refund is not something I an comfortable with. I will certainly work with in reason to strive for mutual satisfaction, but I won't be taken advantage of. [redacted] and her friend [redacted] can work out thier exchange option by calling me or emailing me. I'd like to help.  [redacted]

In response to this complaint. [redacted] did purchase one of our Mattresses. [redacted] and a friend visited one of our displays. They tried 3 different mattress types. A few things that was stated in her complaint are accurate, several statements seem to be false, I realize when making a...

complaint it's easier to bend the truth than to explain as it truly happened. Yes, she bought a mattress, and yes [redacted] feels it's to firm. It clearly states on our order that all sales are not subject to cancellation past the 3rd business day for full refund. We do offer a 6 month comfort guarantee which offers any customer the option to exchange the mattress for a different firmness up to six months and the customer may exercise this option one time. I don't like when my customers express that they are unhappy. My record supports that. However for resolution to be met both sides must operate and conduct themselves within the contract we agreed, but more importantly to be reasonable. I will stand behind my offer which I previously gave [redacted] and her friend to exchange and build them a softer mattress, but to ask me to go to all the expenses I have incurred to make and deliver these sales to just merely take the loss and send my truck out to Connecticut from Massachusetts to retrieve a used mattress and issue a full refund I believe to be unreasonable. I am very disappointed in [redacted] tactic to say she was pressured. When [redacted] 1st explained to me that she was considering not getting the mattress, she said she would love to have it, but parting with that money all at once was gonna be a challenge, I offered her a interest free payment plan only to be helpful, and of course to save a failing sale. On that day I agreed to give her to the end of the event we were at to decide either way. [redacted] and her friend came back to my display a couple more times, tried the beds, and on the last day made the decision to go forward with the purchase. I hardly call that high pressure. But, again I get it. Tell the best story you can. I will stand behind my offer to shoot for satisfaction, but won't be taken advantage of as a small business owner.  Thank you[redacted]
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. 
[redacted] and I visited [redacted] initially and told him our current mattresses had ceased to meet our comfort needs.   He assured us he was familiar with the business where our beds came from and he was going to bend over backwards to make sure we were happy with our mattresses.After our departure, we discovered he had not been truthful with us.   Our existing mattresses came from his family business which he was part of at the time we bought them.  I had numerous phone discussions with [redacted] and we agreed to return and try the mattresses a second time.   I told [redacted] that we could not return before the 3 days on the paper we signed and was concerned that we would not be able to get our money back if we did not want the bed.  [redacted] told me not to worry about the 3 days.Upon our return we expressed many concerns about not going forward.  He again assured us this was his softest mattress and we were going to be happy.  I can't believe he could have a custom bed built specifically for us.  He also says he does not want to take back a used bed, yet he required us to give him my 6 year old bed and [redacted]'s 4 year old bed.  He would also be taking this mattress back if he was to build a new bed.  He states that the resolution must be reasonable.   Other bedding stores and on-line mattress business's provide a one-time exchange or a full refund.   [redacted] never said his guarantee would not include a full refund.   We think we are being reasonable.   Quality sleep is very important to our health and we have been unable to sleep more than short periods and the pain experienced has been incredible.
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted]. Please add your rejection comments below. 
I have not lied about anything or stretched the truth in any manner. The return policy was stated on their delivery receipt then was scratched out and hand written no returns. When we spoke with [redacted] at the show there was never any discussion in returns but all he did was pressure us into buying this bed! If I knew that there was absolutely no return policy I would have never ever agreed to purchase the bed in the bed in the first place. All I have ever asked was to take the bed back and give me my money back. Every bed company out there accept returns! As far as me being sincere I was trying to be patient and polite about this whole thing. I don't like being taken advantage of and I feel that American Sleep Therapy has taken advantage of us by Not giving us the customer service he claimed he has given to us, we have never received the warranty or paperwork he claimed he would send us, he has not upheld his end of the deal that we would love our bed. I had discussed with [redacted] and the factory about getting a firmer mattress due to me being 6"4" 250 pounds and that the mattress was too soft to begin with and yes at that time my wife's side had not started to break down. Since then my wife's side of the bed has started to break down as well and develop a hole where the mattress has stared to break down. That's when we decided to take the bed down and use our old bed.  I Finally received a call from the factory on Friday around 3:30 pm and spoke with a woman that wanted to let me know they were sending me a new mattress on Monday or Tuesday and that they were sending me the same exact mattress as before and that it would eventually start doing the same thing after a few months. She told me that [redacted] told them that he didn't care what the customer wanted and to send me the same exact mattress that I Already had. I sad why would I want to have the same mattress sent to me that I already had if it was going to do the same thing a few months down the road. I said I was going to call [redacted] the second I got off the phone with her and she begged me not to call him because if I did he would then turn around and call them and be nasty and rude to them and that this happens all the time when a customer has a complaint with their mattress. I said how many complaints do you have and she said they have complaints all the time and that after the initial sale [redacted] and the American Sleep Therapy does not have anything to do with the customers and the factory has to deal with their unhappy and mad customers. She again asked me to please not to call [redacted] and to let her talk to her superiors first and try to do something before I called [redacted] because she didn't want [redacted] calling them and giving them a hard time. So I agreed, and received a call back about 45 min later from the factory and again she apologized for the delay and that they had to special order the fabric for my mattress and that her superiors had talked with [redacted] and Agreed to upgrade my mattress and that it would not be delivered until Thursday or Friday and that it would have to be a drop package, meaning they would just take it off the truck and leave it! I said OK as long as they leave it in the garage. I would like nothing more that to have American Sleep Therapy  show up and give me my money back and take their bed with them!            

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